File Title
1 'Exocomet' numbers nearly tripled in new study
2 Science puts wrinkled fingers to the test
3 'Monster' bird reveals dark side
4 Diet drinks' 'link to depression' questioned
5 Sherlock to CSI: Mystery writers seek science accuracy
6 How do we know the Big Bang happened?
7 Living in: Mumbai
8 Why do animals like to play?
9 India says Pakistan 'beheaded' Kashmir soldier
10 Brazil hacker exposes corrupt politicians' addresses
11 Lance Armstrong set for Oprah Winfrey interview
12 US oil production 'to jump by a quarter by 2014'
13 Iranians held by Syria rebels released
14 Who, What, Why: Could the US get a $1tn platinum coin?
15 CES 2013: Ready for the wearable tech revolution
16 The girls stolen from the streets of India
17 Lightning laser weapon developed by US Army
18 Ex-Abu Ghraib inmates get $5m settlement from US firm
19 Pupil Hernandez, who refused to wear RFID, loses appeal
20 Sri Lankan maid Rizana Nafeek executed in Saudi Arabia
21 Google withdraws patent claims against Microsoft
22 Work begins on hardware to aid Edsac replica recreation
23 Nigeria: ANPP anger over free phone plan for farmers
24 Nokia's India factory raided by tax officials
25 UK 'complacent' over military cyber-attack risk, MPs warn
26 'Few complementary therapies help arthritis'
27 Stand up at office to lose weight, says exercise scientist
28 Switching on my hearing--William's cochlear implant story
29 Does lead poisoning make you violent?
30 App shows women how booze affects looks over 10 years
31 Google's Eric Schmidt calls for open Internet in North Korea
32 Boeing 787: New Dreamliner has growing pains
33 Apple working on cheaper iPhone, report says
34 Ancient shipwreck reveals 2,000-year-old eye medicine
35 Google offers free Wi-Fi in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood
36 Apple CEO Tim Cook takes second trip to China
37 CES gadget uses brain waves to control device
38 Australia goes purple as temperature goes off the charts
39 CES 2013: Qualcomm to bring ultra-HD video to mobile phones
40 Microsoft CEO crashes Qualcomm keynote at CES
41 Researchers develop microwave that keeps bread mold-free 60 days
42 Google exec. Eric Schmidt sees North Korean university students surfing web
43 New Lego robotics kit talks to iPhones, iPads
44 CES 2013 unveils big TVs with "ultrahigh definition"
45 Father copes with shooting deaths of twin daughters in Tulsa
46 Russia zorbing thrill ride turns tragic
47 Five Americans die in chopper crash in Peru
48 Cops: Four young women shot, killed in same Tulsa apartment
49 Giant squid filmed alive in deep sea for first time
50 Trouble in the Henhouse: The Scam of Organic Eggs
51 White House gun task force forging ahead
52 Giffords, husband launch gun control push
53 Hagel nomination cheers Iran, worries Israel
54 Biden's meetings spotlight gun control divide
55 Steubenville Rape Case: Ohio student in online video regrets comments about alleged victim
56 Christie: Talking gun control is not enough
57 USAD--A head: Armstrong's donation offer "totally inappropriate"
58 National Cathedral to perform same-sex weddings
59 Poisoned lottery winner's wife said he had no enemies
60 Newly released pics show retired FBI agent captive
61 New anti-Muslim ads up in NYC subway stations
62 Newtown $100M lawsuit: Lawyer faces heavy backlash
63 Flu influx causes Chicago hospitals to turn away patients
64 Trial begins for 4 sisters who allege Eli Lilly pill caused their cancers
65 Beta blockers may stave off dementia, study suggests
66 'Zombie' planet Fomalhaut b shocks scientists
67 Dance of the Exoplanets
68 Giant Squid Captured on Video in Ocean Depths
69 Skeletal 'Nessie' Discovered in Our Galaxy
70 Why We Get Wrinkly Fingers
71 Pruney fingers give us better grip underwater
72 Wild Weather of Distant 'Failed Star' Revealed
73 Asteroid-Moon Mission Would Snare Space Rock, Place It In Lunar Orbit By 2025
74 Celestial flybys set to thrill
75 1,000 Dolphins Stampede In Extremely Rare Phenomenon
76 Boat caught in middle of dolphin stampede off Dana Point [Video]
77 Dolphin Stampede Off Dana Point, Calif. (VIDEO)
78 Mars One selecting potential martian settlers with a reality TV show
79 On simulated Mars mission, sleep becomes crucial issue
80 Turtle Lovers Fight to Save Loggerheads
81 Shark tracker: OCEARCH Research Group tracking great white shark Mary Lee along U.S. coast
82 Banda The Basking Shark's Amazing Journey To The Tropics
83 Fireflies bring us brighter LEDs
84 Annual bird count brings feathered rarities
85 Landmark Arch at Tennessee Beach Collapses
86 Jumbo squid invade Southern California
87 Large squid sighted off Dana Point coastline
88 Vela Pulsar Video Shows Neutron Star Glowing Like 'Phantom Of The Opera' Mask In Space (PHOTOS)
89 Heatwave: Australia's new weather demands a new politics
90 Australian wildfires point to climate-change risks
91 U.S. Climate Change Coverage Declined In 2012 Even As Year Set Major Record
92 Tough talk over mercury treaty
93 All of earth now a mercury hotspot
94 Habitat, climate change main issues with wolverines
95 The flu: What you need to know
96 Drinking Diet Soda Increases Depression Risk
97 Stomach-Pumping Machine Makes Calories Disappear
98 DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at "cancer establishments"
99 Antioxidants the Enemy in Cancer Tx, Nobel Winner Watson Says
100 Health Buzz: 1 in 5 High School Girls Binge Drinks, CDC Says
101 Expensive breast cancer screening does not mean better outcomes, study finds
102 Spending more on breast cancer screening may not save lives of older women, Yale study finds
103 N/A
104 First cases of 'incurable' antibiotic resistant gonorrhea found in North America as CDC warns of public health nightmare
105 Treatment failures in gonorrhea cases cast ominous shadow over future
106 HPV Cancers Increase, Vaccination Rates Remain Low
107 Bilinguals Have Faster, More Adaptive Brains When They Get Older, Study Finds
108 Being bilingual can keep your brain young, sharp
109 Fresh idea: Microwave keeps packaged bread mould-free for 60 days
110 Who gave you the flu? New app, docs help place the blame
111 Most Teens Support Tough Smoking Bans: Survey
112 Quitting Smoking: 10 Reasons That Have Nothing To Do With Your Lungs
113 The best diets of 2013
114 A California Drought: Not Enough Children