File Title
1 Roe deer numbers 'changing woodland ecosystems'
2 Efforts to save grounded Shell Arctic rig postponed
3 Seal seen at Drayton Lakes Reserve--50 miles from sea
4 Bloodhound diary: Making tracks in 2013
5 History's weirdest fad diets
6 Giraffe fights and friendships revealed
7 Five ways to hit the high seas
8 President Obama praises US 'fiscal cliff' deal
9 Shares rally on US fiscal cliff deal
10 Syria: Deadly air strike 'hits Damascus petrol station'
11 Apple store in Paris hit by thieves in heist
12 Video shows Burma military 'targeting Kachin rebels'
13 Japan crime: Why do innocent people confess?
14 Quitting smoking 'reduces anxiety'
15 Alcohol calories 'too often ignored'
16 'Weight is healthy' study criticised
17 South Korean singer Rain in military service row
18 French woman trapped in Roubaix shop for new year
19 Young 'cannot cope with daily life'
20 India gang rape: Thousands of women march in Delhi
21 Popular Egypt satirist accused of mocking president
22 What new words were created in 2012?
23 'Confusion' over how active we should be
24 LG launches first next-generation OLED 55in television
25 China's 'pirate search engine' shuts down
26 Digital sales break 1bn pounds barrier
27 Canadian war graves at St. Margaret's Church, Bodelwyddan given QR code
28 Future tech: Smart fabrics and other forecasts
29 Cliffhanger: Still hanging
30 Fiscal cliff averted after deal clears House
31 What the "fiscal cliff" bill means to taxpayers
32 Fiscal cliff averted--now what?
33 4 surprise tax perks in the "fiscal cliff" deal
34 Businesses begin bracing for the Affordable Care Act
35 Recession babies may be more likely to be teen delinquents
36 UK Department of Health tries to deter smokers with graphic ad
37 Imaging study examines effect of fructose on brain regions that regulate appetite
38 Higher levels of obesity associated with increased risk of death
39 Houston, we have another problem
40 Hydrogen peroxide vapor enhances hospital disinfection of superbugs
41 Language Learning Begins in Utero, Study Finds; Newborn Memories of Oohs and Ahs Heard in the Womb
42 Early Predictor for Glaucoma Identified
43 Dance of water molecules turns fire-colored beetles into antifreeze artists
44 'Protecting' Psychiatric Medical Records Puts Patients at Risk of Hospitalization
45 Real-world patient survival with defibrillators matches trial expectations
46 Anti-depressants in pregnancy not tied to stillbirth, infant death
47 Stanford researchers develop acrobatic space rovers to explore moons, asteroids
48 India rejects claims it exported fake medicine to Africa
49 Military projects push boundaries of flexible electronics in imaging technologies
50 Can your phone double up as your life-coach?
51 Smoking Affects Heart Surgery Outcome Even a Year After Quitting
52 US fiscal deal leaves science vulnerable
53 Software detects and extracts text from within video frames, makes it searchable
54 Researchers receive $2.4 million ARPA-E grant to improve solar cell efficiency
55 Research unveils how some medieval cultures adapted to rise of Islam
56 Award-winning PV cell pushes efficiency higher
57 Researchers solve crystal structure of key biofilm protein
58 Could Arming Teachers Work?
59 The Seven Best Cities to Find a Job
60 How Smart LEDs Could Change Your Home
61 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Announces 10 Major Research Achievements of 2012
62 Genetics Society of America's GENETICS Journal Highlights for January 2013
63 Supercomputers, Materials and Bears: ORNL Marks Eventful 2012
64 As Climate Warms, Bark Beetles March on High-Elevation Forests
65 Researchers Use Imaging Findings to Chronicle New Details About Second Impact Syndrome in a High School Football Player
66 Researchers Develop Tool to Evaluate Genome Sequencing Method
67 Itchy Wool Sweaters Explained
68 Baggy eyes and earlobe creases linked to heart attacks
69 Trove of ancient secrets submerged under the sea
70 Spot in dark beats place in the sun
71 Smart country sells itself short
72 Looking for a way out of this mess
73 Thinking about sex all the time becomes an honour
74 Mosquito fly-ins to help grow malaria--in order to kill it
75 Big cuts to wait times for vaccines
76 Cassini scores a great view of Saturn's Sandy experience
77 Toxic takeaway: cholera, listeria and salmonella
78 Bat immunity may hold clues for HIV
79 Blood bank, sperm bank...stool bank?
80 Scientists warn against environmental powers being handed to states
81 'She's not pretty'--meet a real hobbit
82 The sea among us
83 ANU plays starring role in heavenly clean-up
84 Antarctic team probes for life deep below the ice
85 A mirror kill snuffs out the twinkle, twinkle
86 In a galaxy, far, far away...
87 The origins of cheese revealed
88 Scientists seek to take the sting out of killer jellyfish
89 Team gears up for lunar mission
90 Jenolan Caves sheltering climate secrets
91 Spaced out: NASA denies world's end as queries skyrocket
92 Meet the man who puts the bite on mozzies
93 Winging it for science: study of disease-free bat could help humans
94 Power saver: brain caught napping with every blink of an eye
95 Nobel Prize winner who defied Italian fascists
96 'Gene switch' offers hope in breast cancer fight
97 Autopsy confirms 3,500 year old Egyptian princess had clogged arteries
98 Colin Firth--yes, that one--publishes neuroscience paper
99 Photos suggest fish are capable of using tools
100 Extinct rainbow toad spotted after 87 years
101 Lizards may be smarter than you think
102 Anti-smoking vaccine fails
103 Government funds "that's what she said" study
104 Plant evolves to attract bats with echolocation
105 Whiskey sipping goes high-tech
106 US asks scientists to withdraw recipe for lab-bred bird flu
107 Columbus did bring back the clap, say scientists
108 Is Facebook more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol?
109 Anti-climate science group threatens mass lawsuits
110 Flatworms could reveal secret of immortality
111 Conservatives trust science less than ever
112 Claim: Beer makes men smarter
113 500 trillion watt laser shot decimates previous record
114 Future spacecraft could be powered by nuclear waste
115 Most scientific retractions involve fraud, not error
116 Volvo plans first self-driving cars for 2014