File Title
1 Met Office: 2012 was UK's second wettest year on record
2 Concord, Massachusetts bans sale of small water bottles
3 Mauritania bans plastic bag use
4 Glyn Rhonwy quarry: More objections to Gwynedd hydroelectric power scheme
5 Why Japan's 'Fukushima 50' remain unknown
6 Iamus: Is this the 21st century's answer to Mozart?
7 The future of space tourism
8 Pakistan militant Mullah Nazir 'killed in drone attack'
9 India gang rape: Five suspects charged in Delhi
10 Fiscal cliff: US urged to tackle budget deficit
11 Gerard Depardieu 'granted Russian citizenship'
12 Newtown shooting: Sandy Hook students back to school
13 Fiscal cliff: Economic winners and losers
14 North Korea: Bringing modern music to Pyongyang
15 Indonesia city to ban women 'straddling motorbikes'
16 Hell-bent: Transcending pain in competitive yoga
17 Island community St. Helena renews plea for internet cash from UK
18 Hugo Chavez: What happens on 10 January?
19 German medicine rocked by Leipzig organ donor scandal
20 Switzerland gunman kills three in Daillon in Valais
21 Quantified self: The tech-based route to a better life?
22 Google's Eric Schmidt plans visit to North Korea
23 Elite video game reboot hits funding target
24 Ubuntu operating system comes to Android smartphones
25 John Logie Baird inspires Helensburgh Heroes' media bid
26 Viewpoint: The future of mobility
27 Five-a-day campaign: A partial success
28 Pregnancy advice 'scaremongering'
29 US Congress faces fiscal cliff fallout in new session
30 Car bomb kills Shia pilgrims south of Baghdad Iraq
31 Taliban's Mullah Nazir death spells trouble for Pakistan
32 Polaroid opens Fotobar shops to print photos off mobile devices
33 Bazinga!: "Big Bang Theory" catchphrase inspires new bee species name
34 Mars rover mission marks 9 years on red planet
35 WhatsApp reports18 billion messages on New Year's Eve
36 Ubuntu operating system turns Android phones into computers
37 Apple: Do Not Disturb bug will be fixed Jan. 7
38 Google's Eric Schmidt to visit North Korea
39 Newborns know their native tongue, study finds
40 Earth is closest to the sun for 2013 today
41 Ring in the new year with the latest Apple iPhone, iOS 7 rumors
42 Google Glass development charges ahead
43 Apple's Do Not Disturb function reportedly won't turn off in the New Year
44 Will GOP unite before next fiscal fight?
45 Man swept to sea in Calif. trying to save dog
46 Video mocking celebrity gun control PSA takes off
47 HBO faces lawsuit over horse deaths and alleged cover-up on "Luck"
48 Fiscal cliff bill had some hidden pork
49 Christie blasts Boehner on Sandy bill: "Shame on Congress"
50 Amid backlash, Boehner schedules Sandy vote
51 Paper hires armed guards after mapping gun permits
52 Patti Page remembered by George Jones, Charlie Daniels
53 Julianne Hough reveals horrific childhood abuse
54 4.2% of drivers admit to sleeping behind the wheel in past month, CDC study finds
55 Bath salts PSA released by U.S. Navy aims to frighten
56 Illness wanes on Queen Mary 2 cruise ship with 200 sickened passengers
57 Teen's return to football after concussion leads to wheelchair
58 Measles cases skyrocket in Pakistan amid distrust of vaccination programs
59 Being overweight may protect against premature death, study suggests
60 Weight Watchers CEO: Change your mindset to keep the weight off
61 Fructose changes brain to cause overeating, scientists say
62 5 behaviors that can get you fired
63 Samsung Reveals New Smart Hub, Hints at New TV for CES
64 Google exec to travel to North Korea
65 Dozens of Chinese cities now air reports of pollution levels
66 Israel to train young 'cyberwarriors'
67 Hyundai, Kia to go with Google Maps
68 Calif., Illinois password laws in effect
69 'Spiky' rovers could explore martian moon
70 'Itching' study could help in drug design
71 Explorers to recreate epic 1914 voyage
72 As globe warms, Alaska is cooling down
73 Findings say gravity moves at light speed
74 LG launches 55-inch OLED television
75 Analyst: iPhones in more colors coming?
76 Study will see why astronauts get taller
77 Odd mammal may still inhabit Australia
78 Study: Babies learn language in the womb
79 Developers find hints of iPhone 6
80 Roaming charges anger border residents
81 Anti-virus makers said playing catch-up
82 Giant Australian telescope in galaxy hunt
83 Giant pandas could be source of new drugs
84 Ancient coin hoard found in China
85 Ghana bans import of second-hand fridges
86 U.S. lists seal species as endangered
87 Birdwatching in China gives climate clues
88 United Nations mourns Levi-Montalcini
89 Intel may show set-top TV box in Las Vegas
90 Hurricane Sandy blamed for bird deaths
91 New nuclear sub ready for Russian navy
92 Russia planning railway-mobile ICBMs
93 Israel highway dig uncovers ancient temple
94 Comet heads our way for celestial show
95 Survey: Canadians love their smartphones
96 Almost all U.S. moms to change food buying
97 What's in a name? Everything
98 U.N. changes hottest-day-on-record date
99 Krikorian resigns from Amazon board
100 Company offers private surveillance drone
101 Largest Kansas wind farm set to go online
102 System will let smartphone control car
103 Fossil forest yields ancient life clues
104 Holiday device activations set record
105 Samsung donates tablets to Detroit school
106 Italy: no benefit seen in e-cigarettes
107 Russia to end national phone booth plan