File Title
1 UN: Rising mercury emissions increase risk to humans
2 US firms target astronaut flights
3 Supernova 'Mingus' could shed light on dark energy
4 Zambia bans hunting of lions and leopards
5 Shark embryos 'freeze' to evade predators
6 Grown hearing-hairs 'beat' deafness in mice
7 Killer whales trapped in Canada's frozen Hudson Bay
8 South Georgia prepares to cull its invasive reindeer
9 Sickle-shaped blood cells 'may kill cancer cells in mice'
10 Half of all food 'wasted' report claims
11 Apophis asteroid: Large space rock flies past Earth
12 Pike found choked on zander in Netherlands
13 Gemini telescope catches 'Orion's Bullets'
14 Whatever happened to Pluto?
15 Australian wildfires add to growing confusion over climate
16 Road scheme protesters 'to lose'
17 Creating a cycling culture in Hong Kong
18 Will we ever...lose all of our coral reefs?
19 Oscars: Silver Linings surprise contender, while Lincoln dominates
20 Kurdish PKK co-founder Sakine Cansiz shot dead in Paris
21 Most of US gripped by flu outbreak
22 Delhi gang rape suspects 'tortured to force confession'
23 If used-car salesmen ran Congress
24 Tim Geithner: What will be his legacy?
25 The tourists held by Greek police as illegal migrants
26 'Drug holidays' beat cancer drug resistance in mice
27 Oscars 2013: Full list of nominees
28 April Casburn guilty of leak to News of the World offer
29 Somali pirate 'Big Mouth' quits
30 Killer whales escape as Canada's Hudson Bay ice shifts
31 Amazon AutoRip service gives out free digital copies of CDs
32 UK still has 13,000 black-and-white TVs
33 Mozilla-developed phones to launch in Europe this year
34 Nokia shares rise on better-than-expected Lumia sales
35 From Lemmy to Snooki, celebs are desperate to sell you headphones
36 CES 2013: Looking beyond 4k to the TVs of the future
37 Navigational backup to aid ships in Dover straits
38 Pebble smartwatch set to ship to project backers
39 'App to block overused buzzwords'
40 Apple's Cook talks "cooperation" with iPhone-less China Mobile
41 Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old Egypt tombs
42 Chinese police probe kickbacks by Foxconn managers
43 CES 2013: Samsung reveals phone with bendable screen
44 Doomsday asteroid Apophis flies by Earth tonight
45 CES 2013: Qualcomm's trippy keynote event perplexes convention goers
46 Kickstarter Pebble smartwatch to ship Jan 23
47 Report: T-Mobile to drop subsidies, sell iPhones in three to four months
48 CES 2013: Electronic fork nags you on eating
49 Wanted: Mars colonists to explore red planet
50 Alien Earth: What it will mean to find our planet's twin
51 3 reasons Apple would make a new cheap iPhone
52 Kickstarter reports nearly $320 million pledged
53 Microsoft to shut down Messenger on March 15
54 People's Choice Awards 2013: "The Hunger Games" victorious with five awards
55 Flu season takes dangerous turn in Boston
56 Lincoln, "Life of Pi" lead Oscar race
57 People's Choice Awards: List of winners
58 Junior Seau had degenerative brain disease CTE when he committed suicide, study shows
59 National flu outbreak widens
60 Ga. mom who shot intruder inspires gun rights advocates
61 Biden: Obama may side-step Congress on parts of gun control agenda
62 Armstrong allegedly offered large "donation" to doping agency
63 Digital Photocopiers Loaded With Secrets
64 Trend in women binge drinking carries deadly risks
65 Boeing restless after two 787 Dreamliner incidents
66 FDA tells drugmakers to lower doses for Ambien, other sleeping pills
67 Not too late to get flu vaccine, FDA urges
68 Acetaminophen overdose a danger during flu season
69 Settlement reached in Eli Lilly pregnancy drug linked to breast cancer case
70 Study: Scientists retool Pap test to spot other cancers
71 Diabetes-detecting dog saves man's life
72 Robert Griffin III undergoes knee surgery: What does procedure entail?
73 Incurable gonorrhea hits North American shores
74 BPA exposure in children linked to increased risk for kidney, heart disease
75 Did Mega-Drought Kill Ancient Aboriginal Culture?
76 Why Is This Year's Flu Season So Bad?
77 NASA Drone to Probe Ozone Loss
78 Night's Bright Lights Dim View for Remote Telescopes
79 Married or Single, the Financial Grass Is Always Greener
80 Man Begins 7-Year Walk on Path of Ancient Humans
81 13 Outlandish Interview Tactics You Shouldn't Try
82 Milky Way Galaxy May Be Less Massive Than Thought
83 Workers Overestimate Their Own Health
84 Einstein Was Right: Space-Time Smooth, Not Foamy
85 2,000-Year-Old Treasure Discovered In Black Sea Fortress
86 Thomas Edison Hologram Hosts 'Gadget Graveyard' at CES
87 What You Can Do About the Raging Flu
88 Most Distant 'Standard Candle' Star Explosion Found
89 Most Earth-Like Alien Planet Possibly Found
90 AXE Company Wants to Launch 22 People Into Space
91 Can Movie Screenings on Demand Save Hollywood?
92 Lined-Up Sun, Moon Give Rise to 'King Tides'
93 Brown-Eyed Guys Seem More Trustworthy, Study Suggests
94 Plugged In: Shark Fetuses Detect Predators' Electric Fields
95 Americans Are in Worse Health Than Other Nationalities
96 Alien Asteroid Belt Discovery Hints at Hidden Planets
97 Emotions Pose Obstacle to Weight Loss, Psychologists Say
98 Crushing Rocks Reveals Magma Mantle Mysteries
99 Mississippi River Continues to Near Historic Low
100 Boredom at Work May Boost Creativity
101 New 'iShack' Dwelling Brings Solar Power to Slums
102 Ancient Mexico's Dead Got Makeovers
103 Coca-Cola Recommended to Treat Stomach Blockages
104 How Pap Smears Could Detect Ovarian & Uterine Cancer
105 How Earthquakes Bash Through 'Creeping' Faults
106 Hubble Space Telescope Could Last Until 2018, NASA Says
107 Dazzling Comet of 2013 May Be Among Brightest Ever Seen
108 'Zombie' Planet's Rogue Orbit Around Star Shocks Scientists
109 NASA to Announce Launch of New Earth-Observing Satellite
110 New Kiln Advances Science of Thermally Modified Wood Products
111 Underwater Robots Hear 9 Endangered Whales
112 Views on Gay People Shift in Singapore
113 Stomach Pump for Weight Loss? Experts Are Critical
114 Oldest Roman Hairstyle Recreated for First Time
115 Wild Weather of Distant 'Failed Star' Revealed
116 Gonorrhea May Become Incurable, Experts Fear
117 Heap of Cattle Bones May Mark Ancient Feasts
118 Medical Myths: When Urban Legends Kill
119 3D Ear Scanning Enables Custom-Fit Headphones
120 New 'Bone' in Milky Way Skeleton Discovered
121 Mysteriously Bright Black Holes Revealed by NASA Telescope
122 Former Astronaut Mark Kelly, Gabrielle Giffords Launch Gun Control Initiative
123 Apollo Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Settles Divorce from Third Wife
124 China's Potential Anti-Satellite Test Sparks US Concern
125 Iconic Telescopes Threatened by Looming Budget Cuts
126 China's Extreme Cold Snaps Records