File Title
1 NASA eyes inflatable space craft for International Space Station
2 World was warm, but not a record
3 Extreme weather synchronises Arctic populations
4 Ancient critter could be the grandfather of shellfish
5 'Killer walrus' theory debunked
6 Mars rover readies first rock drilling
7 Be kind to your seafood, study urges
8 Genes settle debate over origin of European Jews
9 U.S., Europe team up for Moon fly-by
10 'Supergene' explains red fire ant society
11 Potential cure for AIDS in sight
12 Some migraines tied to women's heart risk
13 'Moby Dick' lizard species found in Madagascar
14 Fire-proofing saves Australian telescopes
15 Indians broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago
16 Sydney 2012 is the next gastro pandemic
17 No stars in 'Star Wars' jump into hyperspace
18 Chimps possess a sense of 'fairness'
19 DNA test sheds light on mystery deaths
20 U.S. study warns of extreme heat, more severe storms
21 2036 asteroid collision 'effectively ruled out'
22 U.S. orders lower doses of drugs to combat insomnia
23 China's 'Little Emperors' more neurotic, risk averse
24 Clues to mystery of heart regeneration failure in humans
25 Got brown eyes? You seem trustworthy
26 Simulated Mars mission shows good sleep is critical
27 Asteroid Apophis 20% bigger than thought
28 Climate change alters ecosystems from Walden Pond to 'The Shack'
29 White veins of Mars: Curiosity hits 'a jackpot' in quest for wetter past
30 The Mars mystique
31 Astronomers report largest structure in universe. Will it upend theories?
32 How hot was 2012? Hottest on record in US, by a long shot (+video)
33 What's going on around Andromeda? Curious structure puzzles scientists.
34 Odd meteorite could be time capsule of a wetter Mars
35 Japan To Replace Nuke Plant With Wind Farm
36 Cameras Capture Falling Snowflakes in 3D
37 High-Tech Thieves Rob Berlin Bank Vault
38 DIY: Geoengineer Some Clouds
39 Alarm Clock Shocks You Awake
40 Stealth Hoodie Hides Wearer From Drones
41 World's First Flexible Li-Ion Battery Unveiled
42 Turn up the bass to scare birds away from planes
43 Earth may be crashing through dark matter walls
44 Blinded by sun? Let your steering wheel guide you
45 NASA planet-hunter is injured and resting
46 Megaballoon launches big bang telescope in Antarctica
47 Moth navigation probed to improve micro-drone flight
48 Mussels with backpacks monitor Mississippi's health
49 Cognitive impairment in premature babies not permanent
50 Megaballoon launches big bang telescope in Antarctica
51 Zoologger: The first solar-powered vertebrate
52 Spider shackled to work in silk-spinning factory trial
53 Wind turbines supercharged with superconductors
54 Matching names to genes: the end of genetic privacy?
55 Flu checks its biological clock to evade detection
56 Young stars emerge from the Scorpion's smoke
57 Australian inferno previews fire-prone future
58 Obama to scientists: Tell us how to calm gun violence
59 Life expectancy lower in US than other rich countries
60 Australia wildfires delay black hole studies
61 Bad grammar make good password, research say
62 New Origami condom adds pleasure to safe sex
63 Kinect sensor poised to leap into everyday life
64 NASA buys blow-up habitat for space station astronauts
65 Social antics in ants inherited like sex chromosomes
66 Tireless underwater robot is half fish, half jet plane
67 Video captures disco clams producing strobe light show
68 Japan to build world's largest offshore wind farm
69 NASA rover ready to drill into Martian rock
70 Chimps found to play fairness game like people
71 Did some Neanderthals learn advanced skills from "moderns"?
72 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
73 Astronomers identify structure so huge it disrupts cosmic uniformity
74 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
75 When can a moon harbor life? Scientists get down to nitty-gritty
76 Gospel of Matthew linked to bizarre trail of self-mutilations
77 Toe tracks said to come from many little, swimming dinos
78 Racial purity DNA testing slammed as perversion, but halting practice might not be easy
79 Ancient bird's teeth really stood out
80 Moral "taint" still seeps along blood lines
81 Basic personality traits may not be universal
82 American head shapes have been changing, but why?
83 Drug found to reverse "Alzheimer's" memory loss in mice
84 Newfound mechanism in aging called a "surprising" advance
85 Enjoy the beach--global jellyfish boom not apparent, scientists say
86 Was blackmail essential for marriage to evolve?
87 A human bias against creativity is hindering science, research claims
88 Fluctuating environment may have spurred human intelligence
89 Could simple anger have taught people to cooperate?
90 Different cultures' music matches their speech styles, researchers find
91 Your parrot isn't just parroting, study suggests
92 Music and movement might share a common structure
93 Music making may help keep mind in tune in old age
94 'Quadruple helix' DNA seen in human cells
95 Nations agree on legally binding mercury rules
96 Fermi telescope may change to dark matter hunting
97 Why Swiss cheese plants are full of holes
98 Sydney bakes on hottest day on record as bushfires rage
99 Earthquake near Loughborough shakes East Midlands
100 New insights into anatomy of ancient tentacled creature
101 Dreamliner: Boeing 787 planes grounded on safety fears
102 Royal Institution: UK science body 'may sell home'
103 Landsat aims to maintain gold standard
104 Harrabin's Notes: Isn't it warm enough?
105 Gorilla spotting in the Republic of Congo
106 Algeria crisis: Hostage-takers 'taken alive' at gas plant
107 Inauguration Day: Obama sworn in for second term
108 Austrians vote to keep compulsory military service
109 Mali conflict: Diabaly situation confused, French say
110 Cruise ship rescues French sailor Alain Delord off Tasmania
111 Ned Kelly: The outlaw who divides a nation
112 Mali crisis: Civilians flee Islamist takeover and French bombs
113 Original Batmobile sold for $4.2m at US auction
114 Maple leaf row over Canadian bank notes
115 Birds make music with bum notes
116 Close Up: Cuba's new love for the Union flag
117 New Mexico teenager held over shooting of five people
118 Avebury named second best World Heritage site by Which?
119 CBeebies apologises for Tweenies Jimmy Savile spoof
120 Jazz, the sound of soft power in the desert
121 Venezuelan VP: Hugo Chavez is 'gaining strength'
122 What is actually in a value burger?
123 Glencoe avalanche: Three victims named
124 Kim Dotcom starts new file-sharing site
125 Nokia backs 3D printing for mobile phone cases
126 US general warns over Iranian cyber-soldiers
127 Lens-less camera emerges from metamaterials work
128 Facebook adds free calling feature for US iPhones
129 Sony sells Manhattan headquarters skyscraper for $1.1bn
130 Google to move headquarters to King's Cross
131 Phone apps may delay skin cancer diagnosis
132 Intel sales and profits fall in the fourth quarter
133 Has chip and pin had its day?
134 Viewpoint: The hyper-individual
135 Frozen UK braced for more ice and snow
136 Self-help books 'treat depression'
137 Weight loss 'is body's way of fighting off gut worms'
138 Leprosy bacteria use 'biological alchemy'
139 Donated genetic data 'privacy risk'
140 Does 'Blue Monday' really exist?