File Title
1 Mars meteorite 'Black Beauty' is in a class of its own
2 UK's first hand transplant operation
3 Australia ghost gum trees in Alice Springs 'arson attack'
4 Staffordshire Hoard inquest rules most new items treasure
5 Transocean agrees to pay $1.4bn oil spill fine
6 Seal pup tourists on Norfolk coast 'chaotic for roads'
7 Shark identification training for fishermen
8 Arctic foxes suffer while reds thrive in northern Canada
9 What do UK's military scientists do on the frontline?
10 Antarctic career lands Tudor Morgan Queen's Polar Medal
11 Gaza: Fatah holds biggest rally since Hamas came to power
12 Hugo Chavez battles lung infection in Cuba hospital
13 Malala Yousafzai leaves Queen Elizabeth Hospital
14 US unemployment rate holds steady in December at 7.8%
15 China orphanage fire kills seven children in Henan
16 Worry taints Egyptian Coptic Christmas
17 Does confidence really breed success?
18 Swiss bank Wegelin to close after US tax evasion fine
19 Obese who refuse to exercise 'could face benefits cut'
20 Police find boy, 5, wandering Flintshire street at night
21 Toyota sneak previews self-drive car ahead of tech show
22 Virgin France declares insolvency
23 Viewpoint: The small business of 2063
24 Anglo-Indians: Is their culture dying out?
25 Church of England drops gay bishop opposition
26 Cyber thieves pose as Google+ social network
27 China fines Samsung, LG and others over LCD prices
28 Google makes concessions to avoid legal action in US
29 A third of poorest pupils 'without internet at home'
30 Video games embrace China's freemium model to beat piracy
31 Gadgets ahoy: Looking forward to Las Vegas
32 Sales of printed books slump in 2012
33 Sandy flood aid passes in House vote
34 Three New York police officers shot and wounded
35 Spain Malaga: Jobless man 'burns himself to death'
36 Digital distractions: Time to pay attention
37 Immune system 'booster' may hit cancer
38 Alcohol message 'is confused'
39 Facebook drunk driving confession leads to arrest
40 Big Bird helps scientists study brain development
41 White House petitioned to build Starship Enterprise
42 Google survives antitrust probe with little damage
43 Leap Motion's 3D motion sensing tech coming to Asus PCs
44 Deepest corals in Great Barrier Reef discovered
45 Mars meteorite may be missing link to red planet's past
46 FTC: Google does not violate antitrust laws
47 Analyst: Twitter valued at $11 billion, IPO coming 2014
48 Video depicts teens laughing about alleged sexual assault victim: "She is so raped right now"
49 Star Wars creator George Lucas engaged
50 Skydiver reported missing near Seattle
51 Buckwild: Nearby residents aren't wild about new MTV series
52 As Calif. gun sales go up, number of gun-casualties goes down
53 Veteran's improbable survival gives heart to shell-shocked surgeon
54 Ancient manuscripts indicate Jewish community once thrived in Afghanistan
55 House Dems introduce new gun control bill
56 Nightly "Taps" makes neighbors take notice
57 As U.S. troops leave, Afghans fear for what's next
58 Presidential vacations: How does Obama compare?
59 Your beliefs likely to change as you age, study suggests
60 Mom's pregnancy drug caused breast cancer in four daughters, lawsuit alleges
61 Americans split on government role in curbing obesity: poll
62 FDA warns cantaloupe grower Chamberlain Farms linked to 24-state salmonella outbreak
63 CDC: Many women with hysterectomies still get unnecessary Pap tests
64 Scientists use weather to forecast flu season
65 Antidepressants during pregnancy won't lead to stillbirth, infant death, study says
66 4.2% of drivers admit to sleeping behind the wheel in past month, CDC study finds
67 Private Moon Travel Startup Hires Lunar Lander Designer
68 Work or Home? Americans Reveal Their Priority
69 What Does the Fiscal Deal Mean for Science?
70 Big Bird Helps Scientists Study Brain Development
71 Like Hot Chocolate? Drink it in an Orange Cup
72 Shake It! Dinosaurs Waggled Flashy Tails to Woo Mates
73 Why Older Women Gain Weight More Easily Than Men
74 Scientists Discover New Mechanism for Antibiotic Resistance
75 40 Seafloor Gas Seeps Found Off US East Coast
76 Why Some Facebook Users Constantly Update Status
77 Drought to Continue Despite Recent Storms
78 Why Don't Drone Pilots Get More Promotions?
79 Study Challenges 'Universal' Personality Traits
80 Javan Rhino Officially Extinct In Vietnam
81 Senator Claims Angels Visited Him in Hospital
82 Support for School Prayer Declines
83 How Early Earth Kept Warm Despite Faint Sun
84 Psychology of Compromise: Why Congress Fails
85 Mars Meteorite May Be Missing Link to Red Planet's Past
86 Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero
87 You May Not Recognize Yourself in 10 Years
88 The Least (and Most) Stressful Careers
89 Odd Mammal Thought Long Extinct in Australia May Still Live
90 Man Accused of Stealing Meteorites in North Carolina
91 Volcano's 30-Year Eruption Bursting with Discoveries
92 From the Fiery Edge: Q&A with Hawaii's Volcano Monitor
93 Mars Rover Mission Marks 9 Years on Red Planet
94 Feds Issue $50,000 Challenge to Terminate Robocalls
95 Ancient Traces of Terrace Farming Found Near Petra
96 Ancient Carving Shows Stylishly Plump African Princess
97 Never-Before-Seen Stage of Planet Birth Revealed
98 Cosmic Pancake Spotted Around Andromeda Galaxy
99 100 Billion Alien Planets Fill Our Milky Way Galaxy: Study
100 Climate Change May Increase Volcanic Eruptions
101 Simulator Paves Way for Smart Flying Cars
102 Bear Tunnels to Be Built Under Georgia Highway
103 Russia in a Froth? Beer Now Labeled as Alcohol
104 'Hairy Eyeball' Caused by Rare Tumor
105 Trouble with Naming Objects Starts at 50
106 Neil Armstrong's 'One Small Step': Controversy Erupts Over Moonwalk Quote
107 Science in Ice: Lab Operates Inside a Glacier
108 Solved: The Mystery of Nazi Leader's Wife
109 Kicked Off Facebook, Kid Creates Own Social Network
110 Lyrik & Lyla Are Among 2013's First Babies
111 The Best CEO In the World Is...
112 Deepest Corals in Great Barrier Reef Discovered
113 Smart Baby Suit Takes Aim at Sudden Infant Deaths
114 Europe Tackling Big Space Projects in 2013
115 Weird State Laws Take Effect in 2013
116 Fructose Sugar Tells the Brain To Keep Eating
117 Private Space Travel to Make Giant Leaps in 2013
118 Space Radiation May Accelerate Alzheimer's in Astronauts
119 Total Recall Offers Killer App for Google Glasses