File Title
1 Galaxy crash sparks large spiral
2 Tiny molecular machine apes cellular production line
3 Is Haiti safe for travellers?
4 French soldier killed and hostage feared dead in Somalia
5 Turkey questions Hollande contacts with dead Kurdish activist
6 Beijing air pollution soars to hazard level
7 P&O cruise firm stops Argentine port stops
8 Greek parliament passes new tax increases
9 Tweets of the week: Justin Bieber, Lance Armstrong and Jack Lew's signature
10 Haiti quake: Why isn't aid money going to Haitians?
11 US shoots down Death Star superlaser petition
12 Who, What, Why: Why do criminals smuggle garlic?
13 Vietnam admits deploying bloggers to support government
14 Porn companies sue to overturn Los Angeles condom law
15 French troops continue operation against Mali Islamists
16 Birmingham stabbings: Stab victims were Big Issue sellers
17 Bushfires rage on in Australia 'helped' by climate change
18 Cheap smartphones global market grows
19 CES 2013: New players prepare to shake up video gaming
20 Python challenge: Florida holds snake hunting contest
21 Costa Concordia wreck to be removed by September
22 White House rejects building a Death Star
23 U.S. tells computer users to disable Java software
24 Hackers sentenced for Michael Jackson music theft
25 Facebook testing $100 charge to message to non-friends
26 Watch: "Inside DayGlo: The world's most colorful factory"
27 Wikimedia Foundation launches travel site "Wikivoyage"
28 Rumor of cheaper iPhone gets new life after Reuters pulls report
29 NYC police: Cannon found loaded with powder, ball
30 25 weirdest job interview questions of 2012
31 Global show of support leaves Newtown "snowed in"
32 Labradoodle Looks Like a Lion: 911 calls released of Virginians mistaking dog for a lion cub
33 Rep. Gingrey: Akin "partly right" about "legitimate rape"
34 Obama: U.S. accelerating Afghan military transition
35 Billions in Sandy aid package headed elsewhere
36 Fischer: Entitlement reform requires "political courage"
37 What's up with the $1 trillion coin?
38 Newtown mom wants voice in gun control discussion
39 Biden: "No silver bullet" to prevent gun violence
40 Pa. VA hospital knew of Legionella problem before patient's death
41 Proper hand-washing essential during flu season
42 Jodi Arias Trial Update: Prosecution presents testimony to prove Arias, who killed ex-boyfriend, is a pathological liar
43 Hearing impaired men stabbed in Fla. club after sign language mistaken for gang signs
44 Michelle Le Murder Trial: Giselle Esteban found guilty in nursing student's 2011 death
45 Dontrell Melvin Missing: No one reported Fla. baby's disappearance for 18 months
46 Steubenville Rape Case: Student in online video leaves Ohio State, lawyer cites threats
47 Alligator-like reptile found guarding marijuana stash dies in Calif. zoo, officials say
48 CDC: Flu vaccine 62% effective; 47 states report widespread illness
49 Texas preemies bond with parents using webcams
50 Older heavy smokers should get scanned for lung cancer, says American Cancer Society
51 Cold or flu? How to tell the difference
52 NASA's Next Flagship Space Telescope Back on Track...and on Budget
53 Big Sunspot Unleashes Intense Solar Flare
54 NASA Buys Private Inflatable Room for Space Station
55 Amateur Astronomers Discover 42 Alien Planets
56 Hotter Years Ahead for US, Report Finds
57 Big Tobacco: Geneticists Create a Plant That Can't Stop Growing
58 Have Astronomers Found Chemical Precursor to Life?
59 Golden Globe Creator Eyes the Prize All Year Long
60 Iran May Not Be Behind Bank Cyberattacks, Experts Say
61 Hot Health Tech of CES 2013
62 Recruiting Veterans Helps Program Engineer Its Future Now
63 America's Newest National Park Declared
64 Flu Activity Still High: How Long Will it Last?
65 Weighty Verdict: Male Jurors Biased Against Heavy Women
66 Ancient Pompeians Could Go Upstairs to Pee
67 Wood from Land Feeds Deep Sea Life
68 Down the Drain: Lost Items Reveal Roman Bath Activities
69 Mysterious Eels' Mating Migration Tracked
70 5 Ways to Avoid Getting the Flu at Work
71 Millionaire Parents Preach Tough Love
72 Scale Model Discovered for Florence Cathedral
73 Simplest Clock Yet? Single Atom Tells Time
74 Atmosphere of Venus Has Strange Magnetic 'Ropes'
75 Finding Another Earth: How Will Scientists Confirm It Exists?
76 FDA Lowers Dosages for Popular Sleep Meds
77 Alien Life May Exist on Exoplanet Moons
78 Flu, Whooping Cough and Vomiting Virus: What's Going On?
79 Space Rock Star: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Becoming Canadian Celebrity
80 Rhino Poaching at Record High in South Africa
81 How a Rare Snowfall Hit Jerusalem, Middle East
82 Almost Half of World's Food Wasted, Report Claims
83 Virtual Reality Comes to Home Computers in 3D
84 Solved: Mysterious Structures in China Desert Revealed
85 Origin of Life: Did a Simple Pump Drive Process?
86 Marriage Boosts Odds of Surviving Middle Age
87 Spider Silk-Spinning Technique Key to Stronger Fibers
88 Monopoly Game Token Vote Goes to Social Media
89 China's One-Child Policy Creates 'Little Emperors'
90 Killer Whales May Have Been Trapped by Climate Change
91 Pompeii 'Wall Posts' Reveal Ancient Social Networks
92 Biggest Thing in Universe Found--Defies Scientific Theory
93 Sharp-eared Robots Find Whales--And Help Them Escape Danger
94 In Kulluk's Wake, Deeper Debate Roils on Arctic Drilling
95 South African Rhino Poaching Hits New High, Group Says
96 Google and Twitter Help Track Influenza Outbreaks
97 How "Cheating" Slime Mold Escapes Death
98 Embryonic Sharks Freeze to Avoid Detection
99 Fake "Poop" Created, Could Cure Infections
100 U.S. Government Pushes for Truly Sustainable Biofuels
101 The Green Button Initiative One Year Later: Got Energy Data?
102 Entrepreneurs Fight for the Future of Fish--Beginning With the Bottom Line
103 Using Pesticides to Grow Organic Crops
104 Turning Brownfields Into Brightfields With Solar
105 Congress Passes Extension of Wind Production Tax Credit
106 Bus-Size Sea Monster Found, Took On Prey Its Own Size
107 Albino-like Bald Eagle Spotted in Washington State
108 Billions of Earthlike Planets Crowd Milky Way?
109 Primitive and Peculiar Mammal May Be Hiding Out in Australia