File Title
1 Diesel fumes baffle bees
2 'Designer baby' patent raises ethical questions
3 Cave reveals ancient birds' eye view
4 Genepeeks firm to offer 'digital baby' screen for sperm donors
5 New shape-shifting metals discovered
6 Owl recorded in Oman could be a new species
7 Uncertainty on figures hampering food security efforts
8 Wentwood Forest: Larch disease felling in ancient woodland
9 Body clock 'reset button' found
10 Himalayas still uphill for climate
11 Hydrogen: The car fuel of the future?
12 Montenegro's coastal comeback
13 Italy sinking: Bad weather hampers search for migrants
14 US shutdown: Barack Obama cancels Asia trip
15 Israel PM Netanyahu warns Iranians of 'immortal regime'
16 Herman Wallace dies after release from 41 years in solitary
17 US police launch inquiry after deadly car chase
18 US shutdown: 10 unexpected consequences
19 Salty liquorice: The not-so-sweet sweet
20 How children of the world united at a Soviet school
21 Walking 'cuts breast cancer risk'
22 Pope Francis visits namesake's shrine at Assisi
23 Adobe in source code and customer data security breach
24 Vietnam's General Vo Nguyen Giap dies
25 'Terminator' self-assembling cube robots revealed by MIT
26 Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor row escalates
27 Kenya's Westgate attack: 'I played dead to survive'
28 Madeleine McCann: Phone records may hold key, UK police say
29 Shutdown headache for Republican Speaker John Boehner
30 Edge-of-space planes to free-up congested skies
31 Best of the Web: Science behind making the best possible cup of coffee [et al.] [et al.]
32 Clashes erupt at pro-Morsi demonstrations in Egypt
33 Italian Senate panel recommends Berlusconi expulsion
34 Mombasa riots after Kenyan cleric Ibrahim Omar killed
35 In praise of micromanagement
36 Is there a cure for communication breakdown?
37 Sexually explicit Japanese art challenges Western ideas
38 Changes: David Bowie as a style icon
39 How Chinese art explores its one-child policy
40 'Anonymous attackers' in court over cyber-attacks
41 Edward Snowden revelations: Can we trust the spying state?
42 How does Twitter make money?
43 Twitter wants to raise $1bn in its stock market debut
44 Anger over Pakistan Sindh instant message ban proposal
45 Instagram to start allowing ads in US photo streams
46 Privacy groups push for UK surveillance law reform
47 Samsung forecasts record quarterly profit
48 23andMe's 'build-a-baby' patent criticised
49 Afghanistan celebrates cricket World Cup qualification
50 Deleted genes 'offer autism clues'
51 Muslim parents' concern over gelatine delays flu vaccine in schools
52 China employs two million microblog monitors state media say
53 Dutch take legal action over Greenpeace ship in Russia
54 Sieving Through 'Junk' DNA Reveals Disease-Causing Genetic Mutations
55 Discovery of Charged Droplets Could Lead to More Efficient Power Plants
56 New Fossils Push the Origin of Flowering Plants Back by 100 Million Years to the Early Triassic
57 Breakthrough in Photonics Could Allow for Faster and Faster Electronics
58 Better Protein Creation May Be Secret of Longevity for the World's Longest-Living Rodent
59 First Cloud Map of a Planet Beyond Our Solar System
60 Cold, Salty and Promiscuous: Gene-Shuffling Microbes Dominate Antarctica's Deep Lake
61 Ingredient of Household Plastic Found in Space
62 Do Black Holes Have 'Hair'? New Hypothesis Challenges 'Clean' Model
63 Accelerator On a Chip: Technology Could Spawn New Generations of Smaller, Less Expensive Devices for Science, Medicine
64 Bright Nearby Double Star Fomalhaut Is Actually a Triple
65 Physicists 'Entangle' Microscopic Drum's Beat With Electrical Signals
66 Chemistry With Sorted Molecules: Reaction Rate of Many Molecules Depends On Their Shape
67 3-D Dynamic Imaging of Soft Materials
68 Certain Type of Fat Could Help Humans Lose Weight
69 Nothin' to Sneeze At: New Treatment for Common Allergies
70 Fear of Predators Drives Honey Bees Away from Good Food Sources
71 Tears for Fears: Juvenile Mice Secrete a Protective Pheromone in Their Tears, Blocking Adult Mating
72 Insect Repellent: Scientists Find Insect DEET Receptors, Develop Safe Alternatives to DEET
73 Recruiting E. Coli to Combat Hard-To-Treat Bacterial Infections
74 Like Father, Not Like Son: Brain and Song Structure in Zebra Finches Are Strongly Influenced by the Environment
75 Early Mammal Varieties Declined as Evolution of Flowering Plants Radiated
76 Step Forward in Mission to Tackle Parasitic Worm Infections
77 Data-Driven Machine Learning Effectively Flags Risk for Post-Stroke Dangers
78 Obesity Suppresses Cellular Process Critical to Kidney Health
79 Scientists Identify Potential New Drug for Inherited Cancer
80 International Study Shows Efficacy of New Gastric Cancer Drug
81 3-D Printing: The Greener Choice
82 New Small-Molecule Catalyst Does the Work of Many Enzymes
83 New MRI Technique Detects Genetic Condition That Attacks the Heart, Brain, Nerves
84 Imaging System Can Help Diagnose Disease, Monitor Hazardous Substances
85 Great Potential for Faster Diagnoses With New Method
86 Aggressive Fungal Pathogen Causes Mold in Fruits, Vegetables
87 Diesel Exhaust Stops Honeybees from Finding the Flowers They Want to Forage
88 Warmer Oceans Could Raise Mercury Levels in Fish
89 Scientists Use Climate Model to Better Understand Electricity in the Air
90 Native Tribes' Traditional Knowledge Can Help US Adapt to Climate Change
91 Light at Night, Melatonin and Bird Behavior
92 Human Skin Wound Dressings to Treat Cutaneous Ulcers
93 Death of a Spruce Tree
94 Long-Term Cognitive Impairment Too Common After Critical Illness
95 Incident Rates Rising for Post-Partum Depression Among Women, Risk Factor for Suicide
96 Updated Systemic Sclerosis Criteria Improve Disease Classification
97 Radiofrequency Ablation Effectively Treats Barrett's Esophagus
98 Mom's Weight Gain During Pregnancy Tied to Childhood Obesity
99 Health Insurance Exchanges: What We Can Learn from California
100 Increase in Survival Following Bystander CPR for Out-Of-Hospital Heart Attack
101 Depression May Increase Your Risk of Parkinson's Disease
102 Freedom, Choice Key to Restorative Lunch Breaks
103 New Theory in Neuroscience: Common Mechanisms in Fragile X and Down Syndrome
104 It May Not 'Get Better' for Bisexual Teens
105 Statin May Prevent Dementia, Memory Loss With Longer Use, Don't Pose Short-Term Cognition Problems
106 Pediatricians Warn That Cuts to SNAP Program Will Harm Children
107 Brain Stimulation Affects Compliance With Social Norms
108 'Cupcake Bans' Rare, but Policies May Reduce Overexposure to Sugary Treats
109 America Is Increasingly Diverse, but Challenges Remain
110 Cost Savings for Those Who Need Surgery as ACL Injury Treatment
111 Scientists Shed Light On Body's Master Energy Regulator
112 Researchers Regenerate a Fully Functional Bioengineered Salivary Gland
113 Fecal Transplant: Microbial Restoration of the Inflamed Gut
114 Red Wine Chemical, Resveratrol, Remains Effective Against Cancer After the Body Converts It
115 Peculiar, Diverse and Dangerous to Crops: A Checklist of the Scale Insects of Iran
116 Rare Research Into False Killer Whales Reveals Anti-Predator Partnerships
117 Healthy Local Lakes--New Water Management Tools for Citizens
118 Streams Below Fracking Wastewater Treatment Show Elevated Salts, Metals, Radioactivity
119 Solar Power's Future Brawl
120 Understanding Soil Nitrogen Management Using Synchrotron Technology
121 Transgendered Males Seen as an Asset to Some Ancestral Societies
122 Researchers Propose New Theory to Explain Seeds of Life in Asteroids
123 Vikings May Have Been More Social Than Savage
124 Traces of Immense Prehistoric Ice Sheets Discovered
125 Anthropologists Confirm Link Between Cranial Anatomy and Two-Legged Walking
126 Supercomputers Help Solve a 50-Year Homework Assignment
127 Final Antenna Delivered to ALMA: All 66 ALMA Antennas Now Handed Over to Observatory
128 More Accurate Estimate of Amount of Water On Surface Layer of Mars
129 A Cosmic Weather Balloon at the Center of the Milky Way
130 Astronauts Practice Launching in NASA's New Orion Spacecraft
131 Robotic Approach for Gastric Cancer Treatment
132 Increasing Accessibility of 3-D Printing Raises Concerns About Plastic Guns
133 New Method Allows Quantitative Nanoscopic Imaging Through Silicon
134 How One Transportation Business Survived Hurricane Sandy
135 Technology, Not Uninsured Patients, Driving Hospital Costs
136 Operating System Weakness: Security Weaknesses in iOS 7 Rectified
137 Seamless Photography: Using Mathematical Models for Image Stitching
138 Measuring Height by Connecting Clocks
139 Gene Expression Databases Could Uncover Therapeutic Targets, Biological Processes
140 Supercomputing the Transition from Ordinary to Extraordinary Forms of Matter