File Title
1 Battling defiant leukemia cells
2 New more effective antimicrobials might rise from old
3 Cells prefer nanodiscs over nanorods
4 NAC amino acid offers a potential therapeutic alternative in psychiatric disorders
5 Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder helps elucidate role of female sex hormones on mood
6 GABA inverse agonist restores cognitive function in Down's syndrome
7 Disney Research discovers rubbing, tapping paper-like material creates electrical current
8 Malaria vaccine candidate reduces disease over 18 months of follow-up in phase 3 children's study
9 Study identifies essential molecule in formation of differentiated blood cells
10 'White graphene' halts rust in high temps
11 Sending Multiple Sclerosis Up in Smoke
12 USC study: Unlocking biology with math
13 Study shows how neurons enable us to know smells we like and dislike, whether to approach or retreat
14 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Invent a Better Way to Make Antibody-Guided Therapies
15 New microfluidic approach for the directed assembly of functional materials
16 Innovative Wideband Ring Voltage-Controlled oscillator (VCO) by UNIST undergraduate
17 Major leap towards graphene for solar cells
18 First ever evidence of a comet striking Earth
19 Binghamton physicist contributes to creation of first computer-designed superconductor
20 Understanding the evolution of lungs through physical principles
21 Extrusive volcanism formed the Hawaiian Islands
22 Scientists find soaring variety of malaria parasites in bats
23 Vaccination campaign doubles HBV mutations
24 Infanticide linked to wet-nursing in meerkats
25 Evolutionary question answered: Ants more closely related to bees than to most wasps
26 Primate brains follow predictable development pattern
27 Iron melt network helped grow Earth's core, Stanford study suggests
28 Scientists who share data publicly receive more citations
29 Restricting Voting Rights Act could mean fewer African-Americans on city councils
30 Bad luck? Knocking on wood can undo jinx: study
31 Component of citrus fruits found to block the formation of kidney cysts
32 Three hours is enough to help prevent mental health issues in teens
33 Improving the quality of clinical ethics consultants
34 Gathering information about food is not top priority for individuals with high metabolisms
35 'Walking droplets'
36 Seamless photography: using mathematical models for image stitching
37 Facebook and Twitter may yield clues to preventing the spread of disease
38 Innovative approach could ultimately end deadly disease of sleeping sickness
39 Explosive dynamic behaviour on Twitter and in the financial market
40 Same-hospital readmission rate an unreliable predictor for all-hospital readmission rate
41 Minimally invasive operation helps elderly patients after colon cancer treatment
42 New study shows link between car crashes and adverse pregnancy outcomes
43 Evaluating mobile weight loss apps on use of evidence-based behavioral strategies
44 Air pollution increases heart attacks
45 'Cyberchondria'--Anxiety from Online Searches About Health--Is Worse for Those Who Fear the Unknown, Baylor Study Shows
46 Eating disorders often associated with reproductive health problems
47 A potential new strategy to face dementia
48 No viral cause for breast cancer and brain tumors
49 A 'yes' to one drug could become 'yes' for other drugs
50 A slow, loving, 'affective' touch may be key to a healthy sense of self
51 HIV vaccines elicit immune response in infants
52 Vaccination and the Gentle Art of Persuasion
53 Researchers Bring Product Testing to Foster Care System
54 California's new mental health system helps people live independently
55 Leading experts offer advice on generating human induced pluripotent stem cell banks
56 Power of precision medicine shown in successful treatment of patient with disabling OCD
57 High Medicare spending on prostate cancer screenings, but little benefit for older men
58 Facial Recognition is More Accurate in Photos Showing Whole Person
59 From slowdown to shutdown--US leadership in biomedical research takes a blow, says ASCB
60 Adult ADHD undertreated despite effective interventions
61 Dog's mood offers insight into owner's health
62 Wedded bliss or blues? Scientists link DNA to marital satisfaction
63 'Brain training' may boost working memory, but not intelligence
64 Weighed down by guilt: Research shows it's more than a metaphor
65 Postpartum depression spans generations
66 Rensselaer Researchers Propose New Theory To Explain Seeds of Life in Asteroids
67 Insects modify mating behavior in anticipation of storms
68 Scientists generate first map of clouds on an exoplane
69 Researchers Find that Bright Nearby Double Star Fomalhaut Is Actually a Triple
70 NASA's moon landing remembered today as a promise of a 'future which never happened'
71 New research sheds light on abnormal heart muscle thickening and potential treatment
72 3-D printed microscopic cages confine bacteria in tiny zoos for the study of infections
73 Emerging applications of Bio-Rad's Droplet Digital PCR Technology highlighted at the 2013 Digital PCR Conference
74 Disney Research develops algorithm for rendering 3-D tactile features on touch surfaces
75 UltraHaptics--it's magic in the air
76 Carnegie Mellon motion tracking technology is extremely precise, inexpensive with minimal lag
77 Better robot vision
78 Seniors in care at high risk for head injuries
79 Growing bacteria keep time, know their place
80 Solving the internet capacity crunch
81 Weighty Issue: Is It Healthy for Seniors to be a Little Overweight?
82 Strange Super-Earth Planet Has 'Plasma' Water Atmosphere
83 Ideas Wanted for NASA's 2020 Mars Rover, But Government Shutdown Adds Challenge
84 Fracking Wastewater Radioactive and Contaminated, Study Finds
85 Think You Know Your Close Pals? Think Again, Science Says
86 Polar Opposites: Why Climate Change Affects Arctic & Antarctic Differently
87 Teenage Mice 'Cry' to Ward Off Frisky Males
88 Earthquake Scientist: Extend California's New Early Warning System
89 Honey Badger Don't Care About Camera Traps
90 Red Wine's Resveratrol Could Be Beneficial After All
91 Why Bigfoot is Unlikely Only If You Know What "Unlikely" Means
92 Pufferfish Love Explains Mysterious Underwater Circles
93 Lake That Turns Animals to Stone? Not Quite
94 Kiribati Man Presses Case as Climate Refugee
95 Explosive Supervolcanoes May Have Rocked Ancient Mars
96 Effects of Global Warming
97 What Is Global Warming?
98 Scientists With Some Odd Jobs Still Working During Shutdown
99 For Twin Delivery, C-Sections No Safer than Vaginal Births
100 Not in the Mood: Storms Quell Insects' Appetite for Sex
101 From Animals, We Can Learn Generosity and Forgiveness (Op-Ed)
102 Seafloor Scours Hint at Ancient Arctic Ice Sheet
103 Five Things You Must Know About the IPCC Report (Op-Ed)
104 Spies & Secrets: 4 True Stories From Tom Clancy's Novels
105 Government Shutdown Delivers Blow to BRAIN Initiative
106 Hawaiian Mythology Digs Deep into Volcanic Past (Op-Ed)
107 'Lost Tribes' Saved through Creation of Massive Colombian Park (Op-Ed)
108 Gray Wolves May Lose Endangered Status, But Not Without a Fight
109 Artist Creates 3D Printed Chocolate