File Title
1 Melt from Below Helping Shrink Antarctic Glaciers
2 Surprise! Near-Earth Asteroid Is Actually 'Sopping Wet' Comet
3 Newfound Mount Zion 'Mansion' May Hold Clues to Jesus' Jerusalem
4 Online Security Pioneer Predicts Grim Future
5 Why Fish Don't Need to Be 'Schooled' in Swimming
6 How 'Smart Teeth' Could Detect Health Habits
7 Are Pigs as Smart as Dogs, and Does It Really Matter? (Op-Ed)
8 What Makes the AR-15 Rifle 'America's Gun'?
9 Antarctica Sea Ice Hitting Record Highs
10 Some Antioxidants Linked with Shorter Life
11 Breaking Underwater Waves Cause Mixing in Deep Ocean
12 Physicist Stephen Hawking Endorses Right to Assisted Suicide
13 Giant Underground Blob of Magma Puzzles Scientists
14 Some Brains May Be Hard-Wired for Chronic Pain
15 Ability to Keep a Beat Linked to Language Skills
16 What Is Gluten?
17 10-Inch-Long Earwax Plug Reveals Blue Whale's Life History
18 Facts About Protactinium
19 Snail Gets Spots to Fool Predators
20 Termites Use Poop to Fight Biological Warfare
21 Spartacus: History of Gladiator Revolt Leader
22 Lotteries May Offer Ticket To Impulsive Actions
23 Scary Clown Terrorizes British Town
24 4 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for Your Health
25 Fall Foliage Forecast: Vibrant Views in Store for Mid-Atlantic Leaf-Peepers
26 Sell-By Labels Send Edible U.S. Food to the Dump (Op-Ed)
27 Massive Underwater Mountains Churn Antarctic Waters
28 Test for Viral Infections Could Cut Unneeded Antibiotics
29 Move Over Molasses: The 5 Weirdest Spills
30 Arctic Sea Ice Closes In on Summer Low
31 What Is the Minimum Wage?
32 4 Legless Lizard Species Discovered in California
33 Can Society Win the Race Against Climate Change? (Op-Ed)
34 Is Tor's Anonymous Internet Still Secure?
35 States With More Guns Have More Homicides
36 Boulder Foils Plan to Explore Underwater Cave
37 Colorado Floods: What Happens to All That Water?
38 FAQ: IPCC's Upcoming Climate Change Report Explained
39 Why Lines for Disney Rides are 'Magic' (Op-Ed)
40 From the Deepest Coma, New Brain Activity Found
41 Is Schizophrenia to Blame for Navy Yard Shootings?
42 'Unexplained Files' Explores UFOs, Moth Men and Alien Diseases
43 Facts About Uranium
44 Dogs to Prairie Dogs, Animals Need Rescue from Disaster (Op-Ed)
45 How Much Longer Can Earth Support Life?
46 China Sours on Waste from Sweet Mooncakes (Op-Ed)
47 Snoutbook? Pets Get Own Social Media App
48 Mind-Control Parasite Kills Mice's Fear of Cats Permanently
49 Laser Shines a Light on Intestinal Diseases
50 Water on Mars: Curiosity Rover Uncovers a Flood of Evidence
51 Why Earth's Inner and Outer Cores Rotate in Opposite Directions
52 See Where Fall Leaves Are Turning Colors
53 iPad Neck Strain: 5 Tips for Avoiding Injury
54 Looking for Bigfoot? New Map Shows Where to Search
55 100 Worst US Cities for People with Allergies: The List
56 Physics Student Makes Ingenious 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Parody
57 Super-Eruption Launched Algae Army Into the Sky
58 Flu Watchers: How Influenza Trackers Keep You Healthy
59 Stately Tomb Design for Richard III's Reburial Revealed
60 Earth's Biggest Deep Earthquake Still a Mystery
61 Evolutionary 'Big Bang' Was Triggered by Multiple Events
62 Painful Peepers: How Can Dry Eyes Be Treated?
63 What Is Scientology?
64 Minty? Lemony? Humans Can Smell 10 Types of Odors
65 Pope Calls For Less Focus on Gays, Abortion and Contraception
66 New Tool Reveals Used-Car Fuel Ratings (Op-Ed)
67 Squinting At Saturn Through 17th Century Technology
68 Mars Mystery Deepens: Curiosity Rover Finds No Sign of Methane
69 The Best of the IPCC Climate Report Leaks
70 Do Animals Know Who they Are? (Op-Ed)
71 Female Leaders to Push for Climate Change Action
72 Rosalind Franklin: Biography & Discovery of DNA Structure
73 Will China's New Pollution Plan Matter?
74 Facts About Neptunium
75 The 10 Worst US Cities for Fall Allergies
76 Fused Deposition Modeling: Most Common 3D Printing Method
77 Strange New State of Consciousness Could Exist, Researcher Says
78 More Guns Equal More Deaths, Study Finds
79 Rim Fire Aftermath: 'Nuked'
80 US Air Force Almost Detonated Atomic Bomb Over North Carolina
81 States Take Steps to Prevent Zombie Deer and Poisoned Condors (Op-Ed)
82 Does a Dog's Breed Really Dictate Its Behavior? (Op-Ed)
83 Temperature: Facts, History & Definition
84 The Case for India's Street Dogs (Op-Ed)
85 Global Leaders Agree to Phase Out Heat-Trapping Chemical (Op-Ed)
86 Molasses Spill Suffocating Hawaiian Reef Fish
87 Evolutionary biologists resolve 'Darwin's dilemma'
88 Baby elephant cries for 5 hours. Is Mom rejection unusual? (+video)
89 Astronomers find 'red nugget' seeds that helped form galaxies
90 Radio telescopes spot Voyager 1 probe
91 NASA astronaut eager for next chocolate delivery
92 Did life on Earth come from a comet?
93 How one group of plants help regrow an entire forest
94 How Japan's Epsilon rocket take cares of itself
95 Iran's next astronaut could be a cat, official says
96 Study links space weather to satellite glitches
97 Cygnus vs. Dragon: How two private spaceships compare.
98 Biblical-era town discovered in Israel
99 Robot snakes on Mars? Serpentine probe could explore Red Planet.
100 House cats and tigers share 95.6% of DNA, study reveals
101 Private Cygnus spacecraft on its way to deliver food and clothing to space station
102 In earwax, the tale of a whale
103 Clown terrorizes town: Why are clowns scary?
104 Don't panic: Earth has at least 1.75 billion years to go, scientists say
105 Big methane discovery on Mars: There isn't any methane. (+video)
106 Four new species of legless lizards discovered in California
107 NASA declares its Deep Impact Probe finished
108 Calling all plankton hunters: Ecologists need your help.
109 Creepy 'Uncle Sam': Scaring students away from Obamacare--or from conservatives?
110 Government spending, Obamacare become game of political 'chicken'