File Title
1 Hackers steal data from 2.9mn Adobe customers
2 Twitter unseals IPO papers, hopes to raise $1B
3 Nanodevices for a 'More than Moore' world
4 13 members of Anonymous indicted on US hacking charges
5 Japan nuclear regulator berates Fukushima operator
6 Instagram to start showing advertisements
7 Ballmer gets less than 'A' grade in compensation
8 Samsung reports record-high profit for 3Q
9 As Twitter goes public, a look at other tech IPOs
10 Twitter marked by rapid rise since launch
11 3-D printing: Making your own saves energy, scientist says
12 Tesla says car fire began in battery after crash
13 Tesla S electric car tops registrations in Norway
14 Noises off: The machine that rubs out noise (w/ Video)
15 Twitter's IPO problem: More people know it than use it
16 Researchers discover molecules that show promise for new anti-flu medicines
17 Researchers uncover metabolic enzymes with 'widespread roles' in opium poppy
18 Researchers uncover keys to antibiotic resistance in MRSA
19 Improving the performance of titanium implants by bioactive composite coatings
20 Drug against flu obtained from carrot
21 A rapid, paper-based diagnostic test for tuberculosis
22 Reaction rate of many molecules depends on their shape
23 New small-molecule catalyst does the work of many enzymes
24 Analyzing uranium ore concentrate samples
25 What if water had memory?
26 Feds fund concept for cheaper, better titanium made in US
27 Scientists find insect DEET receptors, develop safe alternatives to DEET
28 Key mechanism behind herpes revealed
29 Cell-detection system promising for medical research, diagnostics
30 Toward understanding the dangers of the fake marijuana called 'Spice' or 'K2'
31 Recruiting E. coli to combat hard-to-treat bacterial infections
32 Finland to lead the way as a designer of cellulose-based products
33 Scientists develop new process to create artificial cell membranes
34 Acidity can change cell membrane properties, study shows
35 Probing the surface of pyrite
36 Engineers develop new metabolic pathway to more efficiently convert sugars into biofuels
37 Niacin, the fountain of youth
38 Team develops new tool for studying membrane protein structure using water dynamics on surface of biomolecules
39 Zinc, proteins, and an essential cellular balancing act
40 Following the missteps of giants
41 The machinery of mitosis: Kinetechores, centrioles and chromosome pumps
42 Mechanism of the sodium-potassium pump revealed
43 Scientists discover noise pollution effects on shellfish
44 A microbe's fountain of youth
45 Tom22, the bouncer of the mitochondrion
46 The Himalayas' amazing biodiversity
47 Scientist urges us to 'embrace new invaders'
48 Asian rhino conference hailed as major step forward
49 With turkeys gone wild, Maine expands hunting
50 Diesel exhaust stops honeybees from finding the flowers they want to forage
51 How a 'mistake' in a single-cell organism is actually a rewrite essential to life
52 60 possible new species found in Suriname forest (Update)
53 How an aggressive fungal pathogen causes mold in fruits and vegetables
54 Philandering fairywrens keep their species intact
55 Genetics used to sort out poorly known--and hunted--whale species
56 Health of honey bees adversely impacted by selenium
57 Genetic study of river herring populations identifies conservation priorities
58 Rare research into false killer whales reveals anti-predator partnerships
59 Two new enigmatic spider species with peculiar living habits from Uruguay
60 Leading experts offer advice on generating human induced pluripotent stem cell banks
61 Two million and counting: NYBG digitization project reaches major milestone
62 Researchers find bad bacteria reducer
63 Worm resistance being spread by wild hares
64 Koalas in danger as Aussie temperatures soar
65 Hong Kong seizes elephant tusks worth $1 million
66 Research paper publishing sting reveals lax standards of many open-access journals
67 Encounters with other cultures creates need to label our own culture and traditions
68 Meeting of minds on innovative food technologies
69 Right, left, wrong: People reject science because...
70 Reading literary fiction improves 'mind-reading' skills, research shows
71 Wealth inequality can promote cooperation
72 Social group may be key to fostering creativity
73 Designer of pioneering Braille math code dies (Update)
74 High school students use nation's top X-rays to study Illinois fossils
75 Women and minority corporate directors lack mentoring
76 Churchgoers mostly favor socially responsible companies, study finds
77 Children more distracting to drivers than mobile phones
78 Study explains how firms should handle bad news
79 Research reveals deep divide in who gets best access to most desirable housing in England and Wales
80 US and Russian experts issue new study on ways to prevent nuclear terrorism
81 Shutdown makes US 'less desirable' for science
82 Stanford releases new poverty index for California
83 New Asian early anthropoid found in Thailand coal mine
84 Transgendered males seen as an asset to some ancestral societies
85 America is increasingly diverse, but challenges remain
86 How one transportation business survived hurricane Sandy
87 Freedom and choice key to restorative lunch breaks, study says
88 Intelligent software to help instructors build customized courses
89 The business brain
90 CicLAvia boosted sales for businesses along route, research shows
91 Researchers discover biomarker, potential targeted therapy for pancreatic cancer
92 Nano-dissection identifies genes involved in kidney disease
93 Researchers discover new therapeutic agents that may benefit leukemia patients
94 Genetic analysis of individuals with autism finds gene deletions
95 International 'war' on illegal drugs is failing to curb supply
96 Researchers find tests meant to predict future violence by psychopaths is less accurate than chance
97 Well-connected hemispheres of Einstein's brain may have sparked brilliance
98 Certain type of fat could help humans lose weight
99 Centipede venom could lead to new class of pain drug
100 Resveratrol remains effective against cancer after the body converts it
101 Decoding sound's source: Researchers unravel part of the mystery
102 Stem cells engineered to become targeted drug factories
103 Junk food makers target kids with free online games, study says
104 Get the picture? New high-res images show brain activity like never before
105 Norovirus vaccine reduces symptoms of illness by more than half, early research shows
106 Sieving through 'junk' DNA reveals cancer-causing genetic mutations
107 Researchers find potential link between gum disease and Alzheimer's
108 Researchers find hormone vasopressin involved in jet lag
109 Possible culprits in congenital heart defects identified
110 Those briefly ostracized recover more quickly if they previously were given focused attention training, study finds
111 Mice with human immune cells help researchers discover how the mosquito-borne virus depletes blood platelets
112 Brain stimulation affects compliance with social norms
113 Dreams: Full of meaning or a reflex of the brain?
114 Study makes important step-forward in mission to tackle parasitic worm infections
115 Silencing sudden death: Study targets genetics of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
116 Blocking nerve cells could prevent symptoms of eczema
117 Facebook and Twitter may yield clues to preventing the spread of disease
118 Dampened mTOR signaling linked with the developmental disorder Roberts syndrome
119 Method for 'designer babies' in the ethical spotlight
120 Neglect of 'science communication environment' puts vaccine acceptance at risk