File Title
1 Epilepsy and migraine 'could have shared genetic link'
2 Europe's best sled runs
3 Obama to nominate Brennan as CIA head
4 Bank of America to pay Fannie Mae billions to settle mortgage claims
5 Delhi gang rape suspects charged in India court
6 Russia: Raids by wolves spark 'emergency' in Sakha
7 Sacked Honduras ambassador apologises for wild party
8 The Greek island of old age
9 Will digital addiction clinics be big in 2013?
10 Russia's Mordovia woos new citizen Gerard Depardieu
11 The Hobbit chased off by Chainsaw
12 Stolen $1m Henri Matisse recovered
13 Sara Ege: Life jail for son's murder over Koran studies
14 Qatar: regional backwater to global player
15 CES 2013: Nvidia unveils Project Shield gaming console
16 Google head and former US governor in North Korea visit
17 Intelligent cutlery and other innovations from CES
18 New Year health: Ditch the chair says expert
19 CES: Does the consumer technology show have a future?
20 Obama to pick Chuck Hagel as Pentagon chief
21 Lenovo to release giant 27-inch "coffee table PC"
22 Google head Eric Schmidt in North Korea
23 Slow start seen for "'ultra-HD" TVs
24 NYC iPhone owner tricks thief using dating app
25 New search engine Izik tailors its results for tablets
26 Massive teen brawl, stampede shuts down La. mall
27 Police: Sen. Rand Paul's teenage son arrested
28 Pelosi: "Not enough" revenue in "fiscal cliff" deal
29 Obama: Not raising debt ceiling could be "catastrophic"
30 McConnell: Democrats still have "voracious appetite for more taxes"
31 Likely Chuck Hagel nomination draws fire from both sides
32 Centers for Disease Control: High level of flu reports in 29 states
33 2012 worst whooping cough year for US since 1955
34 New England Compounding Center blames cleaning company UniFirst for meningitis outbreak
35 Walking 3 hours per week may lower women's stroke risk
36 Terminally ill fan gets to see "Star Trek Into Darkness" before release
37 FDA unveils new food safety rules to curb outbreaks
38 Get angry and live longer?
39 Danish spy seeking credit for terrorist's death "just a piece to the puzzle"
40 Google head Eric Schmidt in North Korea
41 Chavez foe: Two top Chavez allies feuding
42 Philippine forces kill 13 suspects in gun battle
43 India gang-rape trial begins behind closed doors
44 U.S.: Assad "detached from reality"
45 Assad asks Syrians to defend their country
46 China newspaper in rare stand against censorship
47 Face the Nation transcripts January 6, 2013: Pelosi, McConnell, New Congressmen
48 More "high-wire acts" on D.C.'s horizon for guns, spending?
49 Ex-ambassador to Israel: U.S. will go to war with Iran in 2013
50 Shell oil-drilling ship under tow again
51 Australia wildfires char Tasmania, leave firefighters searching for 100 people missing
52 Obama won't battle with Congress over debt ceiling
53 James Holmes hearing may reveal "difficult" evidence
54 Parents use melatonin to get kids to sleep: Is it safe?
55 Biggest Loser Contestant Kai Hibbard Slams Reality Show, Gained Weight Back
56 Officials urge flu vaccine for unpredictable 2012-2013 season
57 FBI releases files on late "60 Minutes" correspondent Mike Wallace
58 Aurora standoff ends with suspect, 3 others dead
59 Newtown task force to handle flood of donations
60 Fifteen New Planets Hint at 'Traffic Jam' of Moons in Habitable Zone
61 Wide Binary Stars Wreak Havoc in Planetary Systems, Astrophysicists Find
62 Future Sea Level Rise from Melting Ice Sheets May Be Substantially Greater Than IPCC Estimates
63 A Temperature Below Absolute Zero: Atoms at Negative Absolute Temperature Are the Hottest Systems in the World
64 Dinosaur Shook Tail Feathers for Mating Show
65 Gene Variant Linked to Active Personality Traits Also Linked to Human Longevity
66 First Meteorite Linked to Martian Crust
67 Planets Abound: Astronomers Estimate That at Least 100 Billion Planets Populate the Galaxy
68 Editing Genome With High Precision: New Method to Insert Multiple Genes in Specific Locations, Delete Defective Genes
69 Carbon in Vesta's Craters: Asteroid Impacts May Have Transferred Carbonaceous Material to Protoplanet and Inner Solar System
70 Stem Cell Technology Could Help Harness Patients' Own Immune Cells to Fight Disease
71 Astrophysicists Make Stellar Discovery About Galaxies Far, Far Away
72 Human Genes Influence Gut Microbial Composition, Study Suggests
73 Genetic Link Between Epilepsy and Migraine
74 Out of Sight, out of Mind? How the Brain Codes Its Surroundings Beyond the Field of View
75 Ovarian Cancer Stem Cell Study Puts Targeted Therapies Within Reach
76 Most-Used Diabetes Drug Works in Different Way Than Previously Thought
77 New Antimatter Trapping Method to Provide 'a Major Experimental Advantage'
78 How the Kilogram Has Put On Weight
79 From the Amazon Rainforest to Human Body Cells: Quantifying Stability
80 New Phase in Reading Photons
81 Ordinary Glass's Extraordinary Properties Revealed
82 Counting the Cost of Mercury Pollution
83 Pollen Exposure During Pregnancy Affects Child's Risk of Early Asthma, Study Finds
84 Long-Sought Structure of Protein Necessary for Cell-To-Cell Interaction Described
85 Waterfall-Climbing Fish Use Same Mechanism to Climb Waterfalls and Eat Algae
86 New Way to Study Permafrost Soil, Above and Below Ground
87 Important Factor in Fat Storage and Energy Metabolism
88 Specific Protein Essential for Healthy Eyes Described
89 The Pain Puzzle: Uncovering How Morphine Increases Pain in Some People
90 Long-Term Consequences for Those Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury
91 Gene Therapy Reprograms Scar Tissue in Damaged Hearts Into Healthy Heart Muscle
92 Cancer Genome Institute at Fox Chase Among First to Offer Clinical Blueprint of Cancer Genes
93 Physical Education Requirement at Four-Year Universities at All-Time Low
94 Folk Remedies Often Offered During Breastfeeding, Survey Finds
95 Outsourced Radiologists Perform Better Reading for Fewer Hospitals
96 New Strategies Needed to Encourage Male Cancer Survivors to Consider Future Fertility
97 Research Shows Using Text, Color Makes Food Labels Easier to Understand
98 Binge Drinking: Stricter Controls Needed, Experts Say
99 Cholesterol Medicine Affects Energy Production in Muscles
100 New Information On Autism and Genetics
101 No Need for Routine Repeated CT Scans After Mild Head Trauma, Study Suggests
102 Top Four Reasons Why Diets Fail
103 Online Science News With User Comments Fraught With Unintended Consequences, Study Suggests
104 Secretive Food Concocting: New Characteristic of Binge Eating Identified
105 'Universal' Personality Traits Don't Necessarily Apply to Isolated Indigenous People
106 Cognitive Difficulties Associated With Menopause Described
107 Plvap/PV1 Critical to Formation of the Diaphragms in Endothelial Cells
108 Rare Form of Active 'Jumping Genes' Found in Mammals
109 Big Brains Are Pricey, Guppy Study Shows
110 In Epigenomics, Location Is Everything: Researchers Exploit Gene Position to Test 'Histone Code'
111 Smile: Gingivitis Bacteria Manipulate Your Immune System So They Can Thrive in Your Gums
112 Biologists Unlock 'Black Box' to Underground World: How Tiny Microbes Make Life Easier for Humans
113 Unlocking Sorghum's Gene Bank
114 Political Action the Biggest Swing Factor in Meeting Climate Targets
115 Laws of Geo-Engineering to Mitigate Global Warming?
116 Toward Reducing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions of the Internet and Telecommunications
117 Coral Records Suggest El Nino Activity Rises Above Background
118 How Some Medieval Cultures Adapted to Rise of Islam
119 Terrace Farming Unearthed at Ancient Desert City of Petra
120 Egg-Laying Mammal: Scientists Discover That for Australia the Long-Beaked Echidna May Not Be a Thing of the Past
121 Did Lucy Walk On the Ground or Stay in the Trees?
122 Mars Rover Curiosity Explores 'Yellowknife Bay'
123 Spinal Ultrasounds Seeking Why Astronauts Grow Taller in Space
124 Galactic Geysers Fueled by Star Stuff
125 How Young Star and Planets Grow Simultaneously
126 Quadrantids Create Year's First Meteor Shower
127 Nanoparticles Reach New Peaks: Researchers Show Short Laser Pulses Selectively Heat Gold Nanoparticles
128 PET/CT Shows Clear Advantages Over Conventional Staging for Breast Cancer Patients
129 Secure Communication Technology Can Conquer Lack of Trust
130 Medal-Awarded Isotopes for Production of New Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Treatment
131 Previous Studies On Toxic Effects of BPA Couldn't Be Reproduced
132 A Mathematical Study of the Famous Dirac Equation That Describes Particles
133 Computer Scientists Find Vulnerabilities in Cisco VoIP Phones
134 Finding Chicago's Food Gardens With Google Earth
135 Turning Smartphones Into Secure and Versatile Keys
136 How Computers Push On the Molecules They Simulate