File Title
1 Centipede venom may fight chronic pain
2 Fossil dung reveals where ancient moa ate
3 Money choices less rational as you age
4 Distant planet's clouds are mapped
5 Cassini probe sees plastic ingredient on Titan moon
6 Mystery 13th Century eruption traced to Lombok, Indonesia
7 Early menopause: Baby born after ovaries 'reawakened'
8 War on illegal drugs failing, medical researchers warn
9 What have we learned from Fukushima?
10 US begins government shutdown as budget deadline passes
11 Syria conflict: Chemical arms experts cross border
12 Four MPs from Greece's Golden Dawn brought to court
13 Kenya Westgate attack: Inter-faith prayers for victims
14 UN presses Spain over Franco-era crimes and mass graves
15 Why Finland loves saunas
16 US shutdown has other nations confused and concerned
17 Mid-life stress 'precedes dementia'
18 Bangladesh MP Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury to hang for war crimes
19 Hungarian homeless law bans sleeping rough
20 US shutdown: Who will be affected
21 US brinkmanship tips over the edge
22 Is it time to proclaim the death of the live album?
23 Symantec disables 500,000 botnet-infected computers
24 Delta equips 11,000 pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 tablets
25 Scientists use lightning bolt to charge mobile phone
26 UK games industry awaits decision on tax breaks
27 The price of creating a connected future
28 Screen scraping: How to profit from your rival's data
29 Could power plants of the future produce zero emissions?
30 How gadget accessory-makers must battle for orders
31 Grand Theft Auto Online launch faces server worries
32 YouTube is launching its own music awards show.
33 'Obamacare' launches amid government shutdown
34 Sweden ranked first for treatment of elderly in UN
35 Living inside the house of surrogates
36 Profits--or poor house?
37 The right way to build friendships at work
38 Four places to buy property--and two to avoid
39 'Urgent action' needed on child TB
40 Legionella 'common' in compost brands, Strathclyde University study finds
41 Who, what, why: Is it safe to drink cocktails with raw egg?
42 Tick tock: Marine animals with at least 2 clocks
43 Wildlife face 'Armageddon' as forests shrink
44 Coastal animals have their own tidal timer--separate from the 24-hour body clock
45 Study finds steroids may persist longer in the environment than expected
46 Landmark report sets priorities to address malnutrition
47 Can bacteria combat oil spill disasters?
48 Research reveals bottom feeding techniques of tagged humpback whales in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
49 New data show agricultural anabolic steroids regenerate in aquatic ecosystems
50 Genes against parasites--An African breed of cattle harbours potential weapons against a life-threatening parasite
51 Latest research suggests moderate coffee consumption is not associated with increased CVD risk
52 Your wine glass and whether you hold it determines how much you pour
53 Folic acid deficiency has multigenerational effects
54 First step to reduce plant need for nitrogen fertilizer uncovered
55 KAIST announced a novel technology to produce gasoline by a metabolically engineered microorganism
56 Eilat's corals stand better chance of resilience than other sites
57 Cold, salty and promiscuous--Gene-shuffling microbes dominate Antarctica's Deep Lake
58 New technique helps biologists save the world's threatened seagrass meadows.
59 ForWarn follows rapidly changing forest conditions
60 Fique fibers from Andes Mountains part of miracle solution for dye pollution, find scientists
61 Biochar quiets microbes, including some plant pathogens
62 The phytonutrients in oats and their role in human health: A review of the evidence
63 Caribou may be indirectly affected by sea-ice loss in the Arctic
64 The MGC Herbarium: Information source of plant diversity in the Mediterranean
65 Legionella bacteria found in compost products
66 Oldest existing lizard-like fossil hints at scaly origins
67 Genetic study pushes back timeline for first significant human population expansion
68 Alpine archaeology reveals high life through the ages
69 Secrets of Antarctic extremohiles that survive in cold salty water
70 Climate change: Fast out of the gate, slow to the finish the gate
71 Beyond the little blue pill: scientists develop compound that may treat priapism
72 Testosterone Promotes Reciprocity in the Absence of Competition
73 Researchers ferret out function of autism gene
74 Zinc, proteins, and an essential cellular balancing act
75 Scripps Research Institute Study Finds New Moves in Protein's Evolution
76 Scientists who share data publicly receive more citations
77 Resveratrol, found in red wine, worsens MS-like symptoms and neuropathology in mice
78 Despite menu changes, calorie and sodium levels in chain restaurant entrees remain the same overall
79 Body image impacts on weight gain during pregnancy
80 Scientists tap into spinal response from gastric reflux
81 Macrophage-derived mediators may have potential as biomarkers for urinary stone risk
82 New target to fight HIV infection identified
83 Gathering information about food is not top priority for individuals with high metabolisms
84 New theory in neuroscience by UNIST Research Team: common mechanisms in Fragile X and Down syndrome
85 Fertility problems? Joining the 'breakfast club' can help
86 Researchers Find Early Success in New Treatment for Stroke Recovery
87 Alternative to antibiotics
88 Study: Acidity Can Change Cell Membrane Properties
89 Debt linked to mental health problems
90 School outreach program may reduce African-American student mobility
91 New breast cancer imaging technique could cut down on false positives
92 Study finds socio-economic status impact mortality rates for certain stroke in US
93 CWRU philosopher examines the hypothesis vs. exploratory funding divide
94 Study Challenges Perception that Immigrants' Children Pose Obstacle to Economy
95 Tiny sensor used in smart phones could create urban seismic network
96 New approaches to testing cancer drugs needed--ESMO press commentary
97 Medicare plans understate risky prescribing rates
98 Baby bed-sharing on the rise, but healthcare providers can help reverse trend
99 3 of 4 are aware of ACA individual mandate; only 4 of 10 aware of marketplaces, subsidies
100 Young children recognize cigarette brands in developing countries with most smokers
101 First global study confirms widely held practices on science, math, & reading education
102 Cancer biggest killer of Hispanic Texans
103 Short-term hearing loss can cause long-term problem
104 Americans Don't Contribute Enough to Retirement Funds, MU Researcher Finds
105 Study reveals Americans' surprising response to government during great recession
106 Restricting Voting Rights Act could mean fewer African-Americans on city councils
107 Inexpensive drug costing less than 3 dollars may minimize damage from heart attack