File Title
1 New study shows blood test detected cancer metastasis
2 Less blood clot risk is linked to estradiol than to Premarin pills
3 Do black holes have hair?
4 The world's sharpest X-ray beam shines at DESY
5 Quantum computers: Trust is good, proof is better
6 Small brain biopsies can be used to grow large numbers of patient's own brain cells
7 Traces of immense prehistoric ice sheets: the climate history of the Arctic Ocean needs to be rewritten
8 Optical sensors improve railway safety
9 UW engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA
10 'Waviness' explains why carbon nanotube forests have low stiffness
11 Antimicrobial therapies linked to neonatal infection outbreaks
12 Solving ethanol's corrosion problem may help speed the biofuel to market
13 Protecting underground pipelines from corrosion in sub-zero environments
14 Understanding soil nitrogen management using synchrotron technology
15 Researchers found response of how plants respond to the changing environment in geological time
16 Scripps Research Institute study finds new moves in protein's evolution
17 Is travel to high altitudes more risky for people with diabetes?
18 Improving Lithium-Ion Batteries with Nanoscale Research Between UC San Diego and The National Labs
19 Study finds tungsten in aquifer groundwater controlled by pH, oxygen
20 How much of thallium pollutants will be released to environment by utilizing minerals?
21 NREL Releases New Roadmap to Reducing Solar PV "Soft Costs" by 2020
22 'Green future' development: Top 10 priorities for emerging economy countries
23 Some Parts of Memory Still Developing Deep into Childhood
24 Cross-ethnic friendships in urban middle schools make youths feel less vulnerable, safer
25 Responsive interactions key to toddlers' ability to learn language
26 Playing with blocks may help children's spatial and math thinking
27 Pharmacy research can help raise health literacy standards, say experts
28 Texas colleges surveyed on sexual assault resources
29 Bad luck? Knocking on wood can undo jinx: study
30 NREL Calculates Emissions and Costs of Power Plant Cycling Necessary for Increased Wind and Solar in the West
31 How the gut got its villi
32 Study shows over 200 mobile apps related to dermatology
33 Astronomers find missing link pulsar
34 Largest, most accurate list of RNA editing sites
35 Report: Breast cancer incidence rates converging among white and African-American women
36 Blood-pressure drug may help improve cancer treatment
37 Total Hospital Cost of Robotic or Conventional Open-Chest Mitral Valve Repair Surgery is Similar
38 CNIC researchers minimize damage during a heart attack with a drug costing less than 2.00 euros
39 Variations in death rates after surgery for oesophageal and gastric cancers
40 Vandetanib: IQWiG assessed data subsequently submitted by the manufacturer
41 Clinician observations of preschoolers' behavior help to predict ADHD at school age
42 Body contouring improves long-term weight control after gastric bypass
43 Telestroke service increases rates of 'clot-buster' treatment for stroke, reports Neurosurgery
44 Listening matters for mothers
45 Vaccination and the Gentle Art of Persuasion
46 Farmers need help to plow through new food safety regulations
47 Tests in mice identify compound that may keep survivors of brain aneurysms from succumbing to stroke
48 Underage youth get cigarettes and alcohol from friends and family, survey shows
49 New CU-Boulder-led study finds 'microbial clock' may help determine time of death
50 Tweets reveal news readership patterns around the world
51 Michigan's Medicaid expansion: A model for pragmatic, bipartisan health reform?
52 SCIENCE IN SOCIETY: Caring for our Futures in Turbulent Times
53 Innovations save lives of mothers and children
54 Seeing light in a new light
55 Minors who are prostituted or sexually exploited in other ways should be treated as victims rather than arrested and prosecuted as criminals, as they currently are in most states
56 Why won't she leave him? Abused women often fear for pets left behind
57 'Watch' cites concerns with intraprosthetic dislocation of dual-mobility hip implants
58 Changing laws, attitudes of police response to drug overdose may lead to better outcomes
59 Survival after cancer diagnosis in Europe associated with amount governments spend on health care
60 Massachusetts primary care malpractice claims related to alleged misdiagnoses
61 Psychotropic medication use, including stimulants, in young children leveling off
62 How Does Divorce Affect a Man's Health?
63 Depression and mental health services usage
64 Virtual tombstones, tattoo tributes and mourning T-shirts are growing in popularity
65 How to stay sharp in retirement
66 Putting a face on a robot
67 Researchers Bring Product Testing to Foster Care System
68 Researchers Identify Traffic Cop for Meiosis--with Implications for Fertility and Birth Defects
69 'Jekyll and Hyde' star morphs from radio to X-ray pulsar and back again
70 Magnetic field may shape "blooming" star
71 NASA Mars rover Curiosity finds water in first sample of planet surface
72 Researchers describe unusual Mars rock
73 Lunar orbiters discover source of space weather near Earth
74 Observations reveal critical interplay of interstellar dust, hydrogen
75 Martian chemical complicates hunt for life's clues
76 Water for future Mars astronauts?
77 Scientists find a martian igneous rock that is surprisingly Earth-like
78 New research links individual animal behavior with social spacing
79 Liquid biopsy could improve cancer diagnosis and treatment
80 UCLA engineers develop new metabolic pathway to more efficiently convert sugars into biofuels
81 CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics
82 TGen-led study identifies genes associated with unhealthy liver function
83 UFO? Star cluster? No, it's Falcon 9's jettisoned fuel
84 SpaceX rocket launches, steers and lands in test
85 Cassini finds ingredient of household plastic on Saturn moon
86 Long-Stressed Europa Likely Off-Kilter at One Time
87 Massive storm on Saturn throws water ice high in atmosphere
88 New Cassini data from Titan indicate a rigid, weathered ice shell
89 Paradigm shift: Need something in space? Print it, don't ship it
90 Invention jet prints nanostructures with self-assembling material
91 Yahoo Japan develops 3D search engine-printer
92 Martian chemical complicates hunt for life's clues
93 Martian Life: Good or Bad?
94 Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane On Mars
95 Life on Mars hopes fade after rover findings: study
96 We may all be Martians
97 DNA-sequencing chip could be sent to Mars to search for signs of life
98 Scientists find a martian igneous rock that is surprisingly Earth-like
99 Science Benefits From Diverse Landing Area Of NASA Mars Rover
100 First scoop of Mars soil contains 2% water: study
101 Researchers describe unusual Mars rock
102 ILS Proton Successfully Launches ASTRA 2E for SES
103 Problems with Proton booster fixed
104 Water for future Mars astronauts
105 NASA Mars rover Curiosity finds water in first sample of planet surface
106 Explosive flooding said responsible for distinctive Mars terrain
107 SwRI study suggests debris flows on frozen arctic sand dunes are similar to dark dune spot-seepage flows on Mars
108 Big ice may explain Mars' double-layer craters
109 Curious craters on Mars said result of impacts into ancient ice
110 Ancient snowfall likely carved Martian valleys
111 Marks on Martian Dunes May Reveal Tracks of Dry-Ice Sleds
112 Trident II D5 Missile Achieves a Total of 148 Successful Test Flights Since 1989
113 India test-fires long-range missile
114 Ancient soils reveal clues to early life on Earth
115 Thousands of dinosaur tracks found along Yukon River in Alaska
116 New rat genus discovered in the birthplace of the theory of evolution
117 'Cascade of events' caused sudden explosion of animal life
118 Researchers identify ancient ancestor of tulip tree line
119 Scientists say 'big bang' of life eons ago fits theory of evolution
120 Meteor molecules give hint of possible early Earth life
121 Why Earth's greatest mass extinction was the making of modern mammals
122 Study offers insight into the origin of the genetic code
123 Breathing underwater: Evidence of microscopic life in oceanic crust
124 Chasing the black holes of the ocean
125 Turkey picks Chinese firm for missile system
126 N. Korea tests long-range rocket engine: US think-tank
127 Unmanned cargo ship docks with orbiting Space Station
128 New space crew joins ISS on Olympic torch mission
129 Divers recover 10-1/2-pound meteorite fragment from lake in Urals
130 ASU scientists strike scientific gold with meteorite
131 Largest Piece So Far of Chelyabinsk Meteorite Found
132 Stanford scientists publish theory, formula to improve 'plastic' semiconductors
133 Promising new alloy for resistive switching memory
134 Graphene Photodetector Integrated into Computer Chip
135 Astronauts Practice Launching in NASA's New Orion Spacecraft
136 GRAVITY is Almost Here
137 International Partnership Releases Space Exploration Benefits Paper
138 NASA Wants Investigations for a Mars 2020 Rover
139 Upgrade to Mars rovers could aid discovery on more distant worlds
140 New technology could make for smarter planet rovers
141 NASA Rover Inspects Pebbly Rocks at Martian Waypoint