File Title
1 Torpid secret of arid-zone bat success
2 Spinning star has a split personality
3 Updated SpaceX Falcon rocket blasts off
4 Orbital's Cygnus freighter reaches International Space Station
5 China offers tax rebates on solar power
6 NASA plans first 3D printer space launch in 2014
7 Warning over turbine applications near Dark Sky Park
8 Recycled rockets: SpaceX calls time on expendable launch vehicles
9 Benjamin Leigh Smith: The forgotten explorer of the frozen north
10 US shutdown looms amid political stalemate over budget
11 Kenya's Westgate siege: Number of missing reduced to 39
12 Date set for Popes John Paul II and John XXIII sainthood
13 Operation Tuleta: Reporter charged in computer probe
14 Baghdad hit by wave of deadly car bombs
15 Breaking Bad: Five ways to console fans
16 Iran-US 'rapprochement' challenges Israel's Netanyahu
17 The rise of the text tattoo
18 'TomTato' tomato and potato plant unveiled in UK
19 Saudi cleric says driving risks damaging women's ovaries
20 Kercher murder trial: Forensic evidence review call
21 Five expired foods you can still eat
22 Bridget Jones' fans horror at death of Mark Darcy
23 Breaking Bad finale is a hit with TV critics
24 Facebook editing function raises concern over misuse
25 Will we in underwater cities?
26 Director cancels Hillary Clinton film
27 Making Time: Helping child workers save their earnings
28 Somalia and Kenya: Blood brothers
29 Syria: Agony of victims of 'napalm-like' school bombing
30 Did Hollywood studios help the Nazis?
31 Kenya's Westgate siege: Number of missing reduced to 39
32 Nigeria to boost school security after deadly attack
33 Blackberry hits out at Gartner analysis
34 Solving the mystery of why we sleep using DIY tech
35 Angry Birds game fires into the classroom
36 Rail mobile internet speeds set to get faster in UK
37 'Foreign terrorists' fighting in Syria--Walid Muallem
38 Young mothers 'risk factor for early childhood death'
39 'My mum had dementia at 29'
40 Do all animals need sleep?
41 Miss Philippines Megan Young crowned Miss World 2013 in Bali
42 Oh, why do we like to be beside the seaside?
43 Martha Stewart Storms Twitter With Complaints About Her Broken iPad
44 Microsoft CEO Says Goodbye to Microsoft with Tears and a Song
45 Cinch Draws From Klout's Bank of Influencers to Match the Right Expert to Your Questions
46 Can You Trust a Man With a Wide Face?
47 Purported Photos of the iPad 5 Leak Before Apple's Unveil
48 Facebook's 1.2 Billion Profile Pictures Displayed on a Single Web Page
49 High School Football Team Cancels Season After Player's Death
50 Why Do We Watch Stressful TV?
51 What You Need to Know About Hot Workouts
52 Sports-Related Brain Injuries Landing More Kids in ERs
53 5 Reasons Most Diets Fail, and How to Succeed
54 FDA Approves First Pre-Surgical Breast Cancer Drug
55 4 Things That Hurt More Than a Mammogram
56 Florida Man Dies of Bacterial Infection After Crabbing in River
57 Twitter reportedly ready to reveal IPO filing this week
58 Microsoft CEO bids emotional farewell to "Dirty Dancing" theme
59 Drug compounding safety legislation passes House
60 Obamacare open enrollment to begin: What you need to know for Oct. 1
61 Science lab on wheels sparks student interest in STEM
62 NYC reverses Airbnb host's $2,400 fine
63 SpaceX launches upgraded Falcon 9 rocket
64 Cygnus cargo ship captured by International Space Station
65 Canadian expedition spotlights thinning Arctic sea ice
66 After Colorado floods, photographer uses Facebook to save weddings
67 Toxic Mars chemical throws wrench into search for Red Planet life
68 Amanda Knox Update: Will a tiny piece of untested evidence on a butcher knife decide new trial outcome?
69 Glenn Greenwald working on new NSA revelations
70 San Francisco Bay Area TV news crews hit by series of brazen robberies
71 Metallica is now older, wiser, and in it for the long run
72 Ariz. poison control center reports first U.S. cases of krokodil use
73 Okla. teen acts to right his father's wrong
74 Syrian FM claims some rebels eat human hearts
75 On the verge of a government shutdown: Now what?
76 Optimism fades ahead of government shutdown deadline
77 Shutdown nearing, GOP seeks health care delay
78 Risking government shutdown, House GOP seeks Obamacare delay
79 Obama driving possible government shutdown, GOP lawmakers say
80 What will John Boehner do about the looming government shutdown?
81 Federal workers could feel gov't shutdown's sting
82 Shutdown politics: Obamacare and echoes of 1995
83 Tourists, homebuyers impacted immediately by possible shutdown
84 Axelrod optimistic about a deal on the "fiscal cliff"
85 Schieffer to Congress: Stop with the games
86 Homeowners protest new flood insurance rate hikes
87 Frank DeAngelis, Columbine High School principal, readies to retire
88 U.S. companies help reach milestones for space program
89 Business is "brooming" for 81-year-old traveling salesman
90 Obama and Netanyahu agree: Iranian nuclear program is a top priority
91 OPCW inspectors plan to smash Syria chemical weapons-making ability by start of November
92 Pope John Paul II to be canonized this spring
93 Islamic militants slaughter 50 sleeping college students in Nigeria
94 Iran Deputy FM: Americans have never been reliable
95 Osama bin Laden's continuing sway shown in Kenya mall attack
96 How real is the prospect of a nuclear deal with Iran?
97 Morning Rounds: Is McDonald's getting healthier?
98 Drug compounding safety legislation passes House
99 Contraceptive gel may aid women in developing areas
100 London police using 200 super-recognizers: What makes them "super"?
101 United States extends life of helium reserve
102 Biological clocks defy circadian rhythms
103 Science safeguarded in French budget
104 'Pan-cancer' study unearths tumours' genetic trademarks
105 NASA rover gets curious about Martian dirt
106 Hormone disruptors rise from the dead
107 $80m anti-poaching initiative unveiled
108 Court upholds need for export permits for risky flu research
109 Researcher posts protected Science Curiosity papers on blog
110 N/A
111 IPCC: Despite hiatus, climate change here to stay
112 Why reducing emissions may not be enough
113 How to see quantum gravity in Big Bang traces
114 Threat of US government shutdown looms
115 Curved space-time on a chip
116 Australia may scale back on marine protection
117 Rewired nerves control robotic leg
118 Budget partially restores Spain's science funding
119 Rapid evolution behind Shigella's rise
120 Behavioural insights are vital to policy-making
121 Time for change
122 Counting the cost
123 Ecology: Gene tweaking for conservation
124 Innovation: Bridging the market gap
125 Climate assessments: 25 years of the IPCC
126 Marine science: Oceanography's billion-dollar baby