File Title
1 Mars rover finally looks set to drill
2 UK's first hand transplant operation
3 Japan bluefin tuna fetches record $1.7m
4 Viewpoints: Fracking's risks and benefits
5 Can genetically modified mosquitoes prevent disease in the US?
6 Going back in time in Jamaica
7 Syria's Assad denounces 'puppet' opponents in TV address
8 India and Pakistan in Kashmir border skirmish
9 India rape: Name my daughter, says victim's father
10 Australia bushfires: Tasmania search for 100 'missing'
11 Nelson Mandela 'has recovered from infection'
12 A Point of View: The British and their bizarre view of Americans
13 CES 2013: Tech world prepares for Las Vegas launches
14 Winter bugs: A yearly battle for dominance
15 Cat 'arrested' for break-in at Brazilian prison
16 Totally blind mice get sight back
17 Immune system 'booster' may hit cancer
18 Honduran ambassador to Colombia sacked after wild party
19 US drone attack in Pakistan 'kills eight militants'
20 Gerard Depardieu meets Putin, receives Russian passport
21 Oscars ceremony to salute James Bond's 50th birthday
22 NHL agrees provisional deal with players to end lockout
23 Google detects fake website ID certificate threat
24 Digital Chinese caves preserve history
25 China suspends tough new traffic penalties
26 Four die in shooting in Aurora, Colorado
27 Scientists join forces to bring plant movement to light
28 A new fish species from Lake Victoria named in honor of the author of Darwin's Dreampond
29 New study documents the natural relationship between CO2 concentrations and sea level
30 Previous Studies on Toxic Effects of BPA Couldn't be Reproduced, says MU Research Team
31 Biologists unlock "black box" to underground world
32 Big brains are pricey, guppy study shows
33 Bering Sea study finds prey density more important to predators than biomass
34 Cup color influences the taste of hot chocolate
35 Improving DNA amplification from problematic plants
36 Finding Chicago's food gardens with Google Earth
37 Pesticides and Parkinson's: UCLA researchers uncover further proof of a link
38 N/A
39 Drainage Ditches Can Help Clean Up Field Runoff
40 Research Unearths Terrace Farming at Ancient Desert City of Petra
41 Nature: Political action the biggest swing factor in meeting climate targets
42 Our galaxy's 'geysers' are towers of power
43 Scientists discover that for Australia the long-beaked echidna may not be a thing of the past
44 Toward reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the Internet and telecommunications
45 The laws of global warming
46 Coral records suggest that recent El Nino activity rises above noisy background
47 Study Finds That Portions of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Are Warming Twice as Fast as Previously Thought
48 Study reveals new survival strategy for bacteria exposed to antibiotics
49 Japanese team creates cancer-specific killer T cells from induced pluripotent stem cells
50 Revolutionary techniques could help harness patients' own immune cells to fight disease
51 Rethinking bacterial persistence
52 Editing the genome with high precision
53 Scientists pinpoint molecular signals that make some women prone to miscarriage
54 Hebrew University study finds key mechanism in calcium regulation
55 Smile: Gingivitis bacteria manipulate your immune system so they can thrive in your gums
56 An embryo that is neither male nor female
57 Dopamine-receptor gene variant linked to human longevity
58 New rat model for muscle regeneration after trauma-related soft tissue injury
59 Best evidence yet that dinosaurs used feathers for courtship
60 Breast milk contains more than 700 bacteria
61 The last link in the chain
62 Insight from an Unlikely Source: Waste Removal in Worms Reveals a New Mechanism to Regulate Calcium Signaling
63 When will genomic research translate into clinical care--and at what cost?
64 Rainfall, brain infection linked in sub-Saharan Africa
65 Scripps physicians call for change in cancer tissue handling
66 UCSB researchers perform pioneering research on Type 2 diabetes
67 Shifting the balance between good fat and bad fat
68 Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts into healthy heart muscle
69 Common data determinants of recurrent cancer are broken, mislead researchers
70 New UGA research helps explain why girls do better in school
71 Study: Time Pressure Enhances Thrill of Auctions
72 Western neuroscience study reveals new link between basic math skills and PSAT math success
73 Dance of water molecules turns fire-colored beetles into antifreeze artists
74 Magnetic fields created before the first stars
75 Secure communication technology can conquer lack of trust
76 Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
77 Steroids that only nature could make on a large scale--Until now
78 Rice University researchers show short laser pulses selectively heat gold nanoparticles
79 Carbon in Vesta's craters
80 Turning smartphones into secure and versatile keys
81 Sorting stem cells
82 Power spintronics: Producing AC voltages by manipulating magnetic fields
83 Liquid jets and bouncing balls combine for surprising results
84 Planets Abound
85 Research update: Jumping droplets help heat transfer
86 A temperature below absolute zero
87 From the Amazon rainforest to human body cells: Quantifying stability
88 The pain puzzle: Uncovering how morphine increases pain in some people
89 Astrophysicists find wide binary stars wreak havoc in planetary systems
90 Study reveals ordinary glass's extraordinary properties
91 A new phase in reading photons
92 Food for friendship: Bonobos share with strangers in exchange for company
93 A New Way to Study Permafrost Soil, Above and Below Ground
94 Genetic mystery of Behcet's disease unfolds along the ancient Silk Road
95 A new approach to assessing future sea level rise from ice sheets
96 How prostate cancer therapies compare by cost and effectiveness
97 How computers push on the molecules they simulate
98 Your brain on Big Bird
99 Researchers zero in on cognitive difficulties associated with menopause
100 Quick detection of periodontitis pathogens
101 New Understanding of Nerve Damage Caused by Spinal Cord Injury Could Improve Treatment Design
102 Scientists discover how deadly skin cancer spreads into other parts of the body
103 Induction of adult cortical neurogenesis by an antidepressant
104 Research shows that a prolonged fertility window can cause recurrent miscarriage
105 Why good resolutions about taking up a physical activity can be hard to keep
106 Outsourced radiologists perform better reading for fewer hospitals
107 USF and VA researchers find long-term consequences for those suffering traumatic brain injury
108 Most-used diabetes drug works in different way than previously thought
109 New study defines the long-sought structure of a protein necessary for cell-cell interaction
110 Joslin researchers identify important factor in fat storage and energy metabolism
111 Second impact syndrome: A devastating injury to the young brain
112 Bonobos will share with strangers before acquaintances
113 Study refutes accepted model of memory formation
114 Risk genes for Alzheimer's and mental illness linked to brain changes at birth
115 While in womb, babies begin learning language from their mothers
116 Let crying babes lie: Study supports notion of leaving infants to cry themselves back to sleep
117 Researchers: Online science news needs careful study
118 Study: Generational changes cause drop in US support for school prayer
119 New strategies needed to encourage male cancer survivors to consider future fertility
120 Cholesterol medicine affects energy production in muscles
121 UC Research Uncovers How Single and Widowed Women Shaped the Religious Culture of Colonial Latin America
122 'Universal' personality traits don't necessarily apply to isolated indigenous people
123 UC Davis study links low wages with hypertension, especially for women and younger workers
124 Pronunciation of 's' sounds impacts perception of gender, CU-Boulder researcher finds
125 ALMA shows how young star and planets grow simultaneously
126 ALMA sheds light on planet-forming gas streams
127 Galactic geysers fuelled by star stuff
128 First meteorite linked to Martian crust
129 A New Year's Gift from NASA and Penn State
130 DARPA selects SwRI's K-band space crosslink radio for flight development as part of System F6 Program
131 Researchers develop tool to evaluate genome sequencing method
132 Electric stimulation of brain releases powerful, opiate-like painkiller
133 Ben-Gurion U. researchers use data from traffic app to identify high frequency accident locations
134 Researchers seek longer battery life for electric locomotive