File Title
1 Pinch of platinum gives white organic LEDs
2 Just what is in that chicken nugget?
3 Public 'misread' on climate change
4 Cellular 'shipping' wins Nobel Prize
5 Sponges help coral reefs thrive in ocean deserts
6 EU hails ICAO plan for global green tax on aviation
7 Genepeeks firm to offer 'digital baby' screen for sperm donors
8 Uncertainty on figures hampering food security efforts
9 Pentagon-funded Atlas robot refuses to be knocked over
10 Himalayas still uphill for climate
11 Spain's sunshine toll: Row over proposed solar tax
12 On Russia's controversial Arctic oil rig Prirazlomnaya
13 Antibiotics: Light-sensitive drugs to tackle hardy bugs
14 US commando raids: Kerry defends al-Liby capture
15 US defends capture of militant linked to Kenya bombing
16 Kerry defends US capture of Libya 'Al-Qaeda operative'
17 US commando raids: John Kerry defends capture of Libyan terror suspect Abu Anas al-Liby in Tripoli
18 Kerry defends US capture of alleged Al-Qaeda operative in Libya
19 Kerry defends raid in Libya
20 Bettencourt affair: Sarkozy secret cash case 'dropped'
21 China tells US to avoid debt crisis for sake of global economy
22 Rio de Janeiro favelas occupied after major operation
23 Egyptian soldiers killed in Ismailiya and Sinai attacks
24 Malala: The girl who was shot for going to school
25 What John Boehner's ambition has to do with the shutdown
26 A lost city: Photos of Bucharest's past
27 Honeybee sanctuary status for Colonsay and Oransay
28 Malala: We must talk to the Taliban to get peace
29 US raid on Somalia: Al-Shabab bolsters presence in Barawe
30 Winchester 'ugly woman' painting mystery solved
31 Clooney and Bullock's Gravity rockets to top of film chart
32 When office gossip is about you
33 Pakistan deadly bomb targets Peshawar polio campaign
34 Typhoon Fitow hits eastern China after mass evacuation
35 Afghanistan election: Warlords and technocrats seek to replace Karzai
36 Paycheck panic
37 Airbus and Japan Airlines agree landmark $9.5bn deal
38 Greece forecasts it will emerge from recession in 2014
39 LG announces curved screen phones to launch in 2014
40 UK jumps up internet scoreboard as digital divide grows
41 NSA targeted Tor users via Firefox flaw, reports say
42 World Solar Challenge: Crash ends Cambridge University race hopes
43 Iraq: Baghdad hit by series of deadly blasts
44 Walking more 'would save thousands' of lives in the UK
45 Billion pound brain project under way
46 Face blindness: Seeing but not seeing
47 Is 'addiction' an excuse to overeat?
48 The third state of consciousness under the knife
49 US shutdown is starting to hit business, says Commerce Secretary
50 How Does The Tesla Model S Ace Safety Tests, But Catch on Fire?
51 Will YouTube Video of Seattle Car Fire Halt Tesla's (TSLA) Meteoric Rise?
52 Calif. City Requires Electric Car Charging Stations for New Homes
53 The Dark Secret of Electric Cars: Astounding Speed
54 Selfies, Food and Ads: Advertisements Coming to Instagram in the Coming Months
55 Best Buy Drops the Price of iPhone 5c to $50
56 Twitter's IPO Filing Explained in 40 Tweets
57 Two Weeks After Launch, Walmart Drops Price of the iPhone 5c to $45 After Best Buy's Offer
58 Steve Jobs Died Two Years Ago Today
59 Why Mice Sing: Sex, and to Protect Habitat
60 Minutely Combines Traditional Weather Forecasts With Crowdsourced Data
61 Galaxy Gear Review: The Next Big Thing Is Not Here
62 Lobster With Finger-Like Claws on Display in Maine Aquarium
63 Boehner: No 'Clean' Votes on Reopening Government or Debt Ceiling Without Negotiations with President Obama
64 Boehner To Obama: 'All He Has To Do Is Call'
65 House Republicans Wait at a Table for Dems to Negotiate Budget
66 Obama Doesn't Rule Out Using 14th Amendment To Raise The Debt Limit
67 The 5 Deadly Clicks: The Links You Should Never Touch
68 Sean Penn Film 'Human Experiment' Explores Potential Dangers of Toxic Chemicals in Household Products
69 Miriam Carey: Capitol Hill Chaos Puts Postpartum Psychosis in Spotlight
70 Indiana Toddler Gets Unlikely Heart Transplant
71 5 Steps to Quitting Artificial Sweeteners
72 Should You Get a Mammogram?
73 Breast Cancer Breakdown: Know the Signs
74 Ice Cream Recalled Over Metal Shavings Risk
75 Boston Marathon Bomb Victim Took Up Racing After Losing Leg
76 Detecting asteroids: How telescope could help locate dangerous objects before they strike Earth
77 LG to rev up production of flexible smartphone screens
78 Ohio hospital can force Amish girl to resume chemotherapy, court rules
79 Giuliana Rancic opens up about life after breast cancer
80 In "Gravity," International Space Station co-stars with Sandra Bullock
81 Nielsen to roll out Twitter ratings for TV shows on Monday
82 Tarantulas are looking for love: It's mating season
83 Once "extinct" pinocchio pokes his nose out
84 You say Twitter, I say Tweeter: Investor mix-up?
85 Bail hearing in SF postponed in Silk Road case
86 Giant squid washes up on Spanish beach
87 Diesel throws honeybees off flower trail
88 60 possible new species discovered in Suriname forest
89 Rare Sumatran rhino spotted in Indonesia
90 Twitter's best tweets, according to its IPO filing
91 Shutdown won't halt NASA's Mars MAVEN launch
92 Disability, USA
93 How the government shutdown could end
94 DA: Motorcyclist had key role in NYC SUV brawl
95 Off-duty police officers part of group involved in NYC motorcycle road rage incident
96 Scarlett Johansson named sexiest woman alive
97 The vast reach of the Nazi Holocaust
98 Report: Chicken nuggets not just "meat" but blood vessels, nerve cells
99 Cruz urges GOP to use debt ceiling fight for Obamacare changes
100 Boehner: Not enough votes for "clean" spending bill to end shutdown
101 Sen. Coburn: Under Obamacare, U.S. will be defrauded of "billions and billions"
102 Why capture of al-Libi is "a big deal" for the U.S.
103 Miriam Carey, identified driver in Capitol Hill car chase, suffered from emotional issues, police and family say
104 Wedding gift etiquette: What to give and how much
105 The Amazing Race: Getting salty in Chile
106 House approves back pay for furloughed workers as shutdown continues
107 Supreme Court opens term with campaign finance, affirmative action cases
108 Government shutdown furloughs ordered to end for most Pentagon civilians
109 Poll: Americans not happy about shutdown; more blame GOP
110 Obama urges patience with Obamacare website despite glitches
111 Reports: Emails show alleged pay-to-play between drug companies, FDA
112 Youth sports leagues team up to take on concussions
113 2 Americans and a German win 2013 Nobel medicine prize
114 Boston Marathon amputees learning to run again
115 Obamacare website goes down for repairs
116 Walking seven hours a week may lower breast cancer risk
117 Signing up for Obamacare: An expert explains the basics