File Title
1 Rumor: Fifth-gen iPad to debut in March with iPad mini design cues
2 China plans to crack down on 'malicious' trademarks after Apple's iPad name dispute
3 Sesame Workshop wants to improve iPad apps for kids with free developer guidelines
4 Jobs family yacht freed as payment dispute is resolved
5 POP charger Kickstarter alive again after Apple revises Lightning accessory rules
6 China's 3G subscribers grow 88% year over year to 222M
7 First look: MetaWatch smart watch pushes iPhone alerts to your wrist
8 Apple wins key patent for SIM connector designs in mobile products
9 Apple granted rights to new process for creating high-quality curved glass
10 Rumor: Apple to bring Mac mini production to U.S. in 2013
11 Apple reportedly evaluating IGZO display tech for next-gen iPhones and iPads
12 Apple's wind turbine technology uses heat, not rotational energy to generate electricity
13 Apple looking into motion-controlled mouse for Mac
14 Apple CEO Tim Cook's 2012 salary drops 99% without stock awards
15 Customers say Apple's online store has become less satisfying to shop
16 Forthcoming book references unannounced 'Apple Aperture X'
17 Apple's pressure on Foxconn forces improved working conditions in China
18 Apple ordered to pay $165K in Chinese copyright dispute
19 Strong demand prompts Apple suppliers to work during Chinese New Year
20 Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook Air to retain current designs in reported June refresh
21 Average analyst target for Apple drops to $740 among capital gains, fiscal cliff worries
22 US DOJ launches probe of potential fraud in $11B HP-Autonomy deal
23 'Insatiable demand' for iPad mini drives stock-outs in China
24 NYC mayor blames increase in crime on demand for Apple products
25 Apple agrees to drop patent claims against Samsung Galaxy S. III Mini
26 New York's MTA releases train-locating app for iPhone and iPod touch
27 European Commission says Samsung's pursuit of Apple was abusive
28 Tim Cook, 5 things you might not know (with video)
29 2013: Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook vs. Amazon
30 Steve Jobs' estate pays up to free impounded mega yacht
31 First tweets from tablets show Apple's iPad dominance
32 Apple's iPad mini wins because it's expensive
33 Analyst: Apple's iPad the most popular tablet at retail stores at end of Christmas shopping season
34 Apple down, stocks add to losses as 'fiscal cliff' looms; extremely weak U.S. holiday shopping reported
35 Apple at $800: Why it will 'blow the doors off' in 2013
36 After Steve: Apple's 2012 reviewed
37 Analysts' amnesia sets up a 2013 value for Apple investors
38 Apple patent reveals new process for creating high-quality curved glass
39 Apple preps annual Lucky Bag sale for Japan retail stores
40 Samsung, Google could be fined billions over abusive efforts to ban Apple sales in Europe
41 Gotcha! Apple leverages Samsung's EU antitrust problems, recent statement in U.S. ITC investigation
42 U.S. stocks fall as retailers slump ahead of fiscal cliff deadline
43 Report: Apple dumps Samsung for Unimicron in ARM flip-chip business
44 Apple to move Mac mini production line to U.S., sources say
45 Sharp's sale of Nanjing plant to Hon Hai on hold, says source
46 Apple's Tim Cook made $4.175 million in 2012
47 Apple and Intel secretly building Bluetooth smartwatch that connects to your iOS devices, say sources
48 ForeSee Online Holiday Customer Satisfaction Study: Apple Store Online drops to four-year low
49 Apple patent app describes storing rotational wind energy via heat in new on-demand electricity generator
50 Conditions at Apple suppliers' factories in China improving
51 Apple iPad dominates U.S. and Canadian tablet Web traffic with 87% share in December
52 Apple in 2012: The world's most valuable public company
53 Chinese court hits Apple with $165,000 fine in iBookstore copyright dispute
54 U.S. retail sales down 3.5% in week before Christmas, online shopping up 40.4% YOY as Apple iPad, iPhone led retail shopping
55 Apple's MacBook Air, iPad helped kill the netbook
56 Analyst: Apple likely to buy right to use iPhone brand in Brazil
57 Apple gains; tech stocks pare back losses on speculation of potential fiscal cliff deal
58 The best way to pollute your Mac with Windows
59 One more culprit behind Apple's sell-off
60 Fujitsu President: Weak demand for Microsoft's Windows 8 killing PC Sales
61 U.S. stock-index futures drop on concern over lack of U.S. budget deal to avert fiscal cliff
62 Can the New York Times cash in on its naked ploy to ride Apple Inc. all the way to a Pulitzer Prize?
63 Apple suppliers to work during Chinese New Year as high demand for iPhone 5 and iPad mini continues
64 Shut up, you're not Apple
65 Why Apple does cloud computing right
66 Apple's slow and steady search attack
67 Apple's million dollar per day retail store
68 Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air to get new 'Haswell' processors in June 2013, go all-Retina?
69 Apple agrees to drop patent claims against new Samsung phone after Samsung said it was not for sale in U.S.
70 Analyst reiterates $1,111 price target on Apple shares; says iPad mini is major catalyst
71 This app can make your Mac faster and helps your battery last longer
72 Apple App Store downloads increased by 87% on Christmas Day
73 New York City crime is up and Mayor Bloomberg blames Apple iPhone thieves
74 FRAND abuse: Samsung could face $15 billion fine for trying to ban Apple iPhone via standard-esential patents
75 Microsoft attempts to lure Apple iOS developers to its Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms
76 Peter Higgs: honour for physicist who proposed particle
77 Wind power deadline sees US firms rush to build turbines
78 Kinder children are more popular
79 Bletchley codebreaker Raymond Roberts appointed MBE
80 Protests in India after Delhi gang-rape victim dies
81 French 75% income tax struck down by constitutional council
82 Fiscal cliff: Obama 'optimistic' on Senate-led deal
83 Russian plane crashes into road outside Moscow
84 Philippines contraception law signed by Benigno Aquino
85 The numbers of the year 2012
86 Tweets of the year
87 Turkmen wife's search for jailed minister Boris Shikhmuradov
88 Delhi gang-rape victim dies in hospital in Singapore
89 How India treats its women
90 Mars rover's big Sam lab up and running
91 Twenty 'killed by one-punch attacks' in Northern Ireland
92 New Year Honours list recognises UK tech visionaries
93 Bug reveals 'deleted' Snapchat videos
94 The tech highs (and lows) of 2012
95 Tech in 2012: The BBC's most read stories of the year
96 Apple boss Tim Cook in massive pay cut
97 Graphic anti-smoking ad launched
98 Australia condemns Japan for resuming whale hunt
99 Ouya Kickstarter video game console ships
100 Say cheese! Mars rover Curiosity snaps amazing self-portrait
101 Indian gang rape victim dies in hospital
102 India gang-rape suspects to face murder charges
103 Plane runs off Moscow runway, catches fire
104 Searching for a life-saving kidney--and finding the kindness of strangers
105 Video of Volkswagen concept "Hover Car"
106 Poll: Majority of Americans view the NRA favorably
107 Obama "modestly optimistic" about a "cliff" deal
108 Obama "fiscal cliff" meeting called "constructive"
109 New Year's hangovers: Tips to avoid a headache
110 Mysterious itch cells found
111 Curiosity Self-Portrait: Rover Snaps Stunning Selfie In Front Of Martian Mountain (PHOTO)
112 Approaching comet may outshine the moon
113 Ill Whale Comes Ashore
114 Science Names Higgs Boson Discovery 'Breakthrough of the Year'
115 Tigers Resurgent in Thailand, India, and Russia As Poachers Surrender Legal Loopholes
116 Every Bird Counts, but Some Make the Heart Beat Faster
117 Atlantis shrink wrapped
118 Britain suspends exploratory drilling of Antarctic lake
119 Study Shows People Will Swerve To Hit Turtles In The Road
120 Some Drivers Intentionally Run Over Turtles, Clemson Student Finds During Experiment (VIDEO)
121 Kinect Registers Curse Words And Lets You Grief Friends in Dead Space 3
122 Tel Motza Discovery: Temple And Ritual Vessels Of Cult From King David Era Found Near Jerusalem (PHOTOS)
123 Archeologists dig up 3,000-year-old temple at Motza
124 Red tide levels creeping up along Collier coast
125 MU researcher earns National Medal of Science
126 Bristol-Myers and Pfizer Drug for Anti-Clotting Wins Approval
127 We could learn a lot about gun control from the war on smoking
128 Time to come clean on hazards of smoking cigarettes
129 More than 200 passengers on Queen Mary 2 fall sick with vomiting and diarrhea on exclusive Christmas Cruise--as those on SECOND liner become ill with 'norovirus'
130 Passengers hit by sickness bug on QM2
131 U.S. mentally ill and their families face barriers to care
132 Guns and Mental Illness
133 New Calif. law eases sperm donor testing rules
134 Insemination rules will be eased by new law
135 Pakistan: Cough Syrup Suspected In 33 Deaths
136 Cough syrup death toll 25 in Gujranwala; two die in TT Singh
137 Holiday Overindulgence Got You Down? Blame Your 'Food Clock'
138 The Top Money New Year's Resolutions for 2013
139 The secret to making New Year's resolutions stick
140 Why New Year's Resolutions Fail (and How to Do Them the Right Way)
141 Swine flu kills nine Palestinians
142 FDA deems Island 'frankenfish' egg facility safe
143 Obama's Science Commitment, FDA Face Ethics Scrutiny in Wake of GMO Salmon Fiasco
144 Tumor boards may add little to VA cancer care
145 Asparagus may be an effective hangover helper; Veggie shown to help metabolize alcohol
146 Planned Parenthood awaits New Year's Eve ruling