File Title
1 Flood warnings remain as wet weather continues
2 Rhinos and elephants: the secret lives of Africa's giants
3 Digging into 2012's archaeology
4 Gold refineries--another Swiss money-spinner
5 Living in: Vienna
6 Syria crisis: Military police chief al-Shalal defects
7 Nigeria: Lagos Island fireworks blaze kills at least one
8 Thunderbirds creator Gerry Anderson dies
9 Egypt's President Morsi hails constitution and urges dialogue
10 Japan's Shinzo Abe unveils cabinet after voted in as PM
11 How long will France hunt with hounds?
12 Svoboda: The rise of Ukraine's ultra-nationalists
13 China opens world's longest high-speed rail route
14 Royal Mail reveals Doctor Who stamps
15 India orders inquiry into Delhi gang rape
16 United Arab Emirates 'arrests members of terror cell'
17 High Court judge criticises same-sex marriage plan
18 The Hobbit dwarfs box office rivals
19 Viewpoint: Computer code frees us to think in new ways
20 Are spices good for your health?
21 World's longest bullet train service launched in China
22 'Yak insurance' plan saving Nepal's snow leopard
23 Isolation and hardship hit Morocco's mountain Berbers
24 Scientists sequence genome of pathogen responsible for pneumocystis pneumonia
25 Iran media report new cyberattack by Stuxnet worm
26 US West Coast ready for more Japan tsunami debris
27 Sustained virological response linked with improved survival for patients with chronic HCV infection
28 Research shows rapid warming on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
29 WMAP team releases final results, based on nine years of observations
30 Click, print, shoot: Downloadable guns possible (Update)
31 The 500 phases of matter: Entering a new phase
32 Fluctuating environment may have driven human evolution
33 Average voter is unable to accurately assess politicians, new research shows
34 Study turns parasite invasion theory on its head
35 Hubble eyes the needle galaxy
36 Why some grasses evolved a more efficient photosynthesis and others didn't
37 Higgs Boson tops journal Science's top 10 of 2012
38 New kind of magnetism discovered: Experiments demonstrate 'quantum spin liquid'
39 'All-clear' asteroid will miss Earth in 2040
40 America's top young scientist crafts system to purify water (w/ video)
41 Smaller Colorado River projected for coming decades, study says
42 Concentrated solar power with thermal energy storage can help utilities' bottom line, study shows
43 New study challenges old views about evolution of early life
44 Google announces "Conversions" API for adding offline information to targeted online advertising
45 Boeing engineers use spuds to improve in-air Wi-Fi
46 Facebook to charge for some message delivery (Update)
47 UV ray of hope for safer drinking water
48 Microsoft Research does Cloud-Offloaded GPS
49 Decal-like application process allows thin, flexible solar panels to be applied to virtually any surface
50 Origin of life emerged from cell membrane bioenergetics
51 Flexible, light solar cells: Researchers develop a new approach using graphene sheets coated with nanowires
52 Nanomaterial inspired by nature paves way for greener energy
53 May the force be with the atomic probe
54 On-demand synaptic electronics: Circuits that learn and forget
55 A nanoscale window to the biological world
56 Researchers print materials for soft robotics
57 Study reports iron oxide nanoparticles effective for labeling human endothelial cells
58 Super benzene oligomers pave the way for new types of quantum computers
59 Synthetic and biological nanoparticles combined to produce new metamaterials
60 Groundbreaking research leads to detection of smallest virus particle, implications for early treatment of disease
61 Fluorescence SIM available at EMSL: A powerful instrument to study molecular cell biology, including synthetic biology
62 Nanoparticle research and the future of medicine
63 Hot electrons do the impossible in catalytic chemistry
64 Nanofibers clean sulfur from fuel
65 Flexing fingers for micro-robotics: Scientists create a powerful, microscale actuator
66 X-ray laser research ranks in Science magazine's top 10
67 A clearer look at how iron reacts in the environment
68 Suspend the crystals, and they grow better
69 Boson samplers offering promise for new kinds of computing devices
70 Physicists take photonic topological insulators to the next level
71 At the solstice: Shining light on quantum computers
72 Silver sheds light on superconductor secrets
73 For newly discovered 'quantum spin liquid,' the beauty is in its simplicity
74 The paths of photons are random, but coordinated
75 New experiment helps explain extraordinary optical transmission
76 CMS observes melting of Upsilon particles in heavy-ion collisions
77 Indian land program shows tech's limits
78 Orion assemblage on track for 2014 launch
79 Masers in stellar nurseries
80 The rings on the planet go 'round and 'round...
81 Study: Amazon deforestation brings loss of microbial communities
82 How shrubs are reducing the positive contribution of peatlands to climate
83 Slow trumps fast in changing the summer monsoon
84 NASA's Space Launch System core stage passes major milestone, ready to start construction
85 Changes in population growth, consumption and farming begin to return former farmlands to nature
86 Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work (Update)
87 Brazil company sells cellphones with iPhone name (Update)
88 Data storage and next-generation non-volatile memory technology
89 Big NSF grant funds research into training robots to work with humans
90 China racks up 'record' iPhone 5 sales in first weekend
91 Researchers creating team of pingpong-ball-sized robots (w/ Video)
92 Living Smart: New thermostats can 'learn' home's routine
93 Disputed Asian islands once had strategic role
94 Hashtag symbolizes end of an era for Newsweek
95 Instagram sued over contract changes
96 Microsoft veteran strategy officer stepping down
97 Snowboarders feel the buzz from haptic system
98 Japan's Abe 'to review Fukushima' atomic crisis
99 Chinese medicine yields secrets: Atomic mechanism of 2-headed molecule derived from Chang Shan shown
100 'Molecular levers' may make materials better
101 Fat influences decisions taken by brain cells for production and survival
102 Beer's bitter: Researcher determines the absolute configurations of the bitter acids of hops
103 Fighting sleeping sickness with X-ray lasers
104 New calculations solve an old problem with DNA
105 Protein engineers create new biocatalysts
106 Pocket test measures 50 things in a drop of blood
107 Engineers seek ways to convert methane into useful chemicals
108 New technique can identify role of proteins with unknown function
109 Scientists create new approach to destroy disease-associated RNAs in cells
110 The secret of nanoparticle packing in cement
111 The quest for new cancer-fighting drugs in marine environments
112 Production of 5-aminovaleric and glutaric acid by metabolically engineered microorganism
113 Two problems in chemical catalysis solved
114 Minnesota's iconic moose population is falling
115 Bumblebees do best where there is less pavement, more floral diversity
116 Biologists identify proteins vital to chromosome segregation
117 China survey reports fewer sightings of engangered porpoise
118 The salamander king
119 AgriLife Research peanut breeding program offers new varieties
120 The first goat genome sets a good example for facilitating de novo assembly of large genomes
121 Nutrient-sensing enzymes key to starvation response and survival in newborn mammals
122 Annual bird counts give scientists climate clues
123 Tatu-bola, 2014 World Cup mascot, could vanish soon
124 Expert: Basics on why going over fiscal cliff takes America down a dangerous path
125 U-M professor feeds hunger for online education with bite-size science
126 Zinn's influential history textbook has problems, says Stanford education expert
127 Consumer confidence plunges in December
128 British museum restores early 1900's domestic phonograph wax recordings
129 Engraved stone artifact found at the Shuidonggou Paleolithic Site, Northwest China
130 Tablet as teacher: Poor Ethiopian kids learn ABCs
131 UK teenagers without the internet are 'educationally disadvantaged'
132 Researchers discover earliest record of rugose coral
133 Simple opening page increases chance of website being used further
134 Increasing competitiveness through equality
135 Political scientist assesses impact of NYSE sale
136 Parents struggle to find gender-neutral toys
137 In aftermath of Newtown shootings, a call for 'meaningful action'
138 Search for epigenetic decoder leads scientists to Rett Syndrome
139 Study shows a hit of caffeine can boost your information-processing skills
140 Eye scan could help track progress of multiple sclerosis
141 Enzyme accelerates malignant stem cell cloning in chronic myeloid leukemia
142 How excess holiday eating disturbs your 'food clock'
143 Neuroscientists find excessive protein synthesis linked to autistic-like behaviors
144 Decision to give a group effort in the brain
145 Elevated levels of C-reactive protein appear associated with psychological distress, depression
146 Three new genetic links to colorectal cancer
147 Understanding cell organization to tackle cancer
148 New findings in the search for genetic clues to insulin production
149 Cellular metabolism arms T cells to battle viruses and tumours
150 Study examines overuse of ambulatory health care services in US
151 Study: Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of death for patients with heart attack
152 Cholesterol boosts the memory of the immune system
153 Children with chronic conditions increasingly use available resources in children's hospitals
154 Study shows how dark chocolate may be good for our health--particularly if you are male
155 Rare genetic faults identified in families with bowel cancer
156 Researchers identify quadruplex structure in C9ORF72
157 Scientists find mechanism that triggers immune responses to DNA
158 Gout study offers genetic insight into 'disease of kings'
159 Genomic 'hotspots' offer clues to causes of autism, other disorders
160 Scientists shed new light on mechanisms of T-ALL, a form of leukemia that primarily affects children
161 Link between inflammatory process and progression of Alzheimer's disease
162 Assessing the effects of cell phone radiation on brain tissue
163 New immune therapy treats brain tumors in mice
164 A new type of nerve cell found in the brain
165 Researchers debunk the IQ myth
166 Researchers discover genetic basis for eczema, new avenue to therapies