File Title
1 Platelets flight malaria, but most Africans miss out
2 Stem cell pioneer sues Nobel assembly in U.S.
3 Moon's battered crust reveals violent past
4 Pacific island tsunami scars offer insight
5 British astronomer Patrick Moore dies, 89
6 Hobbit face revealed
7 Antarctic, Arctic cycles are in sync
8 Destroy lab samples of rinderpest virus: OIE
9 Modified HIV defeats leukaemia
10 Homosexuality starts in the womb, scientists say
11 Fossil find challenges tree of life
12 Hubble spots oldest, furthest galaxies
13 People live longer but are not always healthier
14 NASA photo error puts Everest in India
15 New slow loris species discovered
16 Draft climate change report leaked online: IPCC
17 Australia plans drill of ancient Antarctic ice core
18 Mind-controlled hand a breakthrough for the paralysed
19 No songs from 'dead' N. Korea satellite
20 Australian miners turn to termites to find riches
21 126 new species discovered in Southeast Asia
22 NASA probes crash into the Moon
23 O Christmas tree, filled with bugs
24 Nearby star is good candidate for Earth-like planets
25 Fighting fists shaped hand evolution
26 Top science test promotes negative attitudes
27 Great Barrier Reef sea floor slab could generate tsunami
28 Top 12 features articles of 2012
29 12 most popular news stories of 2012
30 Most read opinion pieces of 2012
31 The Tyrant of Clipperton Island
32 Better Call Sol
33 The Enlightenment Guide To Winning The Lottery
34 Night Takes Rook
35 Pushed to the Limit
36 Nineteen Seventy Three
37 The Science of Mental Fitness
38 The Arizona Dragonslayer
39 Twitter Gives Your History Back
40 Sinful Robot: XXX Virtual Reality
41 A Twist on CAPTCHA
42 Military's Robot Mule Carries on Despite Fall
43 Helmet Lets You Crank Up The Tunes
44 Power a City With a Man-Made Tornado
45 Machine Makes Short Work of Battery Recycling
46 Lens Converts Light Into Sound
47 Reddit Secret Santa Breaks Guinness World Record
48 Africa Has More Mobile Than U.S.: DNews Nugget
49 Gun Control Dominates Twitter After School Shooting
50 Gangnam Style Shatters Guinness World Record
51 Rock/pop stars going solo found more likely to die young
52 Egyptian king had throat slashed, study finds
53 Did some Neanderthals learn advanced skills from "moderns"?
54 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
55 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
56 Gospel of Matthew linked to bizarre trail of self-mutilations
57 Possibly "habitable" planet called smallest yet found
58 Music and movement might share a common structure
59 Epigenetics proposed to underlie homosexuality
60 Racial purity DNA testing slammed as perversion, but halting practice might not be easy
61 Moral "taint" still seeps along blood lines
62 American head shapes have been changing, but why?
63 Cold case solved? Study probes riddle of sinking beer bubbles
64 Move elephants into Australia, scientist proposes
65 Study: elephant fiasco shows moving truck no "panacea" for wildlife troubles
66 Right words found to inspire environmental care in conservatives
67 75% of African lion habitat gone, study says
68 Newfound protein linked to big, strong muscles
69 Was blackmail essential for marriage to evolve?
70 A human bias against creativity is hindering science, research claims
71 Pluto has even colder "twin" of similar size, studies find
72 Could simple anger have taught people to cooperate?
73 Different cultures' music matches their speech styles, researchers find
74 Did huge caverns swallow up the Martian water?
75 Grand Canyon dates to dinosaur era, study says
76 Cleaner air seen continuing to boost life expectancy
77 Too-big black hole flummoxes scientists
78 Dogs may link words to object sizes rather than shapes
79 Your parrot isn't just parroting, study suggests
80 Music making may help keep mind in tune in old age
81 Tiny bugs have own personalities despite being clones, scientists say
82 Dogs can learn to recognize smiles, study finds
83 Why do men use silly pickup lines?
84 Can you literally throw away unwanted thoughts?
85 Why do parrots talk? For some, mimicking talent may be for addressing individuals
86 Scientists try to measure animal boredom
87 New type of exploding star may be a dud
88 Happy kids found more likely to get rich
89 Einstein's brain gets a new look-over
90 Forests detectable even in distant solar systems, scientists suggest
91 Bars may kill spiral galaxies
92 Sadness can hit your pocketbook, study finds
93 Gene that may have helped make people smart ID'd
94 Report of ancient meat-fest by human ancestors disputed
95 Are people getting dumber?
96 Societies evolve a bit like creatures, study finds
97 Boom times in star birth gone, never to return, study suggests
98 Get them some sleep, scientists say of young delinquents
99 Comet collisions every 6 seconds by distant star?
100 World money meltdown can start in surprising places, physicists say
101 Parrot wasn't supposed to make tools, but he did
102 From brain science, new questions about free will
103 Astronomers tally leftover light from dead, living stars
104 Power-hungry image may hurt female, but not male politicians
105 Could dinosaurs have shaped the way mammals see the world?
106 Study seeks to show how acupuncture really works
107 Zombie fad seen as entry point to serious bioethics discussions
108 Diversity within species may be as important as among them
109 Quitting smoking may extend life 10 years
110 Scientists explore whether some apes shake heads for "no"
111 Stray stars may haunt vastness between galaxies
112 Mostly-male book images may reduce girls' science scores
113 Resveratrol found to fall short in health benefits
114 New anti-cancer strategy: make tumor cells age
115 Summer babies found less likely to be CEOs
116 It seems we're all more human than average
117 Deadly heat baked pre-dinosaur world: study
118 Too late to stop global warming by cutting emissions, scientists say
119 An Earth-sized planet in our stellar backyard?
120 Does true love wait? Age of first sex found to predict adult outcomes
121 Super "compact" solar system found
122 Nasty noises: Why do we recoil at unpleasant sounds?
123 Amateur rediscovers lost asteroid
124 Windows could generate solar energy
125 Giant black holes from chaotic early era coming to light
126 Fossil said to be earliest to show complex brain
127 Not getting sleepy? Brain scans may reveal why some can't be hypnotized
128 Honor and revenge: how tribal warfare sheds light on modern violence
129 Scientists measure cosmic "exit door"
130 Genes thought to affect IQ might not
131 Signs of "ancient stream" on Mars
132 Next moon rover could be a boat--on Titan
133 Slave ant "rebellions" found to be common
134 Street coyotes more faithful than people, study suggests
135 Scientists hijack brain cells to remote-control worms
136 Pesticides not yet proven guilty in bee dieoffs: study
137 Study suggests we can flip our opinions in moments without knowing
138 Ancient text said to suggest Christ was married
139 Record-distance galaxy may confirm theories
140 Common chemical linked to nearly tripled odds of youth obesity
141 Pill may cut HIV risk as much as 99%
142 Silver, gold come from bursting stars--but different types, study finds
143 Supergel could replace damaged joint cartilage
144 Dark matter may give off an already-seen signal, physicists say
145 Tasmanian devil may be saved by a bit less devilishness
146 Most "junk" DNA not junk, studies find
147 Cyborg tissues may become reality, Harvard scientists say