File Title
1 'One-two punch' decimates small mammals
2 Mars soil scoop contains two per cent water
3 Ballerina brain holds secret to balance
4 IPCC climate report: humans 'dominant cause' of warming
5 Mars water surprise in Curiosity rover soil samples
6 Satellite measures Pakistan 'quake island'
7 Forest fragmentation triggers 'ecological Armageddon'
8 UN probes new alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria
9 Ash trees also face insect threat
10 Ballet dancers' brains 'adapt to spins'
11 Pakistan quake island off Gwadar 'emits flammable gas'
12 Could power plants of the future produce zero emissions?
13 Militants 'hired Kenyan mall shop'
14 Two plead not guilty to Lee Rigby murder in Woolwich
15 Iran's Rouhani claims full authority to seek nuclear deal
16 Lionel Messi appears in Spanish court over tax fraud
17 Why are Americans giving up their citizenship?
18 Is Walter White one of TV's truly evil characters?
19 Horror and heroism in Nairobi's Westgate mall siege
20 China: Butler school opens to meet super-rich demand
21 Stanislav Petrov: The man who may have saved the world
22 Google unveils major upgrade to search algorithm
23 Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer dances at tearful send-off
24 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge get 'married' coat of arms
25 Ku Klux Klan group gets Gettysburg battlefield permit
26 Alpine climber finds 'India plane crash' jewels
27 Scientist hails 'jaw-dropping' fish fossil discovery
28 Undiminished individuals: Keeping our human connections
29 The new Range Rover Sport: Going beyond, con brio
30 Best of the Web: Ten top tips for managing your email [et al.]
31 Giving it all up to be a Christmas Island 'beachcomber'
32 Iran nuclear: Rouhani changes tone but Khamenei has final say
33 A big bet on BlackBerry--or a smart investment?
34 Hire smart: What three top executives seek
35 Why working from home could be bad for your health
36 US braces for possible government shutdown
37 Pussy Riot's Nadezhda Tolokonnikova in prison clinic
38 Yelp admits a quarter of submitted reviews could be fake
39 Electronic Arts calls time on US college football game
40 A 19-year-old student has been charged with hacking Miss Teen USA's webcam.
41 Blackberry reports $965m second quarter loss
42 Republicans demand healthcare law delay for debt rise
43 'Bottled mucus' may help gut disease
44 Hip replacement death rates show 'dramatic fall'
45 Colorado cantaloupe farmers charged in listeria outbreak
46 'Sleep--key to tackling obesity'
47 N.Y. Governor Unveils Plan To Create 'Texting Zones' For Distracted Drivers
48 Thousands of Dinosaur Footprint Fossils Found Along Alaskan River
49 Control-Alt-Delete? Gates Says Command Was a Mistake
50 Apple iOS 7 Literally Making Some Users Sick
51 Couldn't Live Without the Internet? 15 Percent of American Adults Do
52 Happy Early Halloween: Dallas Tangled in Flying Spider Webs
53 Google Celebrates 15th Birthday With a Pinata and Throw Back Trick
54 Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Sidelined for Safety Reasons
55 Amputee Controls Prosthetic Leg With His Mind
56 Colo. Farmers Arrested in Fatal Listeria Outbreak
57 Flu Vaccinations Rise, But Still too Low
58 Hundreds of NC Students Face Suspension for Vaccination Lapse
59 What the Affordable Care Act Means for You
60 15 Myths and Facts About Cellulite
61 Nurses Prone to Injuries With Heavier Patients
62 NY Horse Instructor Shot Dead by Sniper on Couch, Police Say
63 Kenyan Hero's Harrowing Tale of Rescues in Mall Massacre
64 Flesh-Eating Street Drug from Russia Hits the US
65 Underwater sonar linked to 2008 whales deaths
66 Google celebrates 15 years with birthday doodle
67 Can a foot cream really do battle with HIV?
68 Shark blood antibodies may hold potential treatment for breast cancer
69 Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 to fix security bug
70 Navy must rethink impact on ocean life of hiked sonar use
71 U.N. panel says it's "extremely likely" global warming is predominantly man-made
72 Google retools Internet search engine
73 Meet the TomTato: Tomatoes and potatoes grown as one
74 Bill Gates: Control-Alt-Delete "was a mistake"
75 Samsung Galaxy Note tablet 2014 edition ships Oct. 10
76 U.N. panel 95% certain climate change is man-made
77 Stricken United captain dies after emergency landing
78 Water discovered in Mars surface layer
79 Are Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West at war?
80 What happens if the government shuts down?
81 Kenya military caused Westgate Mall collapse, official says
82 Why a high school football coach suspended nearly every player on team
83 Poll: Obama approval drops to 43%
84 Amid delays, Obama reassures Americans about health law
85 Ariz. poison control center reports first U.S. cases of krokodil use
86 Feds charge Jensen Farms over 2011 listeria-cantaloupe outbreak
87 Girls who eat peanut butter may face lower breast cancer risk later in life
88 6 arrests in vandalism of ex-NFL player's home
89 Cherokee father "heartbroken" over losing custody
90 PETA: Video shows illegal lobster killing method at major Maine seafood plant
91 Robin Williams talks "The Crazy Ones," life after heart surgery, and divorce
92 Sen. John McCain: I'm "very sad" over U.N. resolution on Syrian weapons
93 Collision-warning, auto-braking systems put to the test for first time
94 Pelley: Obama and Kerry see "true opening" from Iran
95 Consumer Reports Best Products of 2013: From smart phones to TVs to wines
96 Iran President Hasan Rouhani on Holocaust: "I condemn the massacre" but it's time to "separate" it from Israel's treatment of Palestinians
97 Kenya mall attack investigators try to identify victims, terrorists, and explain bloody conclusion
98 British pilots report falling asleep while flying
99 Senate passes stopgap spending bill; restores Obamacare funding
100 NSA employees spied on significant others
101 Wendy Davis to run for Texas governor, sources say
102 Ted Cruz's epic speech, fact checked
103 Why Obamacare's success may hinge on a website
104 Justice Department spent nearly $5M on drones
105 Goldie Hawn stands up to cancer at 2013 DreamBall
106 Obamacare's counselors caught in partisan battle
107 Badger kids sunscreens recalled for bacteria, fungus
108 CDC: Flu vaccination rates lagging in pregnant women, nursing home employees
109 Experts: Buyer beware when using dermatology apps
110 Obamacare premiums vary greatly by state, city
111 Amputee: Bionic leg controlled by brainwaves "blew my mind"
112 Indiana attorney general suggests drug testing pregnant women
113 Omega-3 fatty acids won't help your memory, study finds