File Title
1 Kepler telescope: Earth-sized planets 'number 17bn'
2 Most liveable alien worlds ranked
3 Climate model forecast is revised
4 Curiosity Mars rover deploys its rock brush
5 Oil sands' toxins 'accumulate in freshwater ecosystems'
6 Sleep problems could jeopardise future missions to Mars
7 Kenya hunts ivory poachers after elephant family killed
8 Rheinmetall demos laser that can shoot down drones
9 Sir James Dyson calls for UK technology business boost
10 Pozzino shipwreck: Ancient medicine ingredients probed
11 Black holes seen by new X-ray eye
12 Capt. Kirk actor tweets Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield
13 Call for public to study Mars images
14 Gaza's archaeological treasures at risk from war and neglect
15 Mini guide to shopping in London
16 Syria crisis: Food aid 'cannot reach a million people'
17 Three Delhi gang rape suspects to plead not guilty
18 Gabrielle Giffords launches gun control campaign
19 Indian troops shot dead near Kashmir's Line of Control
20 Kim Kardashian: How do Armenians feel about her fame?
21 Chinese newspaper in rare battle with censors
22 Beta-blockers 'may lower dementia risk'
23 Gamers hired by father to 'kill' son in online games
24 David Bowie releases first single in a decade
25 Cyanide 'killed Chicago lottery winner' Urooj Khan
26 Valve shows off game console hardware at CES
27 Miss Congeniality's Stanley Cup riot guilty plea
28 Does listening to Mozart really boost your brainpower?
29 Predicting technology in 2013: Rise of the machines?
30 France tells internet service provider to end ads block
31 US is main source of EU credit card fraud--Europol
32 CES 2013: Sony unveils bath-friendly Xperia Z smartphone
33 Chinese man pleads guilty in $100m software scam
34 CES 2013: Samsung simplifies its smart TV experience
35 Algerian 'bank hacker' wanted by FBI held in Thailand
36 Online shopping bolsters Christmas sales
37 CES 2013: Can Japan's tech firms reverse their losses?
38 Boeing Dreamliner catches fire in Boston
39 Opponents seek Chavez court ruling
40 Spit test 'improves' asthma care
41 Spain healthcare bosses quit over Madrid privatisation
42 Limb dislocation: Phoebe Bruce's Ehlers-Danlos syndrome treatment
43 Chemists devise inexpensive, benchtop method for marking and selecting cells
44 Gadget Watch: Pen makes old monitors touch-ready
45 Another tiny miracle: Graphene oxide soaks up radioactive waste
46 Metal surface can repel electric charges
47 Researchers discover wasp larva disinfect their food before eating
48 Warsaw team on Skype can send silent message
49 Genes and obesity: Fast food isn't only culprit in expanding waistlines--DNA is also to blame
50 New biochip technology uses tiny whirlpools to corral microbes
51 Portable X-ray source could put medical diagnosis and terrorism prevention in the palm of the hand
52 Simulated Mars mission reveals body's sodium rhythms
53 New device could contribute to a major increase in the rate of future optical communications
54 Pills found in ancient Tuscan wreck resemble modern medicine
55 New stem cell approach for blindness successful in mice (w/ video)
56 Scientists mimic fireflies to make brighter LEDs
57 Some Earth bacteria survive and grow at extremely low pressure, may aid Mars research
58 DNA prefers to dive head first into nanopores
59 NASA's NuSTAR catches black holes in galaxy web
60 Researchers use DNA sequencing to learn why some corals are more heat tolerant
61 Researchers identify new target for common heart condition
62 Pink diamond 'behaviour' solved but color still a mystery
63 Curiosity rover makes first use of its brush
64 Compositional tuning of structural stability via vacancy filling mechanism
65 Study finds Jurassic ecosystems were similar to modern: Animals flourish among lush plants
66 Microswimmers hit the wall (w/ video)
67 Herschel confirms the origin of cosmic dust
68 Cheap and easy technique to snip DNA could revolutionize gene therapy
69 Vela Pulsar
70 Study: At least one in six stars has an Earth-sized planet
71 Wikipedia's 'Goan war' unmasked as elaborate hoax
72 Study details dimmer switch for regulating cell's read of DNA code
73 New path to more efficient organic solar cells uncovered at Advanced Light Source
74 Scientists reveal new 2D material for next generation high-speed electronics
75 Soft landing and particle coverage key to keeping or losing charge on surfaces
76 France sets requirements for nanoparticles
77 One-volt operation of high-current vertical channel polymer semiconductor field-effect transistors
78 The guide to biomolecular movie-making
79 Nanogenerator's output triples previous record
80 Jumping droplets help heat transfer
81 Researchers show short laser pulses selectively heat gold nanoparticles
82 Researchers receive $2.4 million ARPA-E grant to improve solar cell efficiency
83 A nano end for Christmas tree needles
84 Computational physics moulds the future of electronic devices
85 Aerodynamic levitator allows samples to 'float on air'
86 2.5 million seagulls needed to hoist Dahl's giant peach
87 Glasses begin to reveal their high pressure secrets
88 Photon amplification, emission observed in plastic scintillation materials
89 How do you know if you ran through a wall? Testing the nature of dark energy and dark matter
90 Unlocking nature's quantum engineering for efficient solar energy
91 New antimatter method to provide 'a major experimental advantage'
92 How the kilogram has put on weight
93 A new phase in reading photons: Photodetector beats the quantum limit by a factor of four
94 Study reveals ordinary glass's extraordinary properties
95 Cassini suggests icing on a Titan lake
96 Researchers try new approach for simulating supernovas
97 Kepler mission discovers 461 new planet candidates
98 Space sailing soon: A one-kilometer-long electric sail tether produced
99 US roasts to hottest year on record by landslide (Update)
100 Slooh space camera to track near-earth asteroid Apophis as it passes by Earth
101 Study of Southern Ocean critical to understanding of climate change
102 Record heat sees Australia map upgrade
103 Panasonic shows off ultra-HD OLED TV
104 Samsung offers two shows at once on new OLED TV
105 New Qualcomm chips promise phone video in Ultra HD
106 Sony uses movie studio to press ultra-HD advantage
107 Intel unveils smartphone push in emerging markets
108 CES unveils big TVs with 'ultra-high definition' (Update)
109 French startup takes fork on road to health
110 Samsung unveils gesture-control TVs at gadget show
111 Gadget Watch: Samsung lens flips from 2-D to 3-D
112 Huawei aims for high end with new smartphones
113 Head Monster Lee rolls out new headphones
114 CES preview: TVs, tablets to be major focus
115 Lenovo releases giant 27-inch 'coffee table PC,' makes computer play a family affair
116 Sharp gets tactile with ultra-HD 32-inch monitor (Update)
117 Google to offer public Wi-Fi in NYC neighborhood
118 Chinese man guilty of '$100mn' software piracy
119 Hollywood offers free movies to boost UltraViolet (Update)
120 Shareholder responsibility could spur shift to sustainable energy, study reports
121 AT&T says it sold more than 10M smartphones in 4Q
122 TV-over-Internet service expands despite lawsuits (Update)
123 A new point of reference for offshore energy development
124 Computer, electrical engineers working to help biologists cope with big data
125 French group Free lifts block on online ads
126 NREL to help convert methane to liquid diesel
127 Research reveals potential for producing liquid fuels using microalgae
128 Tribler Mobile: Share videos, even without the internet
129 Mobility takes center stage at CES
130 Texas company: Microwave keeps bread mold at bay (Update)
131 Enzyme discovery may lead to better tests for tuberculosis
132 Engineered bacteria make fuel from sunlight
133 Living cells behave like fluid-filled sponges
134 A protein's life, up close and personal
135 3D color X-Ray imaging radically improved for identifying contraband, corrosion or cancer
136 Chemical probe finds fungal organism function: Activity-based protein profiling suggests how fungus becomes pathogenic
137 A feat in synthetic chemistry: Steroids that only nature could make on a large scale
138 A pathway for protons: Efficient delivery to material's center turns oxygen cleanly into water
139 Nature-inspired advance for treating sensitive teeth
140 Dance of water molecules turns fire-colored beetles into antifreeze artists
141 Researchers solve crystal structure of key biofilm protein
142 Using calorimetry to estimate absorbed dose from CT scans
143 Pythons, lionfish and now willow invade Florida's waterways
144 Genetic matchmaking saves endangered frogs
145 Molds are able to reproduce sexually, unlike we thought for 100 years
146 Stem cell materials could boost research into key diseases
147 Global warming beneficial to ratsnakes
148 Why insect 'tourists' are good for some plants
149 Expert helps solve 80-year mystery, as team identifies fungus killing Torreya trees
150 Bugs reveal the richness of species on Earth
151 Powerful enzymes create ethanol from agricultural harvest waste
152 Farmers and scientists in rescue of endangered woodlands
153 Wine feels the effects of a changing climate
154 History's impostors inspire modern bureaucracy
155 New book connects the human community to its cosmic roots
156 Violence against teachers spurs urgent call to action
157 The reason we lose at games
158 First fossil bird with teeth specialized for tough diet
159 Giant fossil predator provides insights into the rise of modern marine ecosystem structures
160 Archaeologists unearth more than 300 prehistoric clay figurines in Greece
161 Report sheds light on long-term effects of immigration enforcement
162 Commuter traffic poses greater dangers to children in poor neighbourhoods, study finds
163 Study defines when disclosing a whistle-blower's identity, like in an email, becomes retaliation
164 Best evidence yet that dinosaurs used feathers for courtship
165 Study shows federal housing program helps lowest income tenants
166 Stone Age hunters used the environment to improve standard of living
167 New haul of Anglo-Saxon gold declared 'treasure'
168 Courant's Marateck describes math theory behind Higgs boson finding
169 Sibling study discovers genetic region linked to control of key blood-clotting protein
170 New research may explain why obese people have higher rates of asthma
171 Postpartum depression prevalent in under-developed countries, could impact baby health and mortality
172 Exposure to traffic-related air pollution linked to autism
173 Parasitic worms may help treat diseases associated with obesity
174 Experts warn red wine could mask testosterone levels
175 Brief class on easy-to-miss precancerous polyps ups detection, study shows
176 Scientists examine the neurobiology of decision making
177 Vaccine triggers immunity to prevent colon cancer
178 Alzheimer's to be diagnosed online
179 Team discovers new gene that affects clearance of hepatitis C virus
180 Genetics discovery to help fight 'black fever'
181 Analyzing babies' expressions could help children at risk for developmental disorders
182 Healthy BMI levels, physical activity linked to endometrial cancer survival
183 High salt intake linked to social inequalities
184 Targeting hepatitis C treatment: The importance of interleukin (IL)-28
185 Brain changes found in small study of former NFL players
186 Can blood pressure drugs reduce the risk of dementia?
187 Obese moms risk having babies with low vitamin D
188 Molecular 'two-way radio' directs nerve cell branching and connectivity
189 Costly breast cancer screenings don't add up to better outcomes
190 Looming malpractice: Waiting for claims resolution takes up more than ten per cent of the average medical career
191 Many physicians often fulfill patient requests for brand-name drugs instead of equivalent generics
192 Let crying babes lie: Study supports notion of leaving infants to cry themselves back to sleep
193 Study: Parkinson's disease itself does not increase risk of gambling, shopping addiction