File Title
1 Emissions could cut climate damage by 60%
2 Australian telescopes survive massive bushfire
3 UK tidal power has huge potential, say scientists
4 Tetrapod anatomy: Backbone back-to-front in early animals
5 EU auditors criticise energy efficiency projects
6 Pill-sized scanner images gullet
7 Beijing's hazardous pollution sparks Chinese media anger
8 Climate change measures: Report praises politicians
9 El Dorado: The truth behind the myth
10 Where vegetarianism is an exotic illness
11 Mali Islamists seize town amid French intervention
12 Debt ceiling debate: Obama to stake out position
13 Golden Globes: Ben Affleck's Argo scoops two awards
14 Aaron Swartz investigation ordered by MIT
15 Syria conflict causing 'staggering' humanitarian crisis
16 Cubans set for foreign travel as exit permits abolished
17 CES 2013: The tablet that turns itself lumpy
18 Puppy thrown at German biker gang
19 India's Hindu Kumbh Mela festival begins in Allahabad
20 'Red October' cyber-attack found by Russian researchers
21 Silvio Berlusconi: Ruby sex trial plea rejected
22 Slums and the future of cities
23 New Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
24 Solar ship aims to soar
25 China's Tencent denies WeChat app global censorship
26 Apple shares hit by iPhone 5 order fears
27 Java still contains security flaws, experts claim
28 Baidu and France Telecom team up on smartphone browser
29 HTC launches phones with Burmese language fonts
30 Fast-food 'linked to childhood asthma and eczema'
31 Mum's testing affects HPV jab uptake, says survey
32 The barriers to Nigeria's battle to contain polio
33 Cholera fear in Cuba as officials keep silent
34 'My child's massive stroke, aged 11'
35 Surgeons warning on overseas weight loss surgery
36 Milky Way galaxy may be less massive than thought
37 Reddit co-founder's death fuels debate over computer crime
38 Brazilian bikini wax making crab lice endangered
39 Report: Apple cutting orders for iPhone 5 parts
40 2014 Corvette ready to roll
41 Study finds unsafe mercury levels in 84% of all fish
42 A word for the password-weary
43 Beijing air pollution off the charts
44 Online activist, programmer Aaron Swartz dies
45 New malware exploiting Java 7 in Windows, Unix systems
46 Golden Globes 2013: "Argo," "Les Miserables" win best picture honors
47 Golden Globes 2013: List of winners
48 Snapshot of flu epidemic across the U.S.
49 Powell blasts GOP's "dark vein of intolerance"
50 The battle against the clock on gun control
51 Poll: Spike in dissatisfaction over gun laws
52 Amid record sales, a call for restraint at gun shops
53 Is the rush for stricter gun laws over?
54 Republicans contemplating government shutdown over debt fight
55 Doctor on health review sites: "No one reliable site"
56 Coca-Cola ads to address obesity epidemic
57 Doctor: Flu spreads exponentially, like a chain letter
58 30% of teen girls admit real-life meeting with online "stranger"
59 Scramble for vaccine as flu season heats up
60 Hospitals crack down on staff refusing flu shots
61 Flu 101: Questions answered
62 Proper hand-washing essential during flu season
63 Biden: Obama may side-step Congress on parts of gun control agenda
64 In Newark, N.J., guns serve another use
65 Questions remain about Hagel for Democrats, Republicans
66 WH shoots down secession petitions
67 Natalie Wood death report to question original autopsy: Sources
68 Python hunters: Inside their Everglades search
69 Zero Dark Thirty highlights rising star of women in CIA
70 The Twitter Diet? Social Media May Aid Weight Loss
71 Protect the Oceans: Don't Flush That Fish!
72 What Ancient Humans May Have Looked Like Revealed
73 Why Many Young Americans May Die with Debt
74 Endangered Species? Bikini Waxes Wiping Out Crab Lice
75 Big Chill vs. Global Warming: What's Going On?
76 Records Highs/Lows Smashed From Coast to Coast
77 Girl Who Doesn't Grow Baffles Doctors
78 30% of Teens Meet Online 'Friends' Offline: Study
79 Space Station Astronaut Calls for Peace on Earth
80 No 'Death Star' for US Military, White House Says
81 Baffling Star Birth Mystery Finally Solved
82 Pacific Bluefin Tuna in Trouble, Scientists Say
83 Russian astronomers discover new huge comet
84 Celestial flybys set to thrill
85 Comet heads our way for celestial show in 2013
86 Anti-aircraft laser weapon demonstrated
87 Boeing High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator Advances to High-power Testing
88 Russia develops air defense lasers
89 Northrop Grumman Demonstrates Compact, Rugged Laser for Military Applications
90 Russia plans replacement for Soyuz rocket
91 Roscosmos Releases Report On Proton Launch Anomaly
92 NASA Rules Out Earth Impact in 2036 for Asteroid Apophis
93 'Doomsday asteroid' poses no threat: NASA
94 Asteroid 2011 AG5 Given A Wide Berth In 2040 Encounter
95 Asteroids Deflected with Paint
96 Paintballs may deflect an incoming asteroid
97 Russia may build rocket to destroy Earth-threatening asteroids
98 Did a "forgotten" meteor have a deadly, icy double-punch?
99 Robot Spheres in zero-gravity action
100 Crew Prepares for Student Robotics Competition
101 LS3 Four-Legged Robot Plays Follow the Leader
102 Radio telescopes give clues to structure, history of Milky Way
103 Sofia Spots Recent Starburst In The Milky Way Galaxy's Center
104 Astronomers identify the stellar patrons of the Milky Way bar
105 The Supernova That Cried Wolf
106 UT Arlington researchers try new approach for simulating supernovas
107 Massive Outburst in Neighbor Galaxy Surprises Astronomers
108 ALMA Sheds Light on Planet-Forming Gas Streams
109 Galactic geysers fuelled by star stuff
110 Bacteria In Rio Tinto Could Be Like Those On Mars
111 Life on Mars? Maybe not. NASA rows back on findings
112 First "Bone" of the Milky Way Identified
113 Adaptive Optics Brings Remarkable Details To Stellar Nursery
114 Opportunity Heading Toward Light-Toned Veins
115 Opportunity Scores Another Dust Cleaning Event At Vermillion
116 Russia calms fears over 'asteroid danger'
117 Mars One announces requirements for Red Planet colonists
118 Mars500 project--salt balance of the Mars 'astronauts'
119 Simulated mission to Mars reveals critical data about sleep needs for astronauts
120 Canada Launches Final Stage of RADARSAT Project
121 The Three Transits Of Venus 2012
122 A New State of Venus's Atmosphere
123 New Chandra Movie Features Neutron Star Action
124 U.K. forecasters revise warming estimates
125 2012 warmest on record for US, had historic extremes
126 The laws of global warming
127 As climate warms, bark beetles march on high-elevation forests
128 New Delhi suffers coldest day in 44 years
129 Geo-engineering against climate change
130 Action by 2020 key for limiting climate change
131 University of Tennessee study predicts extreme climate in Eastern US
132 The dark side of kerosene lamps: High black carbon emissions
133 SpaceX sets March 1 for launch to ISS