File Title
1 Ghana bans second-hand fridges
2 Italian Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini dies
3 Business trip: Houston
4 Obama: Fiscal cliff deal 'within sight'
5 Colombia: Nine bodies found in Envigado luxury house
6 New year revellers welcoming 2013
7 Pakistan 'frees Afghan Taliban ex-minister Mullah Turabi'
8 India gang rape: New Year celebrations scaled back
9 Belle de Jour's history of anonymity
10 Libya rediscovers its hidden talent
11 Britain's e-waste illegally leaking into West Africa
12 Computers pile up in Ghana dump
13 A system designed to be this way
14 Merkel warns Germans of tough economic times ahead
15 Sony stops production of PlayStation 2
16 Pregnant US woman Caitlan Coleman missing in Afghanistan with husband
17 New rights for the homeless come into force
18 The top memes and viral videos of 2012
19 Oscar winner Michael Hopkins dies in rafting accident
20 Nine killed and dozens injured in Oregon tour bus crash
21 Is Belgium still the capital of chocolate?
22 Mobile networks braced for 'busiest ever' New Year surge
23 Pakistan briefly lifts block on YouTube
24 Tighter restrictions on cosmetic surgery urged
25 Hillary Clinton in hospital with blood clot after fall
26 Foreign doctors' training stepped up, says GMC
27 Hugo Chavez: Venezuela leader suffers 'new complications'
28 Medical sciences news highlights of 2012
29 'Arthritis was so painful I couldn't sit my exams'
30 Best of the best of 2012 science and tech articles
31 Economic environment during infancy linked with substance use, delinquent behavior in adolescence
32 Late-life depression associated with prevalent mild cognitive impairment, increased risk of dementia
33 Differences in generic pill characteristics may lead to interruptions in essential medication use
34 Researchers provide definitive proof for receptor's role in synapse development
35 Did Lucy walk, climb, or both? Australopithecine ancestors--arboreal versus terrestrial habitat and locomotion
36 Face the facts: Neural integration transforms unconscious face detection into conscious face perception
37 Jellyfish experts show increased blooms are a consequence of periodic global fluctuations
38 As climate warms, bark beetles march on high-elevation forests
39 Hubble image: Don't trust your eyes
40 Dried squash holds headless French king's blood, study finds
41 Zurich AI team plans March delivery for humanoid Roboy (w/ Video)
42 One step closer: Scientists help explain scarcity of anti-matter
43 Interview: What does the future hold for energy and lighting?
44 Archeologists unearth King David era temple near Jerusalem
45 Magnetically levitating graphite can be moved with laser
46 SUGAR Volt: Boeing puts vision to work in hybrid electric aircraft
47 China launches rival GPS satellite system (Update)
48 Largest wind farm in Kansas to begin operation soon
49 Blink if your brain needs a rest
50 Cave dwelling nettle discovered in China
51 Super-tiger backgrounder: The case of the cosmic rays
52 Apple wins multi-touch and glass process patents
53 Ancient Antarctic treasure trove discovered
54 World's longest bullet train service launched in China
55 Birdsong study pecks theory that music is uniquely human
56 Virtual women reveal more skin, regardless of body proportions
57 Privacy group gets NSA files on utility research
58 N/A
59 Revealing quantum flow
60 World's smelliest and largest flower blooms in Brazil
61 China boom savages coral reefs, study finds
62 Researchers use earthworms to create quantum dots
63 New funding to research 'super material' graphene
64 Flexible, light solar cells: Researchers develop a new approach using graphene sheets coated with nanowires
65 Nanomaterial inspired by nature paves way for greener energy
66 May the force be with the atomic probe
67 On-demand synaptic electronics: Circuits that learn and forget
68 A nanoscale window to the biological world
69 Researchers print materials for soft robotics
70 Study reports iron oxide nanoparticles effective for labeling human endothelial cells
71 Super benzene oligomers pave the way for new types of quantum computers
72 Groundbreaking research leads to detection of smallest virus particle, implications for early treatment of disease
73 Synthetic and biological nanoparticles combined to produce new metamaterials
74 Fluorescence SIM available at EMSL: A powerful instrument to study molecular cell biology, including synthetic biology
75 Nanoparticle research and the future of medicine
76 Liquid crystal research, future applications advance
77 UV ray of hope for safer drinking water
78 A clearer look at how iron reacts in the environment
79 X-ray laser research ranks in Science magazine's top 10
80 Suspend the crystals, and they grow better
81 Physicists take photonic topological insulators to the next level
82 Boson samplers offering promise for new kinds of computing devices
83 The 500 phases of matter: Entering a new phase
84 Higgs Boson tops journal Science's top 10 of 2012
85 At the solstice: Shining light on quantum computers
86 New kind of magnetism discovered: Experiments demonstrate 'quantum spin liquid'
87 For newly discovered 'quantum spin liquid,' the beauty is in its simplicity
88 New experiment helps explain extraordinary optical transmission
89 Houston, we have another problem: Study shows space travel is harmful to the brain
90 Hope for polluted lagoon near Rio Olympic village?
91 Road trip on tap for NASA's Mars rover in new year (Update)
92 Wood-burning sets off pollution alarm bells in Athens
93 Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials
94 An image gallery gift from Swift satellite
95 NASA sees Wukong struggling to survive in South China Sea
96 Study warns of more great quakes in the Himalayas
97 Unilever to phase out 'microplastics' by 2015
98 A new state of Venus's ionosphere
99 Cleanliness is key for robotic space explorers
100 Entrepreneur launches first Africa-designed smartphone
101 Review: Tablet shoppers should take a look at the Nook HD
102 Japan security firm to offer private drone
103 Toshiba launches highly sensitive 20MP BSI CMOS image sensor
104 LG to showcase two new models featuring Google TV at CES 2013
105 Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work (Update)
106 Robockey 2012: Slapshot bots
107 Legged Squad Support System (LS3): DARPA's four-legged robot with voice recognition (video)
108 Brazil company sells cellphones with iPhone name (Update)
109 Nintendo's TVii a replacement for the remote (Update)
110 Review: High-res music player ups the audio ante
111 Data storage and next-generation non-volatile memory technology
112 Intel smartphone chips as energy-efficient as competitors,' report concludes
113 S. Korea restarts troubled nuclear reactor
114 Tech rival not getting Taiwan New Year's spotlight
115 Tribune leaves bankruptcy after 4 years
116 Sweden's Gothenburg to introduce tolls to cut traffic
117 China's Chengdu aiming to be world's next Silicon Valley
118 Pakistan expected to unblock YouTube
119 Fukushima 'unprecedented challenge': new Japan PM
120 China requires Internet users to register names (Update)
121 Toshiba smartphone camera sensor has eye on future
122 Facebook stocks lower as Instagram loses users
123 Hyundai unveils NFC smartphone feature to replace key fob
124 China court orders Apple to pay in rights dispute
125 Strange behavior: New study exposes living cells to synthetic protein
126 Scientists developing new class of malaria drugs using essential calcium enzyme
127 Slice, stack, and roll: A new way to build collagen scaffolds
128 'Molecular levers' may make materials better
129 Chinese medicine yields secrets: Atomic mechanism of 2-headed molecule derived from Chang Shan shown
130 Fat influences decisions taken by brain cells for production and survival
131 Beer's bitter: Researcher determines the absolute configurations of the bitter acids of hops
132 Fighting sleeping sickness with X-ray lasers
133 New calculations solve an old problem with DNA
134 Protein engineers create new biocatalysts
135 Pocket test measures 50 things in a drop of blood
136 Cambodia battles to save rare Mekong dolphins
137 Bird watching brings new discoveries
138 Japan whaling fleet leaves port for Antarctica
139 Scientists challenge current theories about natural habitats and species diversity
140 Lethal weapon: bacteria's high-risk suicide strategy
141 Ailing whale washes ashore at New York City beach
142 Disease burden links ecology to economic growth
143 Tigers roar back: Good news for big cats in three key landscapes
144 New study hints that stem cells prepare for maturity much earlier than anticipated
145 The first genome sequence of Chinese plum provides important resource for fruit improvement
146 Two new species of orchid found in Cuba
147 McCartney, 'God particle' scientist get honors
148 Young California voters shun party affiliation
149 Having a Polar Christmas
150 Students' online and offline social networks can predict course grades, study says
151 94% of high school students accessed social media on their phones during class
152 US man pleads guilty in NY over $1M dino dispute
153 Evidence contradicts idea that starvation caused saber-tooth cat extinction
154 Average voter is unable to accurately assess politicians, new research shows
155 FDA approves first new tuberculosis in 40 years
156 Study: People with mental disorders more likely to have experienced domestic violence
157 Team uncovers new insight into cell development and cancer
158 Immune system changes may drive aggressiveness of recurrent tumors
159 Study shows early cognitive problems among those who eventually get Alzheimer's
160 Tumor boards linked to little association with effects on cancer care
161 Debate heats up over screening athletes for sickle cell trait
162 Neuroscientists find excessive protein synthesis linked to autistic-like behaviors
163 Enzyme accelerates malignant stem cell cloning in chronic myeloid leukemia
164 Disruption of cellular signaling identified in pulmonary arterial hypertension
165 Statin drug shows promise for fighting malaria effects
166 Scientists home in on cause of osteoarthritis pain
167 Staphylococcus aureus: Why it just gets up your nose
168 Team mimicking a natural defense against malaria to develop new treatments
169 Monkey see, monkey do: Visual feedback is necessary for imitating facial expressions
170 Cellular fuel gauge may hold the key to restricting cancer growth
171 US childhood obesity dips for first time in decades
172 Benefits of higher oxygen, breathing device persist after infancy
173 Study suggests gene variation may shape bladder cancer treatment
174 Doctors call for evidence-based appropriateness criteria for elective procedures
175 Ability to metabolize tamoxifen affects breast cancer outcomes, study confirms
176 Decision to give a group effort in the brain
177 Ultrasound diagnoses appendicitis without X-rays