File Title
1 Making teleportation 'fuel-efficient'
2 Evidence of ancient Martian lake found
3 Scientists mimic plants to make zero-carbon fuel
4 Gamma-ray burst 'hit Earth in 8th Century'
5 Danish scurvy grass thrives in gritted road conditions
6 Modern Meadow aims to print raw meat using bioprinter
7 Web 're-defining' human identity says chief scientist
8 Shark wrestler: Welsh tourist Paul Marshallsea to the rescue in Australia
9 Mini guide to the Peak District's restaurants and pubs
10 The rise and fall of artificial gravity
11 Inauguration: Barack Obama is sworn in for second term
12 Algeria siege: 37 foreigners died, PM says
13 Mali conflict: French troops 'seize' Diabaly, Douentza
14 India gang rape trial begins in fast-track Delhi court
15 'Curious' Cuban net cable has activated, researchers say
16 The universal language of lullabies
17 Burmese refugees sold on by Thai officials
18 Israel elections quandary for marginalised Arab citizens
19 'Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells
20 Girls and women 'hit the hardest' by global recession
21 Australia library in Armstrong pledge prank
22 Algeria siege: British hostage 'was executed'
23 Michael Winner: Death Wish director dies aged 77
24 Eritrea: 'Troops deployed' in Asmara
25 Davos 2013: 'Dynamic resilience' in a volatile world
26 Dreamliner: Japan and US probe battery maker
27 Schools' codebreaking competition winners announced
28 Architect plans 3D-printed buildings
29 Data slowdown looms for smartphone users
30 Atari US operations file for bankruptcy protection
31 How addictive is sugar?
32 GP Neil Rushton returns from 'lucky' Mount Everest job
33 Flu virus 'knows when to attack'
34 'Computer games keep me mentally active'
35 Bulgarian MP attack: Avengers may be prosecuted
36 Inauguration: Barack Obama tells US to 'seize the moment'
37 Astronauts see Obama inauguration site from space
38 Atari U.S. files for Ch. 11 bankruptcy
39 Eric Schmidt's daughter blogs about North Korea
40 Indicted Megaupload founder launches new site
41 Leading the way: Presidential leadership
42 Hundreds honor activist Aaron Swartz in NYC
43 New view of Civil War shipwreck via 3-D sonar
44 Treaty to reduce mercury emissions signed
45 New spider species named for Angelina Jolie, Bono
46 Severe droughts in Amazon linked to climate change, says study
47 One year later, SOPA activists reignite copyright conversation
48 Say goodbye to "naked image" body scanners
49 U.S. general warns of Iran's growing cyber strength
50 Planetary parks could protect space wilderness
51 49ers beat Falcons for a shot at the Super Bowl
52 Obama girls growing up before the country's eyes
53 Michelle Kwan is married
54 Officials: N.M. teen gunman kills 5 inside home
55 Thousands join pro-gun rallies in state capitals
56 Obama sworn in, second term officially begins
57 Obama looks to avoid the "second-term curse"
58 Surfers battle big waves in Calif. Mavericks contest
59 Lance Armstrong interview reaction: More skepticism than sympathy
60 Electric brain stimulation may treat Alzheimer's
61 Cancer death rates drop 20% in 2 decades
62 Experimental Alzheimer's drug solanezumab picked for prevention study
63 Why would someone create a fake online personality?
64 CDC: Flu deaths increase "sharply" as epidemic continues
65 Classifying food allergies as disabilities could make restaurants more liable
66 Cancer survivor: Lance Armstrong saga "saddens me"
67 FTC upholds health claim case against POM juices
68 Skin cancer-detecting smartphone apps may not be accurate
69 Some children may lose autism diagnosis with age, gov't study finds
70 NYC beating childhood obesity better than LA
71 Fecal transplants beat antibiotics for curing diarrhea caused by C. difficile
72 Flu vaccine potentially more effective with exercise, study says
73 Flu shot safe for pregnant women, large study affirms
74 Amid flu outbreak, another dangerous virus spreads among infants
75 French airstrikes jolt Islamists in Mali
76 The Climate Change Endgame
77 Doubling down: four-stranded, 'quadruple helix' DNA discovered
78 Fresh twist to the DNA story signals major cancer breakthrough
79 Giant Mars crater shows evidence of lake...and maybe life?
80 Was McLaughlin Crater on Mars Once Actually LAKE McLaughlin?
81 Earth May Have Been Hit by a Cosmic Blast 1200 Years Ago
82 Still going: Long-lived NASA rover Opportunity commencing tenth year of exploration on Mars
83 China's Citizens Will Get a Say on Beijing Pollution
84 Beijing Smog Rules Would Shut Factories When Pollution Rises
85 Anti-pollution plan gets mixed reviews
86 In China, Widening Discontent Among the Communist Party Faithful
87 Air Quality In China
88 NASA Sends Mona Lisa to the Moon on a Laser Ride
89 One to beam up: NASA uses a laser to send Mona Lisa to the moon
90 Celestial Wonder Looks Uncannily Like a Manatee
91 Cat Journeys 200 Miles to Get Home, Baffling Scientists
92 Florida Python Hunt: 21 Burmese Pythons Caught so Far in 2013 Challenge
93 ISS to get inflatable module
94 Balloon-like dwelling on space station
95 Antarctic Explorer Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton's rare Scotch returned to the frozen wilds
96 Cotton could be used to farm moisture in the desert thanks to cheap new polymer
97 Scientists uncover massive river on Mars
98 3D Sonar Map Reveals Details of Civil War Ship
99 Have a Neanderthal baby and save humanity
100 Is It Possible To Clone A Neanderthal?
101 Obama's Climate Change Promises Questioned As Second Term Arrives
102 The Agricultural Fulcrum: Better Food, Better Climate
103 Zoo-bound elephant calves back in Zimbabwe's wild
104 Zim elephants destined for China freed
105 Insight: U.S. government investment gives flu vaccines a shot in the arm
106 Number of people suffering seizures near Fukushima went up significantly after Japanese tsunami
107 Brain Pacemakers May Zap Alzheimer's; Shocking New Discovery
108 Child asthma hospital admissions fell after smoking ban, study shows
109 Child hospital admissions for asthma slump after smoking ban
110 Influenza Sorbet: Cold Remedy Comes in Dessert Form
111 Lack of sleep may make people less appreciative towards their significant other
112 Why does a flu shot cost so much?
113 More states reporting high flu levels
114 Feeling blue? Jan. 21 most depressing day of 2013, says scientist
115 Feeling down? Blame it on Blue Monday: Today is the day we feel at our lowest ebb
116 Claire O'Mahony: Today's the most depressing day of the year? It just doesn't add up
117 Loneliness May Take a Physical Toll
118 Loneliness Is Bad for Your Health, Study Suggests
119 Healthcare reform's fail-safe
120 OSU to change its health-care approach
121 Waiter-turned-hero stands up for boy with Down syndrome
122 Waiter At Lorenzo's, Houston Restaurant, Defends Boy With Down Syndrome, Refuses To Serve Table
123 Drug Abuse Warning Network Warns About Energy Drinks
124 FDA approves NuPathe's migraine skin patch
125 NuPathe Wins U.S. FDA Approval for Migraine Skin Patch
126 Final HIPAA rule puts proof burden on covered entities
127 Texas churches help parishioners avoid the flu
128 Gordon Freireich: Take part in cancer study and help to save lives