File Title
1 Trout eats shrews? Small trout ate 20 mouse-sized shrews, say scientists.
2 Orangutans plan their trips in advance, without Siri (+video)
3 Where is Voyager 1 heading?
4 Evolutionary biologists resolve 'Darwin's dilemma'
5 Baby elephant cries for 5 hours. Is Mom rejection unusual? (+video)
6 Astronomers find 'red nugget' seeds that helped form galaxies
7 Radio telescopes spot Voyager 1 probe
8 NASA astronaut eager for next chocolate delivery
9 Did life on Earth come from a comet?
10 How one group of plants help regrow an entire forest
11 How Japan's Epsilon rocket take cares of itself
12 Iran's next astronaut could be a cat, official says
13 Study links space weather to satellite glitches
14 Cygnus vs. Dragon: How two private spaceships compare.
15 Biblical-era town discovered in Israel
16 Robot snakes on Mars? Serpentine probe could explore Red Planet.
17 House cats and tigers share 95.6% of DNA, study reveals
18 In earwax, the tale of a whale
19 Don't panic: Earth has at least 1.75 billion years to go, scientists say
20 Big methane discovery on Mars: There isn't any methane. (+video)
21 Four new species of legless lizards discovered in California
22 NASA declares its Deep Impact Probe finished
23 Why do people want to eat babies? Scientists explain.
24 What exactly is an equinox, anyway?
25 For a fallen robot, a 21-gun salute
26 Warming to make US conditions more ripe for tornado-making storms, study says (+video)
27 Are horses naturally vicious? A Connecticut court says they are
28 In Brazil, massive pod of dolphins beached
29 Mars had two wet eras, Curiosity rover tells us
30 What do you find when you crowdsource the universe?
31 How the con artist cuckoo finch begs off parenting
32 Toad noms on bat, poses for photo
33 Spinning neutron star acting like erratic teenager, astronomers say
34 The X chromosome is not, in fact, X-shaped
35 The first fish face? Fossil sports modern jaw and facial bones.
36 US, Russian astronauts on express trip to space station
37 Early life filled ancient Earth's atmosphere with oxygen, say scientists
38 Surprise: Earth had oxygen before Great Oxidation Event
39 Bison, beavers are making a comeback, says new European
40 The dirt on Curiosity: new report card for its first 100 days
41 How a bird forgot its mother tongue
42 Killer hornets rampage through China
43 As House Republicans debate, no sign government shutdown can be avoided
44 Obamacare 101: What happens on Oct. 1? (+video)
45 Colonizing songbirds lost sense of syntax
46 Scripps research institute scientists discover important wound-healing process
47 Whale mass stranding attributed to sonar mapping for first time
48 CWRU philosopher examines the hypothesis vs. exploratory funding divide
49 Young patients with metastatic colorectal cancer are at high risk of disease progression and death
50 Tick tock: Marine animals with at least 2 clocks
51 Ballet dancers' brains adapt to stop them getting in a spin
52 Current estimate of around quarter of a million deaths annually worldwide vastly underestimates true burden of rheumatic heart disease
53 Study: New medical device extremely effective at preventing HIV in women
54 Researchers describe unusual Mars rock
55 First step to reduce plant need for nitrogen fertilizer uncovered
56 Colorectal cancer screening works
57 Breathing underwater: Evidence of microscopic life in oceanic crust
58 Curiosity's SAM instrument finds water and more in surface sample
59 Wildlife face 'Armageddon' as forests shrink
60 Repurposed antidepressants have potential to treat small-cell lung cancer
61 Bright, laser-based lighting devices
62 Research reveals the benefits of strength training as physical exercise for 90-year-olds
63 Over the limit: Size, shape and color of wine glass affect how much you pour
64 Longest follow-up of melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab shows some survive up to 10 years
65 3-D models of electrical streamers
66 Researchers demonstrate 'accelerator on a chip'
67 Young patients with metastatic colorectal cancer are at high risk of disease progression and death
68 Longest follow-up of melanoma patients treated with ipilimumab shows some survive up to 10 years
69 Scientists Reduce Progression of Aggressive Skin Cancers in Mice
70 IPCC climate change report by numbers
71 Global warming deniers are foolish to put their faith in God
72 Chimps are making monkeys out of us
73 'Bionic man' warns of ethical minefield
74 Plastic pad clogs Fukushima water cleaning system
75 NASA preparing to launch 3-D printer into space
76 Japan 'takes issue with Google maps' over islands
77 Silver bullion from sunken WWII ship makes it to the Mint at last
78 MacArthur Genius Searching for Signs of Life on Exoplanets
79 5 Amazing Stories of Devoted Dogs
80 If the US government shuts down: what services would be affected?
81 Why does the human brain create false memories?
82 Fake online reviews get reality check
83 Line, WeChat: Asian social networks move to conquer Europe
84 Blessed are the weak: why underdogs win out
85 Is underground 'anomaly' a trove of Nazi treasure? Filmmaker believes he's broken code
86 Apple isn't dead yet--iPhone 5S and iOS 7 have a secret weapon
87 The cashless society is coming. More reason than ever to use cash
88 Republicans vote to postpone Barack Obama's healthcare plans
89 Plantwatch: Rich pickings for foragers
90 Study finds steroids may persist longer in the environment than expected
91 New dwarfism mutation identified in dogs
92 Microbes facilitate the persistence and spread of invasive plant species by changing soil chemistry
93 An analgesic molecule discovered in its natural state in Africa
94 New gut bacterium discovered in termite's digestion of wood
95 First long temperature reconstruction for the eastern Mediterranean based on tree rings
96 Future sea level rises should not restrict new island formation in the Maldives
97 Ancient soils reveal clues to early life on Earth
98 European law could be unbearable for Croatia's brown bears
99 Key cellular mechanism in the body's 'battery' can either spur or stop obesity
100 Cancer cells propagated from early prostate cancer
101 Flame retardants in blood drop after state ban
102 Eating fish, nuts may not help thinking skills after all
103 Study shows over 200 mobile apps related to dermatology
104 Seeing the forest and the trees
105 New password in a heartbeat
106 Smartphones and tablets could provide universal access to medical monitoring
107 Study suggests check-cashing stores target areas with high crime
108 What's that smell? New research sniffs out odor categories with math
109 Alpine archaeology reveals high life through the ages
110 Oldest existing lizard-like fossil hints at scaly origins
111 Math explains history: Simulation accurately captures the evolution of ancient complex societies
112 Fossil record shows crustaceans vulnerable as modern coral reefs decline
113 New rat genus discovered in the birthplace of the theory of evolution
114 How to make ceramics that bend without breaking
115 U. Va. researcher: Methane out, carbon dioxide in?
116 Scientists rig hospital-grade lightweight blood flow imager on the cheap
117 Spirals of light may lead to better electronics
118 Turning plastic bags into high-tech materials
119 Penn researchers use Facebook data to predict users' age, gender and personality traits
120 School outreach program may reduce African-American student mobility
121 Why won't she leave him? Abused women often fear for pets left behind
122 Fetching faces and friendly foxes
123 When the going gets tough, the materialistic go shopping
124 Lunar orbiters discover source of space weather near Earth
125 Observations reveal critical interplay of interstellar dust, hydrogen
126 Researchers publish enormous catalog of more than 300,000 nearby galaxies
127 UCLA scientists explain the formation of unusual ring of radiation in space
128 Clues to the growth of the colossus in Coma
129 London 2012 athletes 'had bad teeth'
130 UK to create new cyber defense force
131 Popular Science online comment ban explained
132 No more denial. Time to act on climate change
133 Despite George Osborne's claims, austerity was never the answer
134 The copyright cartel's plot to indoctrinate California kindergartens