File Title
1 A process for tracking global biodiversity
2 Be kind to your seafood, study urges
3 Pen color affects teacher-student relations
4 Kickstarter project team claims its LED bulb world's most efficient
5 Golden algae: They hunt, they kill, they cheat
6 Study finds severe climate jeopardizing Amazon forest
7 Controlling particles for directed self-assembly of colloidal crystals
8 Study provides new insights on drought predictions in East Africa
9 Google Glass may run with laser-projected keyboard
10 Climate models benefit from medical methods
11 Multiple steps toward the 'quantum singularity'
12 New study confirms immune cells are guided by gradients
13 Microsoft Security Essentials misses AV-Test Certified status
14 Nearly perfect, ultrathin invisibility cloak could have wide practical applications
15 Researchers devise method to create efficient indium phosphate nanowire photovoltaics
16 New material for warm-white LEDs invented
17 A new world record for solar cell efficiency
18 Novel metamaterial sensor provides bigger picture
19 Researchers expose new vulnerabilities in the security of personal genetic information
20 NASA beams Mona Lisa to Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter at the moon(w/ video)
21 Mouse research links adolescent stress and severe adult mental illness
22 A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud
23 Photovoltaics beat biofuels at converting sun's energy to miles driven
24 New key to organism complexity identified: Critical transcription factor co-exists in two distinct states
25 Enzyme created in test tube displays new structure, function
26 Savanna study highlights African fuelwood crisis
27 Researchers discover how tree frogs use their bodies to cling to overhanging surfaces (w/ video)
28 Global Web censors use devices from US firm, study reports
29 Global plant diversity still hinges on local battles against invasives, study suggests
30 Want to ace that interview? Make sure your strongest competition is interviewed on a different day
31 Reull Vallis: A river ran through it
32 Titan gets a dune 'makeover'
33 Moving Barkhausen Effect forward
34 Researchers create method for more sensitive electrochemical sensors
35 Clogged pores for increased effectiveness: Whey protein stabilizes nanotransporter, controls pH-dependent drug release
36 A single molecule in sight: Intelligent molecules
37 A material that most liquids won't wet
38 Researchers use snail teeth to improve solar cells and batteries
39 Engineer making rechargeable batteries with layered nanomaterials
40 Resolving the internal structure of nanoparticle dimers linked by DNA
41 New study gives insight into graphene grain boundaries
42 Chemistry resolves toxic concerns about carbon nanotubes
43 Researchers create flexible, nanoscale 'bed of nails' for possible drug delivery
44 Nanotech research yields bouncing liquid metal marbles(w/ video)
45 Building electronics from the ground up
46 Graphene plasmonics beats the drug cheats
47 Electronics like it cold, and 30 K cryocooler delivers
48 A method for reversing the velocity spread in neutron beams should boost the accuracy of precision experiments
49 New class of magnets where fewer electrons mean stronger magnetism could lead to new energy-saving technologies
50 Advances in field of Raman spectroscopy pave way for new deep non-invasive medical diagnosis methods
51 Entanglement recycling makes teleportation more practical
52 Cheating to create the perfect simulation: Physicists on the way to describe the inside of neutron stars
53 Soft Lego built in the computer
54 Laser-based acousto-optic mapping: Next-generation design tool for loudspeaker designers
55 Researchers propose improvements to recommendation engines based on particle physics
56 Mathematical breakthrough sets out rules for more effective teleportation
57 Researchers confirm intrinsic superconductor behavior revealed
58 Blackening copper opens new applications
59 Forecasters look higher to make better cold weather predictions
60 TEPCO: Record high radiation level found in fish
61 What's causing Australia's heat wave?
62 Unrestricted access to the details of deadly eruptions
63 Temperature hits all-time record in Sydney
64 Factory smoke clouds China pollution pledges
65 Audit slams S. Korea's $20 bln river project
66 New photonic architecture promises to dramatically change next decade of disaggregated, rack-scale server designs
67 Schools should ditch books: New York mayor hopeful
68 Robofish grace glides with the greatest of ease
69 Panasonic steps up 3D camera tech for virtual world tours
70 Looking Sharp at the Consumer Electronics Show
71 E-book reading on the rise among young people
72 Samsung announces 100 mn Galaxy S smartphone sales
73 Four gadgets that defined Vegas electronics show
74 CES spotlight on smartphones' growing role as command center
75 Smartphone touted as 'remote for your life' at CES
76 High fashion, high tech intersect at CES confab
77 Fulton Innovation offers device-to-device wireless charging demo at CES
78 Dueling platforms at CES on wireless charging
79 Chinese tech firms pump up volume at CES
80 Gadget Watch: Long-battery watch talks to iPhone
81 Japan to replace nuclear plant with world's largest wind farm
82 Venture investments decline in 2012
83 China Mobile seeks Taiwan handset makers' support
84 Wipro profits up 18% on strong demand
85 Boeing plans to carry on with 787 production
86 Black silicon can take efficiency of solar cells to new levels
87 Kim Dotcom poised for return with Megaupload successor
88 Google pulls 'Make Me Asian' app after uproar
89 Small change for a big improvement: Halogen bonds and drug discovery
90 Film surface modification technology goes global in the printed intelligence sector
91 Team achieves more efficient gas separations using new polymer that selectively sieves gas molecules
92 Fraunhofer shows bio-tiles and heat-resistant biopolymers
93 South Korea carries news of bendable, shape-conformable batteries
94 Nanoscale 'Goldilocks' phenomenon could improve biofuel production
95 Development of the first way to make large amounts of promising anti-cancer substance
96 Sustainable reinforcement for concrete has newly discovered benefits
97 Potential new way to slow growth of prostate cancer cells
98 One step closer to hydrogen production from photoelectrochemical water-splitting
99 Computational study of human hair provides insights into structure of its poorly understood outer surface
100 2013 economic outlook for global chemical industry
101 Millimeter-level naked-eye detection of Cesium location at solid surface
102 Technology for a better diagnosis of food allergies
103 The cell that isn't: New technique captures division of membrane-less cells
104 Do hens have friends? It seems not
105 New report reveals insights into Swan River dolphin population
106 World's largest natural sound archive now online
107 Life thrives in the fast lane: Cars could have a greater impact on kerb dwelling plant life than previously thought
108 New research highlights influence of intraspecific variability on biodiversity studies
109 Lipid vesicles to replace mouse experiments
110 Scientists shed light on the 'dark matter' of DNA
111 Molecular assembly line brings muscles into shape
112 A global approach to monitoring biodiversity loss
113 Molecular twist helps regulate the cellular message to make histone proteins
114 A nano-gear in a nano-motor inside you
115 Innovative approach results in improved writing skills at primary school
116 Social media pays off for businesses, study shows
117 Engineers less empathetic, study finds
118 Surrogate births: How low levels of monitoring and regulation could lead to financial, physical, emotional exploitation
119 Ancient critter could be the granddaddy of shellfish
120 New study examines post-Roe v. Wade arrests of and forced interventions on pregnant women
121 Research links power and tendency to punish harshly
122 Compensation negotiation among women in the workplace
123 Scientists cast doubt on earlier 'killer walrus' claims
124 In global commerce, a multitude of trade products is good for a country--up to a point, researchers find
125 Gender issues in children's literature
126 Fresh produce safety website launched
127 Poor ranking on international test misleading about US student performance, researcher finds
128 Poll reveals majority of young people considering gun ownership
129 Eliminating or curtailing mortgage interest deduction would have modest long-run effects on economy
130 Physical and sexual assault linked to increased suicide risk in military
131 Oral breast cancer vaccine may offer new prevention tool
132 Vital children's cancer drug being underdosed
133 GI tract bacteria may protect against autoimmune disease
134 Weight loss helps to oust worms
135 Cases of rare but deadly encephalitis rising among kids, report finds
136 Researchers discover how the flu virus tells time
137 New study challenges links between day care and behavioral issues
138 Study findings have potential to prevent, reverse disabilities in children born prematurely
139 Fighting sleep: Discovery may lead to new treatments for deadly sleeping sickness
140 Scientists use luminescent mice to track cancer and aging in real-time
141 People with low risk for cocaine dependence have differently shaped brain to those with addiction
142 Is athleticism linked to brain size? Research on mice shows that exercise-loving mice have larger midbrains
143 Research shows commonly prescribed medications could have adverse effects
144 Drug targets hard-to-reach leukemia stem cells responsible for relapses
145 As colorectal cancer gets more aggressive, treatment with grape seed extract is even more effective
146 Lack of key enzyme in the metabolism of folic acid leads to birth defects
147 Australian study turns HIV against itself (Update)
148 Pot use-low IQ link challenged in study
149 Horsemeat found in ground burger sold in UK and Irish grocery stores
150 Light exposure during pregnancy key to normal eye development
151 Study finds that age does not impair decision-making capabilities
152 Possible role for Huntington's gene discovered
153 Diabetic fruit flies support buzz about dietary sugar dangers
154 Sunbed skin cancer risk double that of Mediterranean midday summer sun
155 Neuroscientists show how decision-making processes are influenced by neurons