File Title
1 Polar bear trade ban divides campaigners
2 West Antarctic Ice Sheet warming twice earlier estimate
3 Bewick's swans: Baby boost for threatened birds
4 Oddballs: The strange worlds beyond our Solar System
5 Science news highlights of 2012
6 Kazakhstan military plane crash 'kills 27' near Shymkent
7 Pope Benedict in Christmas plea for Syria solution
8 Nelson Mandela in good spirits, says Jacob Zuma
9 Iran 'fends off new Stuxnet cyber attack'
10 North Vietnam, 1972: The Christmas bombing of Hanoi
11 Bogeymen: Five scary visitors in the night
12 Piers Morgan: Thousands petition for deportation
13 Israel takes in more Bnei Menashe 'lost tribe' members
14 Simple eye scan can reveal extent of Multiple Sclerosis
15 DIY Tardis looks bigger on inside with augmented reality
16 Nigeria gunmen 'kill at least five Christians' in Yobe
17 Delhi gang rape protests policeman dies
18 Queen's message praises 2012 'army of volunteers'
19 Archbishop of Westminster attacks gay marriage plan
20 Has 3D film-making had its day?
21 China school knife attack in Henan injures 22 children
22 Viewpoint: On the logistics frontline
23 US Webster gunman William Spengler left 'killing note'
24 Policewoman who killed US aide in Kabul 'is Iranian'
25 Game of Thrones tops TV show internet piracy chart
26 Twitter accounts with child abuse images closed
27 Newsweek unveils final print edition
28 Queen's Christmas message hails Olympic stars
29 Retailers bring forward online sales promotions
30 Knitting and baking the cars of the future
31 Egyptian voters back new constitution in referendum
32 China school pupils rammed by car
33 Burma Air Bagan emergency landing kills two at Heho
34 Two bowel cancer genes discovered
35 Olympic dream for bone cancer survivor
36 Doctors 'save man's life by using alcohol'
37 What Is Frankincense?
38 Could Abe Lincoln Improve Your Snack Choices?
39 Early Language Skills Help Kids Manage Anger
40 Whale Whodunit: How Investigators Solve Marine Deaths
41 Revealed: Rudolph Really Did Have a Red Nose
42 West Antarctic Warming Doubles
43 2012: A Memorable Year for Weather
44 Pagan Roots? 5 Surprising Facts About Christmas
45 New 'Baby Picture' of Universe Unveiled
46 Intrepid Museum, Home of Shuttle Enterprise, Reopens after Hurricane Sandy Closure
47 The Wildest Alien Planets of 2012
48 Spiral Dust Clouds May Reveal Alien Planets
49 Hurricane Sandy Moved Barrier Islands
50 IVF Method Linked to Size of Babies
51 Why Stem Cell Facelifts Are So Risky
52 How Excess Holiday Eating Disturbs Your 'Food Clock'
53 Study Shows Rapid Warming On the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
54 Paleo-Ocean Chemistry: New Data Challenge Old Views About Evolution of Early Life
55 Chinese Medicine Yields Secrets: Atomic Mechanism of Two-Headed Molecule Derived from Chang Shan, a Traditional Chinese Herb
56 The 500 Phases of Matter: New System Successfully Classifies Symmetry-Protected Phases
57 Hawaiian Islands Are Dissolving from Within, Study Says
58 Origin of Life: Hypothesis Traces First Protocells Back to Emergence of Cell Membrane Bioenergetics
59 Bats May Hold Clues to Long Life and Disease Resistance
60 How Songbirds Learn to Sing: Mathematical Model Explains How Birds Correct Mistakes to Say On Key
61 Archaeologists Date World's Oldest Timber Constructions
62 Super-Fine Sound Beam Could One Day Be an Invisible Scalpel
63 Black Piranha, Megapiranha Have Most Powerful Bites of Fish Living or Extinct, Researcher Finds
64 Ultrasound Diagnoses Appendicitis Without X-Rays
65 Gene Variants Affect Pain Susceptibility in Children
66 Cellular Metabolism Arms T Cells to Battle Viruses and Tumors
67 Fat Influences Decisions Taken by Brain Cells for Production and Survival
68 Gout Study Offers Genetic Insight Into 'Disease of Kings'
69 Role of Gravity in Motion of Granular Materials: Discovery Could Have Applications in Pharmaceutical Industry, Space Missions
70 Boosting Galactan Sugars Could Boost Biofuel Production
71 'Molecular Levers' May Make Materials Better
72 Production of 5-Aminovaleric and Glutaric Acid by Metabolically Engineered Microorganism
73 Physicists Take Photonic Topological Insulators to the Next Level
74 How Shrubs Are Reducing the Positive Contribution of Peatlands to Climate
75 Smaller Colorado River Projected for Coming Decades, Study Says
76 Decision to Give a Group Effort in the Brain
77 First Goat Genome Sets a Good Example for Facilitating De Novo Assembly of Large Genomes
78 Nutrient-Sensing Enzymes Key to Starvation Response and Survival in Newborn Mammals
79 Three New Genetic Links to Colorectal Cancer
80 Understanding Cell Organization to Tackle Cancer
81 Research Sheds New Light On Mechanisms of T-ALL, a Form of Leukemia That Primarily Affects Children
82 Genetic Clues to Insulin Production: Genomic Analysis Method Helps Track Genetic Contributors Relevant to Diabetes
83 Excessive Protein Synthesis Linked to Autistic-Like Behaviors, Neuroscientists Find
84 Options Increase for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Patients Failed by Existing Drugs
85 Why and How Patients With Lung Cancer Initially Get Diagnosed With the Disease
86 Cultural, Social Factors Identified as Barriers to Minority Participation in Stem Cell Donation
87 Strength Training Improves Vascular Function in Young Black Men
88 Targeted Gene Silencing Drugs Are More Than 500 Times More Effective With New Delivery Method
89 Not All Gamers Are Low Scorers On Friendships, Relationships
90 Pair of Proteins Gets Brain Cells Into Shape
91 Discovery Could Eventually Help Diagnose and Treat Chronic Pain
92 Removing Protein 'Garbage' in Nerve Cells May Help Control 2 Neurodegenerative Diseases
93 Supportive Role Models, Coping Lead to Better Health in Poor Teens
94 Nearly One in Three Children With Food Allergies Experience Bullying, Survey Shows
95 Season Triggers Sneezing Due to Nut, Mold, Winter Allergies: Tips to Avoid Allergy Flare Ups
96 Delusions of Gender: Men's Insecurities May Lead to Sexist Views of Women
97 Small Easy Changes Can Lead to Sustainable Weight Loss and Healthier Eating Habits
98 Traffic Congestion Can Be Alleviated Throughout a Metropolitan Area by Altering Trips in Specific Neighborhoods, Model Shows
99 Research Reveals New Drug Target Urgently Needed for Tuberculosis Therapy
100 Microevolutionary Analysis of Clostridium Difficile Genomes to Investigate Transmission
101 Using Novel Genetic Labs for Faster Detection of E. Coli
102 Brain Imaging Insight Into Cannabis as a Pain Killer
103 Sync to Grow: Oscillation of Gene Activity May Underlie How Embryos Grow in Proportion
104 Pics, Shoots and Leaves: Ecologists Turn Digital Cameras Into Climate Change Tools
105 Animals Contribute to Seagrass Dispersal: Fish, Terrapins, and Birds May Help Spread Eelgrass Seeds Into New Areas
106 Clean Air: New Paints Break Down Nitrogen Oxides
107 Low pH Levels Can Eliminate Harmful Blooms of Golden Algae, One Cause of Massive Fish Kills
108 Small Wasps to Control a Big Pest?
109 Is Tomorrow the End?
110 Maya Expert Weighs in On Dec. 21 Apocalypse Theories
111 Maya Scholar Debunks World-Ending Myth
112 Major Source of Evolutionary Differences Among Species Uncovered
113 Inside the Head of a Dinosaur: Research Reveals New Information On the Evolution of Dinosaur Senses
114 Canadian Experiment to Track Space Radiation and Its Risks
115 Saturn Mission: Cassini Instrument Learns New Tricks
116 Clays On Mars: More Plentiful Than Expected
117 Meteorite Triggered Scientific 'Gold Rush'
118 Astronomy: Stars Reveal the Secret of Aging Well
119 A Giant Puzzle With Billions of Pieces
120 New Calculations Solve an Old Problem With DNA
121 NASA Puts Orion Backup Parachutes to the Test
122 Shedding Light On Anderson Localization
123 Materials Science: The Secret of Nanoparticle Packing in Cement
124 Virtual Reality and Robotics in Neurosurgery: Promise and Challenges
125 Cardiovascular Disease: The Mechanics of Prosthetic Heart Valves
126 New App Provides Solution When Researching Animal Behaviour
127 Armchair Science: Bag and Tag Glowing Galactic Clouds
128 New Dynamic Dual-Core Optical Fiber Enhances Data Routes On Information Superhighway