File Title
1 A science news preview of 2013
2 Mini guide to eating in Copenhagen
3 Obama ups pressure on Republicans over 'fiscal cliff'
4 Delhi gang-rape victim's funeral held
5 Central African Republic crisis: Bozize promises coalition
6 Syria government forces retake Homs district
7 Blast in southwest Pakistan kills Shia pilgrims
8 WC Handy's Memphis Blues: The Song of 1912
9 Fiscal cliff: Barack Obama's trap for Republicans
10 New York police arrest woman for subway 'hate crime' killing
11 Organist Alan Greaves murder: Wife speaks of her grief
12 Egypt to resume IMF loan talks as reserves dwindle
13 Dealer Pleads Guilty to Smuggling in Largest International Dino Case Ever
14 Japan Launching Ambitious Asteroid-Sampling Mission in 2014
15 Jesco von Puttkamer, Von Braun Rocket Team Member, Dies at 79
16 Technology Promises to Extend Independent Living for Elderly
17 Alzheimer's Muddles Memory of How Things Work
18 China's Coral Reefs Nearly Gone, Study Finds
19 Could Digital Imaging Harvest a More Perfect Pinot?
20 Surprising Cave-Dweller Plants Discovered
21 Being Neurotic Might Have Some Health Benefits, Study Suggests
22 Say Cheese! Mars Rover Curiosity Snaps Amazing Self-Portrait
23 Caribbean Beauties: Two New Orchid Species Found
24 How to Banish That New Year's Eve Hangover
25 Wireless Power May Cut the Cord for Plug-In Devices, Including Cars
26 Tigers Making a Comeback in Parts of Asia
27 Body Under British Parking Lot May Be King Richard III
28 How to Live to a Ripe Old Age
29 Pictures: Race Against Time to Build a New Tomb for Chernobyl
30 U.S. Bids Farewell to the 75-Watt Incandescent Light Bulb
31 How Accurate Is the 'Promised Land' Portrayal of the Shale Gas Boom?
32 French Design Firm Gives House of Straw a Modernist Touch
33 Heat-Mapping Company Finds Thermal Gaps In Homes
34 EPA Progress Report: No Conclusions on Fracking and Drinking Water, More Study Ahead
35 Using Pesticides to Grow Organic Crops
36 Rush University Medical Center Scientists Home in on Cause of Osteoarthritis Pain
37 Investigators' Study Hints That Stem Cells Prepare for Maturity Much Earlier Than Anticipated
38 Slice, Stack, Roll: A New Method for Collagen Scaffolds
39 Piranha Kin Wielded Dental Weaponry Even T. Rex Would Have Admired
40 Evidence Contradicts Idea That Starvation Caused Saber-Tooth Cat Extinction
41 One Step Closer: UW-Madison Scientists Help Explain Scarcity of Anti-Matter
42 Tigers Roar Back: Great News for Big Cats in Key Areas
43 Eating Asparagus May Prevent a Hangover
44 Biologists Identify Proteins Vital to Chromosome Segregation
45 Nutrient-Sensing Enzymes Key to Starvation Response and Survival in Newborn Mammals
46 New Findings in the Search for Genetic Clues to Insulin Production
47 West Antarctica Warming More Than Expected
48 Researchers Discover New Pathways that Drive Metastatic Prostate Cancer
49 Satellite Data Helps Map Invasive Reeds in Great Lakes
50 Chemical Engineer Koenig is Working Toward Better Batteries for Transportation
51 Engineers Seek Ways to Convert Methane Into Useful Chemicals
52 Clays on Mars: More Plentiful Than Expected
53 Low pH Levels Can Eliminate Harmful Blooms of Golden Algae, One Cause of Massive Fish Kills
54 First Whole Bat Genome Sequencing Gives Insight Into Flight, Immunity
55 Discovery of Africa Moth Species Important for Agriculture, Controlling Invasive Plants
56 Steering Stem Cells to Become Two Different Building Blocks for New Blood Vessels
57 Chromosome "Anchors" Organize DNA During Cell Division
58 WCS Applauds U.S. Dept of the Interior Final Management Plan Balancing Conservation and Energy Development in National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
59 Game Changing Diagnostic and Prognostic Prostate Cancer Genetic Tests Revealed by Jefferson's Kimmel Cancer Center
60 Dragonflies Have Human-Like 'Selective Attention'
61 A Nanoscale Window to the Biological World
62 Research Pinpoints Key Gene for Regenerating Cells After Heart Attack
63 Our Hands Evolved for Punching, Not Just Dexterity
64 Saving Reindeer Homes in Time for the Holidays
65 Why Our Backs Can't Read Braille
66 Super-Fine Sound Beam Could One Day Be an Invisible Scalpel
67 Iowa Law Professor Proposes Global Governance Structure for Geoengineering
68 Protein Creates Paths for Growing Nerve Cells
69 17 Years After Its Launch, U-Michigan's Revamped Animal Diversity Web Reaching Millions Worldwide
70 High-Throughput Sequencing Shows Potentially Hundreds of Gene Mutations Related To Autism
71 Cholesterol Helps Regulate Key Signaling Proteins in the Cell
72 InterveXion and UAMS Complete First Drug Tests in Humans for Methamphetamine Addiction
73 Invasive Plant Species May Harm Native Grasslands by Changing Soil Composition
74 Research Predicts Growth, Survival of 'Superorganism' Ant Colonies
75 Small, Portable Sensors Allow Users to Monitor Exposure to Pollution on Their Smart Phones
76 From Super to Ultra: Just How Big Can Black Holes Get?
77 Are We Closing In On Dark Matter?
78 Botany Experiment Will Try Out Zero Gravity Aboard Space Station
79 Chances Rising for Chikungunya Outbreaks in NYC, Atlanta, Miami
80 Plumes Across the Pacific Deliver Thousands of Microbial Species to West Coast
81 Bad News for Bats: Deadly Fungus Persists in Caves
82 Allen Institute Scientist, Adrian Cheng, Named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 as a Rising Star in Science
83 Mapping Effort Charts Restoration Tack for Great Lakes
84 Environmental Threat Map Highlights Great Lakes Restoration Challenges
85 Team Confirms 'Gusty Winds' in Space Turbulence
86 Study Identifies Population of Cells Serving as the Major Reservoir for HIV
87 Researchers Identify a Novel Role for Protein Linked to Obesity and Development of Type 2 Diabetes
88 More Than 400 Rockets Soar From Sandia's Kauai Test Facility in 50-Year History
89 New Study Offers Insights Into Role of Muscle Weakness in Down Syndrome
90 The First LHC Protons Run Ends with New Milestone
91 Study Unmasks Regulator of Healthy Life Span
92 FAU Receives NIH Grant to Study Recurrent Rate of Breast Cancer Metastasis in Patients with Asthma
93 Injured Coral? Expect Less Sex
94 Norwegian Scientists Win Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize
95 Lighting Research Center Celebrates 25 Years of Research and Education
96 Toward a New Model of the Cell
97 First Study of Climate Effects of Arctic Hurricanes
98 Exploding Star Missing From Formation of Solar System
99 North Dakota State University and Lawrence Livermore National Lab Announce Research Partnership
100 Breakthrough in Biosensing: Professor Helps Discover Virus Detection Method
101 A Drug Used to Treat HIV Might Defuse Deadly Staph Infections
102 'House Hunters Walrus'
103 If You Cut Down a Tree in the Forest, Can Wildlife Hear It?
104 Carriers of Gene Variant Appear Less Likely to Develop Heart Disease
105 Climate Warming Unlikely to Cause Near-Term Extinction of Ancient Amazon Trees, but Multiple Threats to the Forest Remain
106 Energy Dept. Funds UW Project to Turn Wasted Natural Gas Into Diesel
107 Antioxidant Cookies Made Possible by Grape Seeds
108 Nuts for Nutrition
109 Researchers Find Age Not Factor in Immunity to Viruses
110 Stony Brook University Geosciences Researchers Re-Establish the Structure of Magnesium Borohydride
111 A Key Gene for Brain Development
112 Computational Urban Sciences Center Forms in the City of Big Data
113 Rensselaer Professor X. George Xu Recognized for Leadership in Nuclear Engineering Research