File Title
1 BBC to be clearer about wildlife footage on Africa show
2 Japan's Tepco sued by US sailors over radiation
3 Florida fossils dealer admits dinosaur smuggling
4 Liquid traditions around the world
5 Obama to host fiscal cliff talks at White House
6 Magnitsky case: Putin signs Russian ban on US adoptions
7 Silvio Berlusconi 'to pay ex-wife 36m euros a year'
8 Delhi rape victim's condition 'deteriorates'
9 China approves tighter rules on internet access
10 Athens--the EU capital city without a mosque
11 Sailing into the future of global trade?
12 Norman Schwarzkopf, retired US general, dies aged 78
13 Delhi rape victim 'fighting for life' in Singapore
14 Wikipedia's most searched articles of the year revealed
15 Graphic anti-smoking ad launched
16 US man dies after being 'pushed in front of train'
17 Bug reveals 'deleted' Snapchat videos
18 Tech in 2012: The BBC's most read stories of the year
19 Experts call off search for life in Antarctic lake
20 China court orders Apple to pay in rights dispute
21 Instagram losing users after privacy backlash, report says
22 Colleges help students scrub online footprints
23 Suspect's image released in latest NYC subway push death
24 What falling off the "fiscal cliff" means for you
25 Calif. mall fight sends fearful shoppers running, rumors of gunman prove false
26 Putin signs bill barring adoptions of Russian children by Americans
27 Retired Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf dead at 78
28 Zuckerberg family pic stirs Facebook privacy debate
29 Milk, grocery prices on the rise if Congress ignores farm bill
30 Homeless woman sleeping on L.A. bench set on fire
31 Atty: Hobby Lobby won't offer morning-after pill
32 Texas ranch's secret cattle feed ingredient: Beer
33 Fla. man pleads guilty to dinosaur smuggling
34 Fed meeting: QE3 has set sail
35 Two 14-year-old boys arrested in cigarette shooting death, authorities say
36 Pa. teen, Benjamin Klinger, allegedly suffocated girlfriend by sitting on her head after a car crash
37 Nouel Alba, NY woman, accused of posing as Sandy Hook victim's relative, scamming donors
38 Frank Calabrese, notorious Chicago mob hit man, dies in prison, authorities say
39 Idaho mother accused of having sex with four 15-year-old boys, friends of her son, prosecutors say
40 Child porn charges for pediatric dentist in Boston suburb
41 Missing Las Vegas girl, 10, linked to suspect in Bellagio casino fight
42 Burglar sues Calif. homeowner, 90, who returned fire
43 Law students killed exotic bird at Las Vegas resort, prosecutors allege
44 Three officers injured in shooting at New Jersey police station, police say
45 Mysterious itch cells found
46 Eye doctors: Beware of champagne-related injuries on New Year's
47 British scientists call out celebrity health claims of 2012
48 Veterans turn to music therapy to reintegrate into civilian life
49 Badly burned Ugandan 11-year-old walks for first time in 4 years
50 Cancer screening rates fall in U.S. over last decade, study finds
51 Teens Facebook Their Way Through Class, Study Finds
52 Top Health and Happiness Lessons of 2012
53 Found: Altruism Brain Cells
54 Spike in One-Car Accidents Rings in New Year
55 Theater 'Tweet Seats' Now Available for Twitter Addicts
56 Like Math? Thank Your Motivation, Not IQ
57 Genetics May Provide Clues to Newtown Shooting
58 Americans' Surprising Food Vows for 2013
59 Dragonfly Shows Human-Like Power of Concentration
60 Starvation Didn't Wipe Out Sabertooth Cats
61 Flaming-Orange Shellfish Reef Found in Scotland
62 Panda Cub Gets New Toys
63 Mars Rover Curiosity Spends Holidays at 'Grandma's House'
64 Christmas Bird Count Underway
65 Will Humans Keep Evolving on Ultra-Long Space Voyages?
66 First 'Alien Earth' Will Be Found in 2013, Experts Say
67 Doing Science is Fun--Collaboration, Creativity, Flexibility
68 Cave dwelling nettle discovered in China
69 NTU's ground-breaking study warns of more great quakes in the Himalayas
70 Strange behavior: New study exposes living cells to synthetic protein
71 Monkey see, monkey do: Visual feedback is necessary for imitating facial expressions
72 Liquid crystal research, future applications advance
73 Students' online and offline social networks can predict course grades--Ben-Gurion U. researchers
74 Evidence contradicts idea that starvation caused saber-tooth cat extinction
75 Stowers study hints that stem cells prepare for maturity much earlier than anticipated
76 Penn team developing new class of malaria drugs using essential calcium enzyme
77 Study reports racial disparities in pediatric appendicitis treatment tied to hospital type
78 2 new species of orchid found in Cuba
79 The first genome sequence of Chinese plum provides important resource for fruit improvement
80 Virtual women reveal more skin, regardless of body proportions
81 Even in same vineyard, different microbes may create variations in wine grapes
82 Bumblebees do best where there is less pavement and more floral diversity
83 Fluctuating environment may have driven human evolution
84 Scientists sequence genome of pathogen responsible for pneumocystis pneumonia
85 Sustained virological response linked with improved survival for patients with chronic HCV infection
86 NYU biologists identify proteins vital to chromosome segregation
87 Amazon deforestation brings loss of microbial communities
88 Why some grasses evolved a more efficient photosynthesis and others didn't
89 Mount Sinai survey shows that nearly 1 in 3 children with food allergies experience bullying
90 NTU's ground-breaking study warns of more great quakes in the Himalayas
91 Early Cognitive Problems Documented Among Those Who Eventually Get Alzheimer's
92 Groundbreaking air-cleaner saves polluting industrials
93 Facebook stocks lower as Instagram loses users
94 56% of Female University Students Get Drunk in Record Time, Spanish Study Suggests
95 The Factor That Could Determine Future Breast Cancer Treatment
96 Canada poll finds distrust of scientists
97 China passes rules tightening internet controls
98 Bioskiving: A New Way To Build Collagen Scaffolds
99 Scientists Home in On Cause of Osteoarthritis Pain
100 Unilever to phase out 'microplastics' by 2015
101 Broader background checks and denial criteria could help prevent mass shooting catastrophes
102 Theater 'Tweet Seats' Now Available for Twitter Addicts
103 Active fault may close Japan nuclear plant
104 Trying to halt hepatitis C's molecular hijacking
105 Stowers study hints that stem cells prepare for maturity much earlier than anticipated
106 Penn team developing new class of malaria drugs using essential calcium enzyme
107 Gun Ownership Denial For Misdemeanors Will Stop Mass Shootings, Says Advocate
108 Infants, Monkeys, Love, And AI
109 Synthetic Biology Study Exposes Living Cells To Synthetic Protein
110 Biofuels--A Dumb 1990 Idea That Is Getting Dumber
111 Clays Force A Rethink Of The Water History Of Mars
112 Insulin Plus Betacellulin Inhibitor Limits Diabetes-Related Vision Damage In Mice
113 The Science Behind Heartbreak
114 Does Video Gaming Lead To A Lack Of Relationships?
115 Italy: no benefit seen in e-cigarettes
116 Japanese smartphone for seniors expected
117 Active fault may close Japan nuclear plant
118 Cancer-linked chemical found in mattresses
119 N. Korean rocket officials possibly fired
120 Study: Wine flavor down to microbes
121 Apple rumored to be considering an iWatch
122 Medicaid not expanded will cost hospitals
123 OCD, ADHD confused but therapy differs
124 Americans eating more turkey