File Title
1 Supervolcanoes erupted on ancient Mars
2 Gardeners warned of Legionnaire's threat
3 Southern 'fire' an omen in Aboriginal culture
4 Bees' foraging for flowers 'hampered by diesel exhaust'
5 Health of oceans 'declining fast'
6 'Top five physics discoveries' chosen by magazine
7 Hinkley C nuclear plant deal 'within weeks' of completion
8 Bangladesh nuclear power plant work begins
9 Can a drug make you tell the truth?
10 10 wildlife secrets revealed by thermal cameras
11 Letter from Africa: Elephants' end?
12 US shutdown: White House talks fail to end deadlock
13 Italy boat sinking: Dozens of migrants die off Lampedusa
14 Fukushima leaks: radioactive water overflows tank
15 France approves 'anti-Amazon' bill
16 Colombian government 'ready to reintegrate rebels'
17 Herman Wallace: Surviving 40 years in solitary
18 The drink of kings makes a comeback
19 Silk Road: How FBI closed in on suspect Ross Ulbricht
20 My Nazi grandfather, Amon Goeth, would have shot me
21 Plane crashes after take-off in Lagos, Nigeria
22 Diana director 'devastated' by reviews
23 Madagascar mob kills Europeans over 'organ trafficking'
24 Do special running shoes help prevent foot injury?
25 IMF head warns US debt crisis threatens world economy
26 Bitcoin value drops after FBI shuts Silk Road drugs site
27 Mercedes-Benz CLA: Luxury on the cheap?
28 Smart business--or a security nightmare?
29 Between a rock and an oil well
30 Silvio Berlusconi's long goodbye
31 Twenty readers who switched nationalities
32 India corruption: Laloo Prasad Yadav jailed for five years
33 UK games industry awaits decision on tax breaks
34 The price of creating a connected future
35 Super-fan 2.0: Why loving One Direction can be hard work
36 Google buys human-gesture recognition start-up Flutter
37 Dell's latest Venue tablets shun Windows RT system
38 Children switch from mobile phones to tablets
39 Tesla shares fall on report of a car fire
40 Microsoft returns to CES Las Vegas tech show
41 'Iranian president' engages with Twitter's Jack Dorsey
42 US websites suspended after federal shutdown
43 Russia evacuates embassy in Libya after attack
44 Amanda Hutton guilty of starving Hamzah Khan to death
45 'Tobacco-free' plan for Republic of Ireland
46 Drop in Preschoolers Taking Mental Health Meds
47 Vaccine Refusal Contributes to Whooping Cough Outbreaks
48 Fusion Experiments Inch Closer To Break-Even Goal
49 Incredible Technology: How Today's Archaeologists Kick Indiana Jones' Butt
50 What Is the Illuminati?
51 Shutdown May Hinder California's Rim Fire Cleanup
52 5 Surprising Ways to Banish Bad Breath
53 Ancient Kingdom Discovered Beneath Mound in Iraq
54 Infertile Woman Gives Birth After Experimental Treatment
55 Optical Illusion Explained in Monkey Brain Study
56 Strange Condition Lets Woman Hear Sounds But Not Words
57 How Would a Government Shutdown Impact Science?
58 Melting Snow Reveals Ancient Bow and Arrows in Norway
59 Antarctica's Extreme Salt-Loving Microbes Swap DNA
60 Divorce & Other Life Stressors Linked with Dementia
61 After 40 Years, Promise of Wilderness Protection Stands (Op-Ed)
62 Chemistry Driving Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle Developments (Op-Ed)
63 Record Electric Vehicle Sales Could Have Climate Impact (Op-Ed)
64 Cadence Sensors: What Are They and How Do They Work?
65 Dog Kisses are More Than Just Slobber (Op-Ed)
66 Crohn's Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
67 A 'Cyborg Astrobiologist' To Study Alien Planets
68 Francis Crick: Co-Discoverer of DNA's Double Helix
69 Daddy Longlegs: Spiders & Other Critters
70 Shrinking the Carbon Footprint of a Widely Used Chemical
71 Rough Waters Ahead: Climate Change Report Ups Sea-Level Projections
72 Krokodil, Molly and More: 5 Wretched New Street Drugs
73 6 Ways Government Shutdown Will Impact Science, Health
74 Twitter Abuzz with #Shutdown's Effects on Science
75 Statins Do Not Harm Memory, Study Says
76 What Is Molly?
77 Top Brain Science Movies Revealed
78 A Cosmic 'Tardis': What the Universe Has In Common with 'Doctor Who'
79 Sailing Yacht Crosses Northwest Passage
80 'The Walking Dead': Why Humans Will Never Defeat Zombies
81 How to Get Kids to Like Vegetables: Study Reveals Tips
82 Can Humans Spontaneously Combust? 'Unexplained Files' Investigates
83 Ancient Roots: Flowers May Have Existed When First Dinosaur Was Born
84 7 Insects You'll Be Eating in the Future
85 First Snowstorm of Season Brewing: South Dakota to Minnesota
86 Hit By Climate, Disaster Victims Call for Congressional Action (Op-Ed)
87 When People and Wildlife Conflict, Humane Solutions Work Best (Op-Ed)
88 Exercise May Be As Effective As Drugs For Some Diseases
89 Source Of 13th Century Volcanic Calamity Discovered
90 With Warming, Wildfires Growing More Difficult to Predict (Op-Ed)
91 Accelerometers: What They Are & How They Work
92 Tiny, Strange Primate Fossil Unearthed in Coal Mine
93 Accelerometer vs. Gyroscope: What's the Difference?
94 Withings Pulse: Fitness Tracker Review
95 Jawbone Up: Fitness Tracker Review
96 Fitbit Flex: Fitness Tracker Review
97 Nike Fuel Band: Fitness Tracker Review
98 Cancelled Wedding Business Creates Chance For Cheap 'I Do'
99 7 Tips For Conducting an Effective Job Interview
100 Gov't Shutdown Science: Why Human Nature Is to Blame
101 Animal Sex: How Kangaroos Do It
102 Weighty Issue: Is It Healthy for Seniors to be a Little Overweight?
103 Strange Super-Earth Planet Has 'Plasma' Water Atmosphere
104 Should the Higgs Boson Win This Year's Physics Nobel?
105 Giant Impact That Formed the Moon Blew Off Earth's Atmosphere
106 Government Shutdown Delivers Blow to BRAIN Initiative
107 'Lost Tribes' Saved through Creation of Massive Colombian Park (Op-Ed)
108 Gray Wolves May Lose Endangered Status, But Not Without a Fight
109 Artist Creates 3D Printed Chocolate
110 Where's My Flower? Diesel Throws Honeybees Off the Trail
111 15 Weirdest Effects of the Shutdown
112 Tropical Storm Karen Forms, Likely to Hit US Gulf Coast