File Title
1 Apple agrees to drop patent claims against Samsung Galaxy S. III Mini
2 New York's MTA releases train-locating app for iPhone and iPod touch
3 ITC judge: Samsung should post massive bond ahead of US sales ban
4 Service for pirating iOS apps abruptly closes, cites 'stagnant' community
5 Intel expected to unveil cable service, set-top box at CES
6 Samsung teases CES unveiling of HDTV with 'unprecedented new shape'
7 TSMC contracted to build A6X chips for Apple this quarter, pushing out Samsung
8 Apple-built wearable computers seen as long-term replacement for iPhone
9 Data logs reveal Apple testing iOS 7 and next-gen iPhone
10 Apple declared top tech pick for 2013, investors advised to be 'selective' in tech
11 Apple's 2013 Macs rumored to include 802.11ac 'Gigabit Wi-Fi'
12 Rumor: Apple's next iPhones to debut this summer in more sizes, colors
13 Apple may acquire crowd-sourced traffic and navigation service Waze
14 Court dismisses Apple trademark suit over Amazon Appstore name
15 Paris thieves nab $1.3M in Apple products in New Year's Eve robbery
16 Apple says New Year's 'Do Not Disturb' bug will fix itself Jan. 7
17 Apple says Samsung should halt US litigation after withdrawing EU complaints
18 Apple's fiscal Q1 2013 earnings conference call set for Jan. 23
19 Amazon's Kindle Fire gains marketshare at expense of iPad over holidays, research shows
20 Apple applies for iOS 'Notification Center' patent years after Google's 'Notification Bar'
21 Apple invents centralized Apple Store floor plan management system
22 50M iPhone sales, 'booming' iPad mini expected in Apple's holiday quarter
23 Microsoft scoops up home automation company before Apple
24 Rumor: Apple evaluating new 'touch-on display' tech for next iPhone
25 Apple's share of US mobile phone market grows to 18.5%
26 Apple-Waze social mapping acquisition 'not happening'
27 Google agrees to license Motorola patents, ending FTC's antitrust investigation
28 'jOBS' biopic to hit theaters in April
29 Apple said 'no thanks' to cellular Newton PDA in the '90s
30 Corning's third-gen Gorilla Glass could be bound for next iPhone, iPad
31 Former iAd chief's Leap Motion gesture-based controller to debut this quarter
32 Samsung, LG charged with LCD panel price fixing in China
33 CES 2013 expected to showcase 'embarrassingly large' smartphones
34 Best Buy accuses Walmart of misleading, damaging holiday iPhone 5 sale
35 US MacBook sales drop 6% over 2012 holidays, NPD says
36 Apple expected to see sustained growth in 2013 while rest of industry stays 'muted'
37 Apple to appeal dismissal of federal FRAND suit against Motorola
38 OS X Mountain Lion overtakes Lion internet share for first time
39 Apple says $6B U.S. tax payout for 2012 equals '1 out of every 40 dollars' collected from corporations
40 Apple's Fusion Drive now available on new entry-level 21.5" iMac orders
41 Google Android's smartphone OS unit share lead may be ending soon
42 Amazon wins dismissal of Apple's false advertising claim over 'app store'; trademark infringement, unfair competition claims remain
43 Stocks rally as U.S. House undoes income tax hikes for more than 99% of U.S. households
44 Analyst: Apple on the cusp of enormous product upgrade cycle (with video)
45 Tech stocks jump with fiscal-cliff relief rally; Apple sentiment magically improves with new year
46 Research firm ranks Apple App Store as top mobile app storefront; Microsoft edges Apple on app discovery
47 All eyes on Apple as Cupertino Colossus tipped to remake TV in its own image
48 Apple: iOS Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7th
49 New Apple ITC filing says Samsung should now withdraw its request for U.S. import ban
50 Apple to webcast Q113 earnings release conference call on January 23rd
51 Google to settle U.S. FTC antitrust probe, sources say
52 Samsung to sell Tizen-based phones after Google's Motorola Mobility buy
53 Apple files U.S. patent application for iOS 'Notification Center'
54 Vodafone sells 'nearly new' iPhones in U.K. to build data revenue
55 Apple killed the netbook and good riddance!
56 After Apple showed interest, Microsoft buys Krikorian startup R2 Studios
57 Apple could post most profitable quarter ever for any U.S. company on January 23
58 The 451 Group acquires Yankee Group
59 Obama advisor Eric Schmidt said to visit North Korea as early as this month
60 Google requires people to use Google+ social network, gains ground against Facebook
61 Apple board member Al Gore sells Current TV to Al Jazeera
62 China Mobile starting to show need for Apple iPhone deal
63 FTC orders Google to stop pursuit of SEP injunctions against 'willing licensees'
64 Barnes & Noble report NOOK device sales down during Christmas quarter vs. previous year
65 Apple not buying Waze, say multiple sources
66 Apple testing new 'Touch on Display' technology for next-gen iPhone--report
67 Gundlach: Apple stock 'headed for $425' (with video)
68 Analyst: No 'Apple Television' this year, but 'iRadio' on the way
69 Blodget: Apple needs lower-priced iPhones and iPads, stop going after just the premium market
70 Why Apple's iPads will continue to dominate tablets in 2013
71 The FTC's missed opportunity on Google
72 'jOBS' biopic to premier in theaters in April
73 Forrester Report: Apple will sell $39 billion in Macs and iPads to businesses over next 2 years
74 CNET reviews Apple's Podcasts app: All kinds of suck; the worst app Apple ever made
75 Unemployed? Buy an iPhone
76 Analysts begin to change their tune on Apple, AAPL stock
77 Tech stocks falter on lackluster jobs data; Apple shares down
78 New Mac Pro release date, rumors and images
79 Strategy Analytics: Apple could launch 'iPhone Mini' next year to blunt Samsung market share threat
80 How Apple's Safari browser started life as 'Alexander' and hid itself from the world
81 Best Buy complains to U.S. attorneys general, claims Walmart's Christmas iPhone 5 loss leader cost it profits
82 Uh oh, here comes Apple's earnings report
83 EU says its Google antitrust case not affected by U.S. FTC decision
84 Over $635,000 in counterfeit Apple Lightning adapters and cables seized in Anchorage
85 5 new Apple products coming this year
86 Apple did offer to buy Israeli startup Waze, but Waze politely declined, sources say
87 Man uses online dating site to lure thief and recover stolen iPhone
88 NPD Group: Holiday season Macbook sales dropped 6% YOY
89 There are only two mapping companies that could possibly make sense for Apple to buy
90 Here, Bella! Top Pet Names for 2012
91 Will China Launch an Anti-Satellite Test Soon?
92 Beam Me Up! William Shatner Tweets With Astronaut in Space
93 Endangered Beluga Whales See Slight Population Uptick
94 Laser Folds Tiny Origami for US Army
95 Secret to Fish's Waterfall-Climbing Ability Found
96 Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs Might Cause Skin Damage, Study Suggests
97 Rain Cycles Tied to Baby Brain Infections in Africa
98 7 Resolutions for a Better Planet
99 Chasing Volcanoes with Filmmaker Bertrand Loyer
100 Pot Vending Machines May Come to Colorado, Washington
101 Engineer Petitions White House for Real-Life Starship Enterprise
102 Your Smartphone Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself
103 Sumatran Tigers Finally Mate at National Zoo
104 Chicago's Snow Lagging Behind Many Southern Cities
105 Breast Milk Contains Over 700 Bacteria Species
106 Why a Robot Was Programmed to Vomit
107 Year's Largest Astronomy Meeting Kicks Off in California Sunday