File Title
1 Heatwave suddenly shrinks seaweed's range
2 New species of flying frog discovered in Vietnam
3 Russia plans to launch Moon probe in 2015
4 Europe and US agree details for Orion astronaut spacecraft
5 Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study
6 Curiosity Mars rover eyes rock drill site
7 Cormorant Alpha leak shuts down up to 27 UK oil fields
8 2012 was in top 10 warmest on record
9 Sizewell B builds new radioactive nuclear waste store
10 Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre saved from eviction after campaign
11 Bioluminescence: lighting up the natural world
12 Why are the British revolted by the idea of horsemeat?
13 Is graphene really a wonder-material?
14 Bodyline: 80 years of cricket's greatest controversy
15 Easy riding on New Zealand's new cycle trail
16 US gun debate: Obama unveils gun control proposals
17 Foreigners abducted by Islamist militants in Algeria
18 Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan profits rise sharply
19 Top Japan airlines ground Boeing 787s after emergency
20 Mali conflict: French 'fighting Islamists in Diabaly'
21 The pun conundrum
22 How Delhi gang rape 'has changed my city'
23 Boeing 787 Dreamliner: The impact of safety concerns
24 US employee 'outsourced job to China'
25 Children 'may grow out of autism'
26 Horsemeat found in beefburgers on sale in UK and Ireland
27 London helicopter crash: Two die in Vauxhall crane accident
28 Die Hard director John McTiernan heading to prison
29 Germany gold: Central bank to bring home some reserves
30 Virginia inmate Robert Gleason opts for electric chair
31 Woodpecker inspires cardboard bike helmet
32 China rising in Detroit
33 Phone bill warning to parents over mobile app charges
34 Facebook unveils social search tools for users
35 Blockbuster goes into administration
36 Jack Ma to step down as boss of Alibaba
37 Facebook's Graph targets Google
38 Going paperless 'would save NHS billions'
39 Kathryn Bigelow defends Zero Dark Thirty torture scenes
40 Calls for diabulimia to be recognised, say medics
41 Sony exec hints at PlayStation 4 launch in spring
42 NAS--A making strides in tracking near-Earth asteroids
43 Microsoft Surface Pro expected to arrive in "weeks"
44 Detroit auto show brings the bling
45 Global sea levels expected to rise one to four feet by 2100
46 Apple iPhone tracking app sends police to same Las Vegas man
47 Chimpanzees have a sense of fairness
48 New MySpace launches with Justin Timberlake single
49 2012 was world's tenth warmest year on record
50 Mars Rover to drill rocks that once held water
51 Facebook announces new "graph search" feature
52 Stacie Halas, fired Calif. teacher with porn past, loses appeal
53 Obama calls for sweeping new gun laws
54 What are Obama's gun control proposals?
55 Portland woman trapped between buildings rescued
56 Lance Armstrong tells Oprah he doped to win
57 Oregon sheriff: I won't enforce new gun laws I deem unconstitutional
58 Sleep position: How to improve comfort in bed
59 Tanya Angus, woman who couldn't stop growing, dies at 34
60 Energy drink-related ER visits doubled in 4 years
61 At $28k a semester, S.C. program tackles child obesity
62 Report: 22 kids die from flu this season
63 Vogue daughter put on strict diet by mom now at "healthy weight"
64 NYC soda ban goes into effect in March, but fines won't start for 3 months
65 Average cough lasts 18 days, study finds
66 The flu vaccine: What's stockpiled, why you should get one now
67 Hatsune Miku: The world's fakest pop star
68 CBS News: Government rejects Armstrong's $5M restitution offer
69 Fire Ant Monarchy Ruled by 'Social Chromosome'
70 Obama Calls for Gun Control & Research
71 Sexual Cannibalism Research Is Gender Biased, Study Says
72 10 Surprising Apps That Are Sharing Your Data
73 Colleges Requiring Phys Ed Hit All-Time Low
74 Town Chosen to Host Wave Energy Test Site
75 Does Eating Veggies Make You an Optimist?
76 Why Sandy Hook Massacre Spawned Conspiracy Theories
77 Menopausal Brain Fog Really Does Exist
78 Colicky Babies May Have Wrong Bacteria
79 Working Moms Serve As Family CFOs
80 Storms Reveal Iron Age Skeleton
81 'Death Star' Superweapon Idea Not New
82 Watch a Futuristic Robot Ship Track Enemy Submarines
83 Silicon Alternative Could Bring Faster, More Compact Circuits
84 'Mars Flower' Photo Puzzles Scientists
85 Russia to Launch New Moon Probe in 2015
86 Astronaut on Ice: A Search for Antarctic Meteorites
87 Curiosity Rover to Drill Mars Rock Once Soaked by Water
88 Big Strides Made in Tracking Near-Earth Asteroids, NASA Scientist Says
89 Hubble Telescope to Snap 6 New 'Deep Field' Views of Universe
90 Huge Wildfire Damages Australia's Largest Optical Observatory
91 Iran to Try Launching Monkey Into Space Again: Report
92 Inflatable Private Space Stations: Bigelow's Big Dream
93 'Aura Migraines' May Increase Women's Heart Attack Risk
94 Skiers' Thrill-Seeking May Be Genetic
95 Knowledge of History May Change How You View Racism
96 Bitter Cold Drives Southwest Dust Storm
97 18 Human Heads at Airport a Routine Shipment
98 Antarctica Glacier's Retreat 'Unprecedented'
99 Surprising Number of Young Adults Want Guns
100 Making Maps In The Brain
101 Mysterious Shaman Stones Uncovered in Panama
102 Satellites Spy Beetle Attacks on Forests
103 Mongoose Calls More Humanlike Than Thought
104 3D Imaging Sizes Up Volcanic Island Landslides
105 A Sex-tional Sofa? Sex with Couch Leads to Man's Arrest
106 Break Your New Year's Resolution? You're Not Alone
107 Colombian Park Could Expand to Include Isolated Tribes
108 Reality Check: 5 Risks of Raw Vegan Diet
109 NASA: 2012 Was 9th Hottest Year on Record Worldwide
110 Call of the Wild: Largest Animal Sound Archive Goes Digital
111 'Peaceful' Minoans Surprisingly Warlike
112 Reference: What is the Gulf Stream?
113 Future Electronics: How Gadgets Will Change in 5 Years
114 Warp Speed: What Hyperspace Would Really Look Like
115 Vaportini Makes Alcohol Inhalable
116 Facebook Posts More Memorable Than Faces
117 Fish Poop Helps Spread Seagrass
118 Do Scientists Fear the Paranormal?
119 DNA Gets the Scoop on Identifying Dog Poop
120 Newfound Brain Cells Linked to High Blood Pressure
121 Soda & Obesity: Just a Matter of Calories?
122 Your Cough Will Last Longer Than You Think, Study Finds
123 Berries Cut Women's Heart Attack Risk
124 How City Blackbirds Shout Over Traffic
125 Why Is It So Cold in the Southwest?
126 Fujitsu: The Flip Phone Favored by Philanderers
127 End Near? Doomsday Clock Holds at 5 'Til Midnight
128 Fighting Fires: You're Doing It Wrong
129 Reference: Elgin Marbles & the Parthenon
130 How the Government Stifled Gun Research
131 5 Milestones in Gun Control History
132 Ecuadorian Tribe Vows to 'Die Fighting' Oil Company
133 Science Fiction Aims to Fund Real Weapon
134 Chimps Have a Sense of Fairness
135 Secret of Dingo's Down-Under Origin Revealed
136 Does Pot Really Lower IQ?
137 To Save a Cathedral, Marinate in Olive Oil
138 Russian Team Reaches Buried Antarctic Lake
139 Objects Beyond Cosmic Voids Not As Bright As They Appear