File Title
1 Crocodile chin length gives away its diet
2 Scientists develop universal 'sat-nav'
3 'Rock' fix for oceans is badly flawed: study
4 Opal report marks landmark in UK citizen science
5 UK Space Agency unveils new chief
6 Dispute means mackerel is no longer catch of the day
7 Farmers could get paid twice over for 'greening'
8 Fossil human traces line to modern Asians
9 Cameras reveal penguins' efficient hunting techniques
10 Wasps v. moths: Biocontrol uses nature against crop pests
11 A decision on the XL pipeline could define Obama's green agenda
12 Using prawns to battle a killer disease in Senegal
13 How we became biohackers: Part one
14 Israel election: High turnout as Netanyahu eyes victory
15 Bali drugs: Death sentence for Briton Lindsay Sandiford
16 'Privacy visor blocks facial recognition software'
17 Inauguration: Barack Obama tells US to seize the moment
18 Women 'struggling' in Hollywood, according to new study
19 Goettingen: The song that made history
20 20 of your tales of vegetarian woe
21 Long-term aspirin 'blindness link'
22 Sony Xperia Z tablet and LG Optimus Pro G phone unveiled
23 Deadly car bombings strike around Iraqi capital, Baghdad
24 Should we be recording our phone calls?
25 EE offers new tariff for 4G and more data
26 Your view: Should parents check up on children online
27 Schools' codebreaking competition winners announced
28 Justin Bieber overtakes Lady Gaga on Twitter
29 PPI: The unintended consequences of a scandal
30 Meningitis B vaccine gets European licence
31 Hearing loss in 'brain decline link'
32 Cleaning products 'linked to adult asthma'
33 Shenley Hospital: Life under observation
34 Twelve arrested in US raid on Latin sex-trafficking ring
35 Kim Dotcom's Mega fileshare site struggles under massive demand
36 Inside Google workplaces, from perks to nap pods
37 In many studies, zebrafish are the new lab rats
38 3D printer to carve out world's first full-size building
39 Harvard professor seeks "adventurous" woman to give birth to Neanderthal clone
40 Apple's first 2013 earnings to be closely watched
41 Older Mars rover embarks on 10th year of exploring
42 U.S. military wants to hide drones under the sea
43 Google co-founder Brin spotted wearing Google Glasses on NYC subway
44 Astronauts see Obama inauguration site from space
45 Atari U.S. files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy
46 Michelle Obama wears red Jason Wu gown to inaugural balls
47 Anna Burns Welker, wife of Patriots star, apologizes for criticizing Ray Lewis on Facebook
48 Does it matter if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling?
49 Obama: "Today we continue a never-ending journey"
50 Golfer Phil Mickelson plans "drastic changes" over taxes
51 Does it matter if Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling?
52 Flu vaccine potentially more effective with exercise, study says
53 Jason Wu speaks out on Michelle Obama's gown
54 Grim task of identifying Algeria hostage crisis victims begins in Italy
55 Designers dish on first lady fashion of the past
56 Inauguration costs: Who pays?
57 First lady's fashion picks mean big money for retailers
58 Oregon man begging on side of road for kidney
59 New Golden Retriever study aimed at preventing dog cancer
60 How to avoid frostbite, hypothermia
61 Increase in seizures after Japanese tsunami may be caused by stress
62 Warmest spring on record causes earliest flowering ever observed in eastern U.S.
63 Earliest sea cow ancestors originated in Africa, lived in fresh water
64 Scientists identify new 'social' chromosome in the red fire ant
65 An early sign of spring, earlier than ever
66 New Antarctic geological timeline aids future sea-level predictions
67 New UMass Amherst Research Shows Fishways Have Not Helped Fish
68 In the Eastern US, spring flowers keep pace with warming climate
69 UC Riverside Researcher Using Snail Teeth to Improve Solar Cells and Batteries
70 Tree and human health may be linked
71 Photovoltaics beat biofuels at converting sun's energy to miles driven
72 Otago collaboration throws doubt on earlier "killer walrus" claims
73 Savanna study highlights African fuelwood crisis
74 Inadequate food facilities in NC migrant camps could cause illness
75 Trading wetlands no longer a deal with the devil
76 Dietary shifts driving up phosphorus use
77 ARS Scientists Test Improved Stink Bug Trapping Methods
78 Climate change's effects on temperate rain forests surprisingly complex
79 They hunt, they kill, they cheat: Single-celled algae shed light on social lives of microbes
80 A microquasar makes a giant manatee nebula
81 Wind in the willows boosts biofuel production
82 Researchers analyse 'rock dissolving' method of geoengineering
83 Monkeys stressed from longer foraging times
84 Antibacterial agent used in common soaps found in increasing amounts in freshwater lakes
85 First Global Assessment of Land and Water 'Grabbing' Published in National Journal
86 What did our ancestors look like?
87 4,000-year-old shaman's stones discovered near Boquete, Panama
88 War was central to Europe's first civilisation--contrary to popular belief
89 Fetal exposure to PVC plastic chemical linked to obesity in offspring
90 Black carbon larger cause of climate change than previously assessed
91 ChemCam follows the 'Yellowknife Road' to Martian wet area
92 PODEX Experiment to Reshape Future of Atmospheric Science
93 Climate events drive a high-arctic vertebrate community into synchrony
94 Titan Gets a Dune "Makeover"
95 Melt ponds cause the Artic sea ice to melt more rapidly
96 Climate change to profoundly affect the Midwest in coming decades
97 Study Provides New Insights on Drought Predictions in East Africa
98 Warmer soils release additional CO2 into atmosphere; Effect stabilizes over longer term
99 A new type of volcanic eruption
100 Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change
101 Tiny fossils hold answers to big questions on climate change
102 Public Acceptance of Climate Change Affected by Word Usage, Says MU Anthropologist
103 USDA Studies Confirm Plant Water Demands Shift with Water Availability
104 Researchers show how cells' DNA repair machinery can destroy viruses
105 Study finds linchpin of skin response to UVA light
106 Enzyme helps cancer cells avoid genetic instability
107 Molecular forces are key to proper cell division
108 Immune system foiled by a hairpin
109 Study of how eye cells become damaged could help prevent blindness
110 Evidence mounts for role of mutated genes in development of schizophrenia
111 A diffusion trap
112 Men more likely to commit research misconduct than female counterparts
113 Synchrotron infrared unveils a mysterious microbial community
114 Sex of early birds suggests dinosaur reproductive style
115 LSUHSC research provides new drug target for Her-2 related breast cancer
116 Immune system molecule with hidden talents
117 The skin aging regulator
118 Harmful effects of bisphenol A proved experimentally
119 How can evolutionary biology explain why we get cancer?
120 Paradise found for Latin America's largest land mammal
121 Wood on the seafloor--an oasis for deep-sea life
122 Scientists Find Gene Interactions That Make Cocaine Abuse Death 8 Times More Likely
123 Study: Odd biochemistry yields lethal bacterial protein
124 Vitamin D Holds Promise in Battling a Deadly Breast Cancer, SLU Researchers Say
125 Just Add Water: How Scientists Are Using Silicon to Produce Hydrogen on Demand
126 Genomic sequencing identifies mutant 'drivers' of common brain tumor
127 Study suggests lung cancer mortality highest in black persons living in most segregated counties
128 Genetics plays major role in victimization in elementary school
129 Eliminating or curtailing mortgage interest deduction would have modest long-run effects on economy, Rice University study finds
130 Integrated neglected tropical disease control and elimination programs: A global health 'best buy'
131 Guided Care Provides Better Quality of Care for Chronically Ill Older Adults
132 Compensation negotiation among women in the workplace
133 Doubling down on energy efficiency
134 Power's punishing impact
135 Questions about Biosafety? Ask a Biosafety Expert!
136 In minutes a day, low-income families can improve their kids' health
137 Powerful people better at shaking off rebuffs, bonding with others
138 When mom is the CEO at home, workplace ambitions take a back seat
139 From bullying to relationships: Mapping our online communications
140 Human-tiger conflict: Are the risks overestimated?
141 UBC research: Forget about fair--it's better when bosses pick favourites
142 South Americans want policy makers to put ethics above price
143 SEC-mandated XBRL data at risk of being irrelevant to investors and analysts
144 Researchers map emotional intelligence in the brain
145 People Seek High-Calorie Foods in Tough Times
146 'Quadruple helix' DNA discovered in human cells
147 Developing microbial cell factories by employing synthetic small regulatory RNAs
148 La Jolla Institute identifies molecular switch enabling immune cells to better fight disease
149 New way to kill lymphoma without chemotherapy
150 Study suggests link between regular aspirin use, increased risk of age-related macular degeneration
151 Cotton with special coating collects water from fogs in desert
152 New evidence indicates auroras occur outside our solar system
153 New 2D material for next generation high-speed electronics
154 New information on binding gold particles over metal oxide surfaces
155 Organic sensors increase light sensitivity of cameras:
156 New drug protects against side effects of chemotherapy
157 Analysis of fracking wastewater yields some surprises
158 Great Oxidation Event: More oxygen through multicellularity
159 Separating gases using a rigid polymer sieve
160 Unrestricted access to the details of deadly eruptions
161 Breakthrough for solar cell research
162 Studying ancient Earth's geochemistry
163 Genes and their regulatory 'tags' conspire to promote rheumatoid arthritis
164 A relative from the Tianyuan Cave
165 No panaceas for Mexico's violent drug war, but prohibition has failed
166 Parents' financial help linked to lower college GPAs, higher graduation rates
167 Growing up bilingual
168 Seeing beyond cameras: Predicting where people move in CCTV blind spots
169 Computational methods reveal how hospital-acquired bacteria spread
170 Mathematical breakthrough sets out rules for more effective teleportation
171 Wild animals may contribute to the resurgence of African sleeping sickness
172 New test predicted presence of harmful BRCA mutations
173 UCLA study first to image concussion-related abnormal brain proteins in retired NFL players
174 Controlling spine metastases with tumor 'separation surgery' and high-dose stereotactic radiosurgery
175 Mayo Clinic expert suggests proper techniques for newborn bathing and skin care basics
176 New study examines on/off relationships and 'sex with an ex' among teenagers and young adults
177 Brain structure of infants predicts language skills at 1 year
178 Circadian rhythms can be modified for potential treatment of disorders
179 Study: Viral Reactivation a Likely Link Between Stress and Heart Disease
180 Discovering 'Needle in a Haystack' For Muscular Dystrophy Patients
181 Bacterial supplement could help young pigs fight disease
182 Novel gene-searching software improves accuracy in disease studies
183 Born to lead? Leadership can be an inherited trait, study finds
184 Fashion blogs: How do ordinary consumers harness social media to become style leaders?
185 How does family life influence consumer response to television advertising?
186 Device Tosses Out Unusable PV Wafers
187 Study examines link between incarceration and psychiatric disorders
188 PR Professionals Are Not 'Yes Men' When Pressured to Be Unethical, Baylor Study Shows
189 IOM report details strategy for monitoring safety of childhood immunization schedule
190 New study examines Post-Roe v. Wade arrests of and forced interventions on pregnant women
191 Scientists expose new vulnerabilities in the security of personal genetic information
192 Smoke-free law linked to large fall in child asthma hospital admissions
193 Men more likely than women to commit scientific fraud
194 Bioethics leader calls for bold approach to fighting obesity
195 From dark hearts comes the kindness of mankind (Evolution)
196 Lower drinking ages can have an impact on later drinking patterns
197 Binge drinking can dramatically amplify damage to the liver
198 Reviewing alcohol's effects on normal sleep
199 The ability to 'hold one's liquor' indicates risk of developing alcohol problems
200 Will proposed DSM-5 changes to assessment of alcohol problems do any better?
201 Alcohol use from adolescence to adulthood follows different, complex pathways
202 A brain protein called vimentin can indicate damage to the hippocampus following binge drinking
203 Hospital readmission for older patients often for different illness
204 Readmissions frequent in month after hospital discharge
205 Emergency room redux for many patients after hospitalization
206 In the Land of the Free, Interdependence Undermines Americans' Motivation to Act
207 Gay African-American Youth Face Unique Challenges Coming Out to Families
208 Stem Cell Research Helps to Identify Origins of Schizophrenia
209 NYUCN's Drs. Shedlin and Anastasi publish in the Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care
210 Neon lights up exploding stars
211 Light from the darkness
212 A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud
213 NASA's IRIS Spacecraft Is Fully Integrated
214 Learning the alphabet of gene control
215 Researchers Create Method for More Sensitive Electrochemical Sensors
216 The new age of proteomics: An integrative vision of the cellular world
217 U Alberta researchers move Barkhausen Effect forward
218 UGA researchers invent new material for warm-white LEDs
219 Charting new routes for women at work: Looking to the home and classroom
220 Penn Physicists Help Show Math Behind Growth of 'Coffee Rings'
221 New technology shows diabetes
222 Disease outbreaks trackable with Twitter, study says