File Title
1 'Tense' graphene joins forces with gold nano-antennas
2 Laying down a discerning membrane
3 Researchers apply transmission electron microscopy through unique graphene liquid cell (w/ Video)
4 Graphene-based discs ensure safe storage
5 Great potential for faster diagnoses with new nano-method
6 Spinach and nanodiamonds?
7 DNA nanotechnology opens new path to super-high-resolution molecular imaging
8 New biomimetic material to develop nanosensors
9 New microscopy technique allows scientists to visualize cells through the walls of silicon microfluidic devices
10 New graphene production method broadens perspectives for improved use
11 Swarms of robots could fight cancer (with your help)
12 Researchers create image of weak hydrogen bond using AFM
13 Simulations help researchers decide which technology would make a better solar collector, quantum dot or nanowire
14 'Waviness' explains why carbon nanotube forests have low stiffness
15 New kind of 'X-ray/CT vision' reveals objects' internal nanoscale structure, chemistry
16 Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA
17 Fique fibers from Andes Mountains part of miracle solution for dye pollution, find scientists
18 Capturing cancer: Liquid biopsy could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment
19 Improving lithium-ion batteries with nanoscale research
20 'Accelerator on a chip' demonstrated
21 Water glides freely across 'nanodrapes' made from the world's thinnest material
22 The ultimate molecular chess match
23 A first: Stanford engineers build computer using carbon nanotube technology
24 With carbon nanotubes, a path to flexible, low-cost sensors
25 Turning plastic bags into high-tech materials
26 A better device to detect ultraviolet light
27 Designing new sources of extreme ultraviolet light for making integrated circuits with next generation lithography
28 Scientists observe competing quantum effects on the kinetic energy of protons in water
29 Flawed diamonds: Gems for new technology
30 New kind of microscope uses neutrons
31 How fluid dynamics and transport shaped the structure of our lungs in the course of evolution
32 The ultimate accuracy machine
33 The art of amplification: A desktop-size 10 terawatt laser
34 Physicists 'entangle' microscopic drum's beat with electrical signals
35 Researchers develop technique for enhanced reversibility of a phase-transforming material
36 Naked jets of water make a better pollutant detector
37 New level for continuous-wave terahertz lasers
38 New tool enables biomechanical studies of individual cells
39 Physics duo suggest using early universe inflation as graviton detector
40 Yale scientist sheds fresh light on Einstein
41 The lightness of being: Smaller computer logic components through photon-molecule interaction
42 Droplets get a charge out of jumping
43 New technique traces ejected electrons back to atomic shells
44 New imaging system can help diagnose disease, monitor hazardous substances
45 Nuclear engineering researchers revealed fundamentals
46 Measuring height by connecting clocks
47 Strange behavior of bouncing drops demonstrates pilot-wave dynamics in action (w/ Video)
48 Recent study reduces Casimir force to lowest recorded level
49 Why cement tends to thicken
50 Breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics
51 NASA's moon landing remembered today as a promise of a 'future which never happened'
52 Spain sees 'limited risk' of big quake linked to gas
53 Deal reached on curbing airlines' CO2 emissions
54 Climate puzzle over origins of life on Earth
55 ALMA discovers large 'hot' cocoon around a small baby star
56 Arctic sea ice avoids last year's record low
57 Field study suggests sponges creating food for coral reef organisms
58 Russian cosmonaut wins wages case vs. space agency (Update)
59 Ocean health in 'downward spiral'
60 Earth from space: Ice in motion
61 A remote Swiss valley models global climate
62 Water in stratosphere plays key role in Earth's climate
63 Warmer oceans could raise mercury levels in fish
64 Researchers use climate model to better understand electricity in the air
65 Researchers find that bright nearby double star Fomalhaut is actually a triple
66 Shale oil boom fuel Argentina's dreams
67 Could the US government shutdown hammer Earth and Mars missions?
68 Professor calls for national earthquake early warning system
69 Native tribes' traditional knowledge can help US adapt to climate change
70 Two years later, NASA workers still mourn end of shuttle
71 Scientists to explore Caribbean faults, volcanoes (Update)
72 Scientists warn of 'deadly trio' risk to ailing oceans
73 Comet ISON and Mars imaged together during close approach
74 Accurate maps of streams could aid in more sustainable development of Potomac River watershed
75 Cows' carbon hoofprint is smaller than thought
76 Surprisingly simple scheme for self-assembling robots
77 Review: Samsung Galaxy Mega proves bigger isn't always better
78 Review: New Kindle good contender for Amazon users
79 Nintendo to stop making Wii console for Japan market
80 Review: Gear watch has potential, but falls short
81 Putting a face on a robot
82 Tokyo gadget show offers glimpse of tomorrow (Update)
83 Strap on your computer, wearable tech taking off
84 Toshiba's dual-camera system enables second-chance manipulations
85 Review: Moto X a good phone that should have been great
86 With robots, artist simultaneously draws in three cities
87 Amazon unveils Kindle Fire HDX with 24/7 live help (Update)
88 LA students breach school iPads' security
89 Japan robot can pick strawberry fields forever for farmer
90 IHS study puts iPhone 5S production costs at $191
91 Samsung says to unveil smartphone with curved display
92 Can soft robots transform health care, gaming, and other fields?
93 Review: New Surface tablets make typing easy
94 Robot knows who wants one for the road
95 Microsoft unveils new Surface, fixes shortcomings (Update 4)
96 Hacker group develops method to circumvent iPhone Touch ID system (w/ Video)
97 Machines on the march threaten almost half of modern jobs
98 Tesco joins tablet computer market
99 Tests: New iPhones less durable than iPhone 5 (Update)
100 Microsoft to reboot tablet effort with new Surface
101 Apple files promised appeal in book-collusion case
102 Twitter's Evan Williams may be worth $1B after IPO (Update)
103 EU plans stiff duties on biodiesel
104 Prosecutors want Silk Road mastermind to remain jailed
105 In IPO, Twitter seeks to be 'anti-Facebook'
106 NJ to start Internet gambling Nov. 26
107 Tesla fire shows electrics face safety challenges
108 NSF awards $12 million to SDSC to deploy 'Comet' supercomputer
109 Bringing sustainable electricity to rural African communities
110 Bulk phone data reveals 'startling insights,' Princeton professor tells US Senate