File Title
1 Cheap smartphones global market grows
2 Aaron Swartz, internet freedom activist, dies aged 26
3 France Rafale jets target Gao in eastern Mali
4 Court in Egypt orders retrial for Mubarak after appeal
5 Mass Paris rally against gay marriage in France
6 Golden Globes: Hollywood prepares for ceremony
7 Six men arrested in new Indian 'bus rape'
8 New York State declares influenza emergency
9 Paul Salopek: Going for a seven-year walk
10 Runaway 13-year-old boy drives across Europe
11 Mali: RAF C17 cargo plane to help French operation
12 Imani Green Jamaica killing: 'Happy girl,' eight, shot dead
13 China's ghost towns and phantom malls
14 Israel evicts tent protesters at West Bank E1 settlement
15 Researchers Use Imaging Findings to Chronicle New Details About Second Impact Syndrome in a High School Football Player
16 Researchers Develop Tool to Evaluate Genome Sequencing Method
17 Itchy Wool Sweaters Explained
18 Study Refutes Accepted Model of Memory Formation
19 For Those Short on Time, Aerobic, Not Resistance, Exercise Is Best Bet for Weight- and Fat Loss
20 Secure Communication Technology Can Conquer Lack of Trust
21 Unlocking Sorghum's Gene Bank
22 Astrophysicists Make Stellar Discovery About Galaxies Far, Far Away
23 Rare Form of Active 'Jumping Genes' Found In Mammals
24 Sorting Stem Cells
25 Power Spintronics: Producing AC Voltages By Manipulating Magnetic Fields
26 Liquid Jets and Bouncing Balls Combine for Surprising Results
27 For Most of Northeast, 2012 Was a Scorcher for the Record Books
28 A New Year's Recap: The Twelve Trends of Alzheimer's
29 Coral Records Suggest El Nino Activity Rises Above Background
30 Your Brain on Big Bird
31 Mass. Eye and Ear/Harvard Medical School Ophthalmologist Receives Research to Prevent Blindness Senior Scientific Investigator Award
32 Computer Scientists Find Vulnerabilities in Cisco VoIP Phones
33 Researchers Identify Important Factor in Fat Storage and Energy Metabolism
34 Study Reveals Ordinary Glass's Extraordinary Properties
35 Corn Could Help Farmers Fight Devastating Weed
36 Dark Matter Made Visible Before the Final Cut
37 Freeman Dyson: John Von Neumann's Garden
38 Molecular 'Two-Way Radio' Directs Nerve Cell Branching And Connectivity
39 Researcher Learns Mechanism of Hearing Is Similar to Car Battery
40 Study Finds Flame Retardant Pollutants at Far-Flung Locations
41 Iowa State Computer, Electrical Engineers Working to Help Biologists Cope with Big Data
42 New Research May Explain Why Obese People Have Higher Rates of Asthma
43 Simulated Mars Mission Reveals Body's Sodium Rhythms
44 A New Point of Reference for Offshore Energy Development
45 Researchers Work to Counter Spear Phishing Attacks
46 Top Engineering Students to Square Off at Cornell Cup USA by Intel
47 New Telescopes to Give UC San Diego Researchers Glimpse of the Beginning of Time
48 National Academy of Sciences Honors Geneticist and Biologist Sue Biggins
49 Hubble Reveals Rogue Planetary Orbit for Fomalhaut b
50 Investigators Discover New Gene That Affects Clearance of Hepatitis C Virus
51 UW, PNNL Tackle Big Data with Joint Computing Institute
52 Dimmer Switch for Regulating Cell's Read of DNA Code
53 Engineering Alternative Fuel with Cyanobacteria
54 Machine Perception Lab Shows Robotic One-Year-Old on Video
55 Study Measures Holes Antibacterials Create in Cell Walls
56 N/A
57 N/A
58 Researchers Find Causality in the Eye of the Beholder
59 Ethical Dilemmas in Social Network-Based Research
60 Stem Cells Found to Heal Damaged Artery in Lab Study
61 The 411 on 511
62 Game-Based Economics Research Explains Why We Roll the Dice on Flu Shots
63 Nearby Dwarf Galaxy and Possible Protogalaxy Discovered
64 Treating Eye Diseases with Anti-VEGF Therapies May Have Side Effects
65 Research Suggests Molecular 'Switch' May Play Role in Tumor Suppression
66 Smartphone app helps in restaurant seating
67 China's new Internet policy debated
68 Texas eyes control burns as wildfire tool
69 Mission would drag asteroid to the moon
70 FDA proposes new food safety rules
71 Impacts on giant asteroid left evidence
72 Uses of computers, smartphones compared
73 Dinosaur feathers may have attracted mates
74 Study: Smartphone data could cut crashes
75 Strange galactic 'dance' a cosmic puzzle
76 Gamers salute PlayStation 2
77 Insured to get help via smartphones
78 DNA research seeks vaccine for malaria
79 Shortage of helium has business impact
80 Russian volcano erupting with gas, ash
81 Interruption of tasks can be dangerous
82 Ancient birds had teeth--strong ones
83 Study suggests worlds may be life sites
84 Library of Congress has archive of tweets
85 Binary stars said to fling off planets
86 Research on liquid fuels from coal begins
87 Lenovo debuts 'table-top' computer
88 Study: Oil sand production polluting lakes
89 Tracking device can find your lost luggage
90 India slims down Mars mission payload
91 Huawei to debut world's biggest smartphone
92 Report: EU hit by cybertheft in U.S.
93 Ancient medicine found on shipwreck
94 Giant squid caught on video near Japan
95 Study: Jurassic ecosystems like today's
96 Hand-held X-ray source developed
97 Cancer-linked chemicals found worldwide
98 Computerized records can improve care if technical assistance provided
99 NOAA: 2012 was warmest year on record
100 'Spear phishing' attacks target networks
101 'Catastrophic' heat ahead for Australia
102 Material cleans water of nuclear waste
103 Mimicking structure of firefly abdomens created more efficient LEDs
104 Engineered algae seen as fuel source
105 Frozen hydrocarbon ice on Titan's oceans?
106 'Virtual autopsies' are new forensic tools
107 'Exocomets' may orbit distant stars
108 Genetics clues to survival of coral reef
109 PM: YouTube to reopen after filtration
110 Russia unveils monument to Steve Jobs
111 Ancient Roman theater unearthed in Britain
112 Calif. a 'safe harbor' for plant species
113 Apple mulling lower-cost iPhone model?
114 Willow tree is newest invader in Florida
115 Fossil tracks of dino 'stampede' studied
116 Record low temperatures in Bangladesh
117 Space telescope snaps asteroid photos
118 'Prune fingers' may be evolutionary help
119 U.K. forecasters revise warming estimates
120 Protection of great white sharks debated
121 Russia, China in count of rare leopard
122 High-tech fork can help with dieting
123 Asteroids at distant star suggest planets
124 Underwater robots locate endangered whales
125 Technology detects flu in 1 hour, not days
126 U.S. wild horse roundup debated
127 Mercury said risk in developing countries
128 Pre-Hispanic peoples in Mexico may have used cosmetics to honor the dead
129 Telescopes to probe universe's origin
130 Weather on distant brown dwarf studied
131 Earth's core melts deeper than thought
132 Anti-aircraft laser weapon demonstrated
133 Report: World wastes half of its food
134 3D printing creates 'virtual' fossil
135 U.S. takes satellites off weapons list
136 Neolithic remains found in Turkey
137 Data confirms largest-known spiral galaxy
138 Firefox-powered phones coming to Europe?
139 Antarctic lake reached after millennia
140 Mangrove loss threatens Bengal tiger
141 Cook: China is the apple in Apple's eye
142 Facebook charges $100 to message founder
143 China turns to home-grown satellite images
144 Egypt turns off streetlights to save power
145 Judge orders delay in Kenya TV switchover
146 X-ray telescope sees glow of black holes
147 Israel to have 20-year low in draftees
148 U.S. banks ask NSA for cybersecurity help
149 Simulated Mars mission highlights problems
150 'Mars-like' Earthly spots harboring life
151 SpaceX sets March 1 for launch to ISS
152 Warning given on Java security flaw
153 Russia announces plan for space program
154 Climate change having impact across U.S.
155 Smartphone OS war heats up