File Title
1 Judge agrees to add newly released Apple and Samsung devices to upcoming trial
2 Google's Nexus 7 outsells Apple's iPad in Japan over holidays
3 Apple's iPhone e-wallet concept includes controllable subsidiary accounts for children
4 Apple exploring idea for removable device clip with tactile controls
5 Amazon's MP3 Web store now optimized for Apple's iPhone, iPod touch
6 iPhone 5 sales strong, but iPad supply issues affected Apple's holiday quarter--report
7 Rolling Stone debuts in Apple's iPad Newsstand
8 Sprint's 4G LTE network expanding to 28 more cities in coming months
9 Prank places 'Bad Monkey,' other fake road names in Apple Maps
10 Google CEO digs into rival tech companies, says industry needs more innovation
11 Apple's Newsstand to get exclusive early access to Hearst publications
12 Judge orders Apple CEO Tim Cook to be questioned in anti-poaching case
13 TSMC forecasts near 100% share of 28nm chip market in 2013, may signal massive Apple orders
14 Rumor: Apple to open Shanghai R&D center this summer
15 Sharp cuts production of 9.7" iPad screens, demand may be shifting to Apple's iPad mini
16 Apple says appeals court decisions hinder patent protection efforts against Samsung
17 Apple's 'black ice' predicted to 'thaw' by summer, pushing stock back toward $700
18 Account sheds light on how Apple conducts buyouts, Steve Jobs's negotiating strategy
19 Apple kicks off sales of cellular-enabled iPad mini in China
20 Opera unveils new 'Ice' mobile web browser for iOS and Android
21 Judge orders settlement talks prior to trial for Apple and Amazon in 'App Store' dispute
22 Tom DeMark: Apple's stock has bottomed and it should now rally at least 22%
23 Why fixing the Java flaw will take so long
24 Apple's Big 2013 Roadmap: Multiple new iPhones, iPad mini with Retina display, MacBook Pros go all-Retina
25 Analyst: Apple to use TSMC's new 16nm FinFET process for 'breakthrough' product
26 Japan's Nikkei, The Wall Street Journal blow it, get iPhone demand story all wrong
27 Pacific Crest: Apple's iPhone business is going to be dead in the water; stock rangebound $440-$550 for next 12 months
28 China's Henan Province, home to main iPhone 5 assembly location, saw import-export revenue increase 58.6% YOY
29 Apple executed huge initial iPhone 5, iPod touch production ramps for holiday quarter; dialing back display orders doesn't necessarily equal popularity drops
30 Apple's crybaby critics are intellectually lazy
31 Apple's stock retakes $500, is the four-month sell-off over?
32 Dutch court: Samsung's rounded corners on Galaxy tablets do not infringe Apple design
33 Apple lets online customers in China pay in 2-year installments
34 AT&T Mobility enables FaceTime over Cellular at no extra charge
35 Facebook starts turning on free voice calls for iPhone users in the US
36 Asymco: Measuring iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S availability
37 Global Equities: Apple's display order reductions about move to IGZO, not demand
38 Apple to launch a full-fledged TV set for Christmas 2013, says source
39 Apple: Just like a stinking penny stock
40 AAPL: Pacific Crest Securities blew it
41 Malicious virus shuttered U.S. power plant, says Department of Homeland Security
42 If John Sculley says Apple must do this then Apple probably shouldn't
43 Why Windows crapware still exists; or why you should just buy a Mac
44 Angry Birds Rio HD for iPad and iPad mini available free for limited time
45 Happy 10th birthday Safari! Thanks for changing everything
46 ABI Research: Apple's global smartphone market share will peak at 22% in 2013, stay flat through 2018
47 Apple patent application reveals removable device clip with glass touchpad
48 How to make an OS X recovery USB drive
49 How to Make an OS X Recovery USB Drive
50 Gruber: Apple's churning of the gut
51 Raymond James analyst: Apple iPhone outsold Samsung 1.7 to 1 over the last 10 quarters
52 Sex, porn, politics and Steve Jobs highlight 35th Sundance Film Festival
53 Google's Larry Page: How well is your 'thermonuclear war' working, Apple?
54 Lefsetz: Tim Cook is 'charisma-challenged' and his silence is killing Apple right now
55 Judge Koh orders Apple CEO Tim Cook to four hours of questioning in anti-poaching case
56 WSJ claims 'iPhone-like hype builds for Samsung Galaxy S. IV'
57 Japan's Sharp nearly halts iPad screen production, sources say
58 Apple board member Al Gore buys 59,000 Apple shares for $7.475 each
59 Apple says appeals court hobbles its fight to protect patented designs and features from Samsung copying
60 Apple surges ahead of Google in mobile ads
61 The Apple double standard
62 Apple dominates smartphone OS satisfaction survey
63 Analyst: Apple could disrupt Netflix
64 Apple's iPhone strategy: Market share or profit margin?
65 How Apple is destroying Android from the inside out
66 Pete Najarian: 'Stay away from Apple'
67 Equinix data centers lure big clients like Apple Inc.
68 Of myths and market share
69 Some Apple analysts 'dissatisfied' with life?
70 The inside story of how Apple bought music startup Lala, and then bought it again
71 Google patent application mirrors MIT student's 2009 invention
72 How Some Medieval Cultures Adapted to Rise of Islam
73 Blood of guillotined French king 'authentic'
74 Ancient religious texts among the 25,000 new images online
75 Ancient water system found at Citadel
76 Research Unearths Terrace Farming at Ancient Desert City of Petra
77 Ancient Carving Shows Stylishly Plump African Princess
78 Privacy hedges date back to the Iron Age
79 Ancient manuscripts indicate Jewish community once thrived in Afghanistan
80 Remains of Nazi Goering's Wife Identified
81 Study Reveals Looting of Archaeological Sites as Massive Global Problem
82 Tomb of prehistoric people discovered in cave
83 Nearly Intact 1,200 Year-Old Funerary Vessel Identified in Oaxaca, Mexico Temples
84 Stone Age hunters liked their carbs
85 Research uncovers how single and widowed women shaped the religious culture of colonial Latin America
86 Eight million dog mummies found in Saqqara
87 Excavators head to Burma hoping to uncover buried stash of WWII fighter planes
88 Don't underestimate Viking women
89 Royal Israelite Capital Detail Emerges from Jerusalem Dig
90 Archaeologists Unearth More Than 300 Prehistoric Clay Figurines in Greece
91 Roman theatre discovered in Kent
92 Ancient gold coins discovered in Iraq
93 Illegal climbers are damaging rain-sodden Silbury Hill
94 New dates refine Australian timeline
95 Archaeology: Bulgaria claims find of temple to Priapus
96 Athenian 'Snake Goddess' Gets New Identity
97 Ancient Eye Treatment Recovered From Tuscan Shipwreck
98 Archaeologists discover Augustan-era sculptures near Rome
99 Voluntary slavery? Ancient Egyptians paid a monthly fee to become temple slaves
100 Archaeologists Explore a Frontier Area of Ancient Italy
101 Abandoned Colony in Greenland: Archaeologists Find Clues to Viking Mystery
102 A History Lesson from Genes: Using DNA to Tell Us How Populations Change
103 Ancient floor not seen for 10,000 years
104 'Exceptional' find of Roman statues linked to poet Ovid
105 2,000-Year-Old Treasure Discovered In Black Sea Fortress
106 Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old Egyptian tombs
107 Pompeii 'Wall Posts' Reveal Ancient Social Networks
108 Scale Model Discovered for Florence Cathedral
109 Restoring a Buddhist Monastery on the Trans-Himalaya Salt Route
110 Molecular Exploration of the First-Century Tomb of the Shroud in Akeldama, Jerusalem
111 Archaeological Discovery Sheds Light on the Mystery of Shiloh
112 Ancient Pompeians Could Go Upstairs to Pee
113 Clay pot fragments reveal early start to cheese-making, a marker for civilization
114 Roman era graffiti found on Colosseum
115 Archaeological finds reveal ancient Balkan civilizations
116 What Did Our Ancestors Look Like? Hair and Eye Color Can Be Determined for Ancient Human Remains
117 Mesolithic people adapted their environment in Severn Estuary
118 Searching for the lost royal city of Nubia in northern Sudan
119 Storms expose iron age skeleton
120 Indians 'broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago'
121 War was central to Europe's first civilisation--contrary to popular belief
122 4,000-year-old shaman's stones discovered near Boquete, Panama
123 Archaeological investigation of Caddo Indians nears end
124 Famed Warrior Medici Died From Gangrene
125 Threats to Mali's heritage
126 Roman man's face finally revealed at Caerleon museum
127 Spitfire search in Burma draws a blank
128 Stunning figurine represents high ranking Zapotec
129 Mayan Tombs Dating Back 1,200 Years Found in Southeast Mexico
130 Rare Artifact Stolen from Tel Shiloh Archaeological Site
131 Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Greek Trade Center in Bulgaria
132 Archaeological feast: Heap of ancient cattle bones discovered
133 Sifting the Dust for Treasures While Trouble Swirls