File Title
1 Lake Ellsworth Antarctic drilling project called off
2 Graphene research gets 21.5m pounds investment fund
3 Marine Scotland survey uncovers 'huge' flame shell bed
4 China's Beidou GPS-substitute opens to public in Asia
5 Brain scan 'can sort dementia by type'
6 Nicaragua San Cristobal volcano: Hundreds told to leave
7 Turbine installation complete at London Array wind farm
8 Chillingham wild cattle: Surviving another winter
9 Extreme weather: 'Turbulent times ahead' for UK
10 Why did the Antarctic drilling project fail?
11 US Senate leader Harry Reid voices fiscal cliff fear
12 Winter snow storm hits New England as '12 die' in US
13 Iran sacks sole female minister Dastjerdi from health post
14 Benazir Bhutto son Bilawal gives Pakistan political vow
15 Pakistani 'militants abduct more than 20 paramilitary police'
16 'The job of rebuilding Rwanda fell to us women'
17 Gas price rises spark anger and protests in Jordan
18 India tea workers burn boss to death in Assam state
19 Kate Winslet marries Ned RocknRoll in private New York ceremony
20 EA removes gun shop links from Medal of Honor site
21 Belgium King Albert II Christmas speech sparks controversy
22 Marvell faces huge patent fine over hard disk chips
23 Golden Eye porn producer seeks to widen piracy blitz
24 VMK launch 'first African-designed' smartphone and tablet
25 Samsung seeks US sales ban on Ericsson products
26 Colleges help students scrub online footprints
27 Total hooey: The strangest non-stories of 2012
28 Asteroid no threat to Earth in 2040: Study
29 China tightening controls on Internet
30 Dustup over image of Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi Zuckerberg, on Facebook
31 NASA launches telescope-toting balloon from Antarctica on Christmas
32 Last full moon of 2012 rises Friday
33 West Coast girds for more tsunami debris in winter
34 Iran: New Stuxnet attack on power plant foiled
35 Netflix streaming service back online after outage
36 Reid: Time is running out to avert "fiscal cliff"
37 The "fiscal cliff": What to expect if there's no deal
38 Led Zeppelin tribute capped with "Stairway to Heaven" performance
39 Google extends free calling through Gmail
40 Outrage after NY paper publishes names of gun permit holders
41 Israel rejects NRA's guns-in-schools claim
42 Gun classes for teachers may be catching on in wake of Newtown massacre
43 D.C. police investigating "Meet the Press" over gun prop
44 Milk, grocery prices on the rise if Congress ignores farm bill
45 The filibuster fight: Same story, roles reversed
46 Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz named new Hawaii senator
47 NYU Langone Medical Center partially reopens after Sandy
48 Kenya hospital imprisons new moms who can't pay medical bills
49 Nap Nanny infant recliners recalled by major retailers after gov't complaint
50 Study: Cancer drug substitute linked to higher rate of relapse
51 Dystextia: Stroke diagnosed with help of garbled text message
52 Embattled peanut producer Sunland Inc. to reopen New Mexico plant
53 Childhood obesity rates fall slightly, say CDC researchers
54 FDA warns counterfeit botox may have been shipped to 350 U.S. clinics
55 Bullying affects one in three kids with food allergies, study finds
56 Report: Few tests for toxins at superstorm Sandy sites
57 Giving those with limited time a gift of memories
58 Many still untested for Hepatitis C after tech's arrest
59 Mass. firm in meningitis case eyes bankruptcy help
60 Californians honor Newtown victims by selling their guns
61 AR-15 gun sales continue to spike after shootings
62 Fiscal cliff deal could fall in Harry Reid's hands
63 Obama's eulogy for Obama at Sen. Inouye's funeral
64 At Cliff's Edge, Democrat Harry Reid in Personal Attack on Republican John Boehner
65 Republicans Now 100 Percent AWOL From Fiscal Cliff Talks
66 Finger-pointing begins as Reid says 'we're headed' to fiscal crisis
67 Ex-President George H.W. Bush in Intensive Care
68 Russia set to ban U.S. adoptions
69 Putin: 'No Reason Not to Sign' US Adoption Ban
70 The History of Russia's Future
71 UPDATE 2--Russia's Putin signals he will sign U.S. adoption ban
72 Obama calls congressional leaders as 'fiscal cliff' optimism fades
73 Fiscal Endgame
74 Obama Calls Leaders as 'Cliff' Looms
75 Monitoring Mandela, and With Him the Soul of a Nation
76 Mandela is 'in good spirits,' says Zuma
77 Nelson Mandela Health Improving, South Africa President Jacob Zuma Says
78 Russia, UN Envoy Call for Peaceful Solution in Syria
79 U.S. left Syrian children to the devil
80 As Syria suffering spirals, envoy hopes for political transition
81 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari makes political debut at emotional rally in Pakistan
82 The emergence of a new Bhutto
83 Pakistan still caught in a morass five years after Benazir's assassination
84 Benazir Bhutto's son launches political career in Pakistan
85 Morsi's Next Move: Egypt's President Got His Constitution, but Can He Fix the Economy?
86 Egypt's parliamentary affairs minister resigns from Qandil's Cabinet
87 Egypt's legislative authority changes
88 Jackson to step down as Obama's environmental chief
89 E.P.A. Chief to Step Down, With Climate Still Low Priority
90 Departing EPA chief Lisa Jackson's tenure drew cheers, jeers
91 US consumers lose confidence as fiscal cliff nears
92 News Summary: Fewer Americans seek jobless aid
93 Jobless Claims in U.S. Fall as Holiday Leads to More Estimates
94 Toyota Settlement: What Does it Mean for Drivers?
95 Toyota Aims To Settle Sudden Acceleration Claims Once And For All
96 Tablets more popular than e-readers among e-book crowd
97 One In Four Americans Owns A Tablet, Overtaking E-Readers, As Printed Book Consumption Continues To Decline: Pew
98 Apple's Tim Cook sees his 2012 pay fall 99%
99 Apple CEO Cook Gets $4.17 Million Compensation, No Stock
100 Microsoft isn't worried about Google stealing its Office customers
101 Google Apps Challenging Microsoft in Business
102 Why You Should Pay for Apps
103 Evidence shows starvation did not cause saber-tooth cat extinction
104 Search for life in buried Antarctic lake called off
105 Beached Whale Declared Dead
106 Beached Whale Dead: Finback That Washed Ashore In Breezy Point Queens Is Presumed Deceased (PHOTOS)
107 Hodgkin Drug Shortage 'Cure' Less Successful
108 Holding back emotions may reduce lifespan
109 Geneticists to study DNA of Connecticut school shooter: report
110 Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza's DNA To Be Studied By Geneticists
111 Looking for clues: Researchers to study Lanza's DNA
112 No fewer side effects for prostate proton therapy
113 Doctors warned about bad Botox
114 Illicit Botox Sparks Alert
115 Why the Public Doesn't Trust Mental Health Advocates
116 Mental illness isolates its victims
117 Bullets Are Safety Net as 64 Mentally Ill Die at Hands of Police
118 Dystextia: New modern symptom of stroke
119 Bizarre texts could be sign of stroke or other health problems
120 Tuck In a Few Asparagus Shoots to Prevent Hangover
121 After surgeries at L.A. burn center, Ugandan orphan walks again
122 Sex and Technology: New Phone App Lets People Share STD Status and Promotes Practice of Safe Sex
123 'Bumping' Your Way to Safer Sex With a Smartphone App
124 FDA approves juxtapid for rare cholesterol disorder
125 Aegerion Gets Approval for Cholesterol Drug