File Title
1 Stronger winds explain puzzling growth of sea ice in Antarctica
2 Arctic Ice Makes Comeback From Record Low, but Long-Term Decline May Continue
3 I Told You So: Congressman Parrots Climate Change Denial Errors
4 Life on Mars? Well, Maybe Not
5 Data glitch postpones Cygnus berthing with ISS
6 NASA's Deep Impact comet-hunting mission ends
7 Climate report struggles with temperature quirks
8 Genomes of big cats mapped in bid to protect endangered species
9 Study Investigates Whether Soldiers' Attachment to Robots Affects Mission Outcomes
10 California Coastal Cleanup Day
11 How to use body language to get served first at a bar
12 Arctic fossils reveal 'explosion' of animal life on Earth 520 million years ago
13 New Species of Legless Lizard Found at LAX
14 Conservationists deploy net-flinging cannons, GPS devices to aid restoration of endangered bird
15 Popping 'cholesterol busting' statins can actually make you go blind
16 300-year-old riddle about which direction centre of earth spins solved
17 Stephen Hawking believes 'digital' brain can provide form of 'life after death'
18 Revolutionary new lens combines human eye focus with insects' wide-angle view
19 Now, technology that converts thought into action
20 Three new species of tiny frogs discovered in Papua New Guinea
21 Cure for lifestyle-related diseases comes closer to reality
22 Paracetamol improves endurance during exercise in hot conditions
23 How bird flu evolved to become a deadly virus
24 Overhunting of sharks harmful for coral reefs
25 New islet cell transplant may free diabetics from painful insulin injections
26 Algae biofuel reduces CO2 emissions by 68% more than petroleum counterparts: Study
27 Love helped me stay alive, says Stephen Hawking
28 How brain cell connections get cemented early in life
29 Switch controlling growth of aggressive brain tumour cells identified
30 Massive Aquifer Discovered in Kenya holds 70 Years Worth of Water, May Reshape Nation
31 Spider Silk Wrapped in Nanotubes Shows Remarkable Efficiency
32 Australian Wild Pig Drinks 18 Beers, Gets in Fight with Cow
33 Earth Will be Able to Sustain Life for the Next 1.75 Billion years, Researchers Estimate
34 'Sticky Tape' for Water Droplets Prevents Water From Rolling Off Surfaces
35 30,000 Year Old Stag-moose Antler is Oldest Found in North America
36 Scientists Offer Holistic Approach to Cambrian Explosion
37 Earth's Biggest Deep Earthquake Puzzles Researchers
38 Prehistoric Elephant Remains Suggest Early Humans Worked Together to Bring Down Large Prey
39 Music Lessons May Improve Language and Reading Skills, Study Suggests
40 Wind Tunnel Used to Study Evolution of Dinosaur Flight
41 Fossil Records Show Scaling of Limbs as Dinosaurs Evolved into Birds
42 Polymer Heals Itself Independent of Outside Triggers [VIDEO]
43 World's Thinnest Sheet of Glass Invented on Accident
44 FDA Announces Plans to Track Medical Devices
45 Autopsy Confirms New Hampshire Patient Died of Rare, Fatal Brain Disease
46 Man's Found Brewing Beer in His Stomach, Called 'Auto-brewery Syndrome'
47 Dog Food Additive May Stop Painful Chemotherapy Drug Side Effects
48 Blood Test Quickly Distinguishes Between Viral and Bacterial Infections
49 Nearly 20 Shrews Found in Rainbow Trout's Stomach
50 Statins Linked with Higher Risk of Cataract
51 Novel Brain Scans Could Help Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
52 Antibacterial Products Promote Bacterial Resistance in US Waterways
53 E-readers Help Students with Dyslexia Read and Understand Text
54 Hawking: 'in the future brains could be separated from the body'
55 800 feet tall deep sea waves discovered in Pacific Ocean
56 Sir Patrick Moore astronomy centre plans scrapped, says Brian May
57 Earthquake off Siberian land mass was the 'largest deep earthquake' ever recorded
58 Earth too hot for life in 1.75 billion years? Try Mars instead
59 Huge turnout for Int'l Coastal Clean-up Day
60 NASA Finds 'Humongous' Arms of 'Coma' Cluster of Galaxies; Provides Insight on Its Formation
61 Your Move, Global Warming Alarmists. Science Has Exposed Your Unwarranted Hysteria
62 Swarm of earthquakes shakes Yellowstone
63 Could a blood test detect lung cancer early?
64 Humans can sniff out 10 basic odors, scientists say
65 Look! One of the biggest structures in our known universe, the Coma
66 Alzheimer's disease report focuses on long-term care challenge
67 Aiming high: Students at USC attempt to launch rocket into space
68 Test of PfSPZ malaria vaccine encouraging
69 Scientists plan new, potentially controversial bird flu research
70 OxyContin maker closely guards its list of suspect doctors
71 Schools can administer insulin without licensed nurses, court says
72 Federal officials issue strong new warning about anti-malaria drug
73 Ketamine: a potential rescue drug for depression takes a step forward
74 It's finals week: Do you know what your teen is taking to study so hard?
75 Part-timers to lose pay amid health act's new math
76 Aspirin in a keychain packet could save life
77 Suicide bomb attack kills 75 at Pakistan church
78 Stem cell agency not doing enough to avoid conflict of interest
79 Dying for relief: A Times Investigation. Part 1: Legal drugs, deadly outcomes
80 Dying for relief: A Times Investigation. Part 2: Reckless Prescribing
81 Dying for relief: A Times Investigation. Part 3: Rogue Pharmacists
82 Dying for relief: A Times Investigation. Part 4: An Unused Tool
83 U.S. investigating CVS prescription refills
84 On the frontier of medical pot to treat boy's epilepsy
85 Truvada pill urged for AIDS prevention after promising studies
86 Treating HIV and preventing it at the same time
87 FDA approves lorcaserin, first weight-loss drug since 1999
88 Combat not linked to rise in military suicides, study says
89 'Senior moments' may have real link to Alzheimer's disease
90 Having trouble sleeping? These products aim to help
91 Try This: The humming breath, a virtual hug for kids
92 Division of duty is the name of the brain game
93 After brain damage, the creative juices flow for some
94 Fear can be calmed during sleep, study suggests
95 Scented naps can dissipate fears
96 Fear memories can be overcome during sleep, researchers say
97 Free Vaccinations Offered After Hepatitis A Outbreak at Bronx Restaurant
98 Could New Tracking Codes on Medical Implants Save Lives?
99 Overwhelming burden, cost of Alzheimer's to triple, report says
100 Georgia autism project looks to boost early detection
101 How much is too much exercise when you're pregnant?
102 Fatal rare brain disease confirmed in N.H. patient; 15 possibly exposed
103 Phil and Penny Knight to OHSU: $500 million is yours for cancer research if you can match it
104 Not too soon to protect against the flu
105 Man's Stomach Causes Him to be Drunk
106 Brain-eating amoeba may be linked to Hurricane Katrina
107 Safety debate grows as e-cigarettes gain popularity
108 Teams gearing up for Walk to End Alzheimer's
109 'After Tiller': On Abortion's Frontline
110 Statins Linked to Cataracts
111 Understanding the various dental specialties