File Title
1 An Old Disease Returns: Dengue Is in Florida and May Be Heading North
2 Eruption May Have Started at Copahue on the Chile/Argentina Border
3 33 New Species of Trapdoor Spider Discovered
4 How Long Can Oregon Change Their Uniforms?
5 Coral Reefs Could Be Decimated by 2100
6 Why do Rocks Melt on Earth, Anyway?
7 The NRA Solution to Gun Violence: More Guns, Fewer Videogames
8 Digital Social Visibility: How Facebook Gifts Change Our Choices
9 Tiny Terminal: Maker Builds a Working Raspberry Pi Laptop
10 The Surprising Truth: Technology Is Aging in Reverse
11 Moog Updates Its Far-Out Synthesizer App for iPad
12 In Ex-Soviet States, Russian Spy Tech Still Watches You
13 Steve Jobs' Superyacht Impounded in Payment Dispute
14 Spider That Builds Its Own Spider Decoys Discovered
15 Teenagers taste working outside at Minsmere nature reserve
16 New study of how Gaelic affects brain functions
17 Syria unrest: Air strike on bakery 'kills or wounds dozens'
18 Egypt opposition alleges referendum 'fraud'
19 Somali troops 'free' 22 hostages held by pirates
20 North Korea rocket 'has 10,000km range'
21 Timbuktu mausoleums 'destroyed'
22 The rise of ironic Christmas jumpers
23 Paris, an enchanted city of carousels
24 Tweets of the week: Apocalypse, eggnog and Miss Universe
25 Cannabis can make patients 'less bothered by pain'
26 Steve Jobs' high-tech yacht impounded over bill dispute
27 Norwegian minister Espen Eide urges UK caution on quitting EU
28 The new wave of Arab supermodels
29 Mario Monti 'available to lead Italy'
30 Alexandra Hospital neglect: Jeremy Hunt 'disgusted'
31 Kickstarter: Games by the people, for the people
32 Top ten Christmas health risks
33 More rain set to exacerbate flood disruption
34 Argentina looting spreads to Buenos Aires province
35 YouTube: The cult of web video
36 Music with dinner: Whales sing during foraging season, not just while breeding
37 First freshwater mosasaur discovered
38 Unraveling the threads: Simplest cotton genome offers clues for fiber improvements
39 Occasional family meals enough to boost kids' fruit and veg intake
40 Pics, shoots and leaves: Ecologists turn digital cameras into climate change tools
41 Genomic frontier: The unexplored animal kingdom
42 Not without my microbes
43 Badger sleeping habits could help target TB control
44 Paper waste used to make bricks
45 Multi-tasking whales sing while feeding, not just breeding
46 A new, super-nutritious puffed rice for breakfast cereals and snacks
47 Soybeans a source of valuable chemical
48 Pigs in southern China infected with avian flu
49 Study reveals that animals contribute to seagrass dispersal
50 Biologists design method to monitor global bee decline
51 Wallace's century-old map of natural world updated
52 USDA explores using novel genetic labs for faster detection of E. coli
53 New whole plant therapy shows promise as an effective and economical treatment for malaria
54 Small wasps to control a big pest?
55 Italian wolves prefer pork to venison
56 Spanish consumers prefer national fish
57 Can Observations of a Hardy Weed Help Feed the World?
58 Death of hemlock trees yields new life for hardwood trees, but at what cost to the ecosystem?
59 Discovery May Pave Way to Genetically Enhanced Biofuel Crops
60 Long life and resistant to diseases? Our money's on bats to survive the apocalypse
61 Human history preserved in tree rings of prehistoric wooden wells
62 Science's Breakthrough of the Year: Discovery of the Higgs boson
63 Small, Portable Sensors Allow Users to Monitor Exposure to Pollution on Their Smart Phones
64 Ozone levels have sizeable impact on worker productivity
65 JILA physicists achieve elusive 'evaporative cooling' of molecules
66 Environmental performance affected by ethnicity and religion
67 Geo-engineering against climate change
68 When the ice melts, the Earth spews fire
69 NASA's Operation IceBridge Data Brings New Twist to Sea Ice Forecasting
70 Clean air: New paints break down nitrogen oxides
71 GEOLOGY returns to Naica Cave, Mexico, and extends its reach to Mercury
72 Ups and downs of biodiversity after mass extinction
73 Study shows rapid warming on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
74 New data challenge old views about evolution of early life
75 Targeting taste receptors in the gut may help fight obesity
76 The X factor in liver metabolism
77 Ironing out the link between H. pylori infection and gastric cancer
78 A new type of nerve cell found in the brain
79 Thomas Jefferson University researchers discover new pathways that drive metastatic prostate cancer
80 Carin Goring's remains identified by researchers at Uppsala University
81 Fighting sleeping sickness with X-ray lasers
82 Strength training improves vascular function in young black men
83 Targeted gene silencing drugs are more than 500 times more effective with new delivery method
84 Researchers discover genetic basis for eczema, new avenue to therapies
85 New insights into how immune system fights atherosclerosis
86 Understanding cell organization to tackle cancer
87 Chinese medicine yields secrets to scientists at The Scripps Research Institute
88 Fat influences decisions taken by brain cells for production and survival
89 Research sheds new light on mechanisms of T-ALL, a form of leukemia that primarily affects children
90 3 new genetic links to colorectal cancer
91 OpGen announces sequence assembly and finishing of first reference genome of domestic goat
92 Study turns parasite invasion theory on its head
93 The first goat genome sets a good example for facilitating de novo assembly of large genomes
94 Gout study offers genetic insight into 'disease of kings'
95 New findings in the search for genetic clues to insulin production
96 Nutrient-sensing enzymes key to starvation response and survival in newborn mammals
97 Wide-scale tax evasion in Greece
98 Evidence on abortion figures overestimated in Mexico fuels scientific debate in medical journal
99 Little evidence to support TB interventions in real-world, low-resource settings
100 Western University-led research debunks the IQ myth
101 For power and status, dominance and skill trump likability
102 Raising Minimum Wage Lifts Single Mothers Out of Poverty and Boosts U.S. Economy, Policy Report Shows
103 Impact of caring for adult child with disability studied
104 LSUHSC research discovery provides therapeutic target for ALS
105 Small changes in eating prompts weight loss
106 Affects of climate change to birds worsened by housing development
107 Young offenders who work, don't attend school may be more antisocial
108 Supportive role models, coping lead to better health in poor teens
109 Motivation, study habits--not IQ--determine growth in math achievement
110 Toddlers' language skills predict less anger by preschool
111 Gene expression improves the definition of a breast cancer subtype
112 Better stroke care, everywhere: NIH-funded study boosts local hospitals' clotbuster use
113 Production of 5-aminovaleric and glutaric acid by metabolically engineered microorganism
114 Gift misgivings? Trust your gut
115 To outsmart malarial drug resistance, research team develops new whole-plant strategy
116 Gladstone scientists identify powerful infection strategy of widespread and potentially lethal virus
117 Origin of life emerged from cell membrane bioenergetics
118 Peel-and-Stick solar panels from Stanford engineering
119 Shedding light on Anderson localization
120 Sync to grow
121 Aldrich Materials Science discovers liquid-free preparation of metal organic frameworks
122 New meteorite suggests that asteroid surfaces more complex than previously thought
123 Meteorite triggered scientific gold rush
124 U.Va. Professor Aiding Quest to Find New Uses for Abundant Natural Gas
125 Scripps Florida Scientists Create New Approach to Destroy Disease-Associated RNAs in Cells
126 N/A
127 Study reports iron oxide nanoparticles effective for labeling human endothelial cells
128 May the force be with the atomic probe
129 New calculations solve an old problem with DNA
130 Physicists take photonic topological insulators to the next level
131 Boosting Galactan Sugars Could Boost Biofuel Production
132 How Stars Look Young When They're Not: The Secret of Aging Well
133 Entering a new phase
134 'Molecular levers' may make materials better
135 Lizard tails detach at a biological 'dotted line'
136 New study sheds light on dinosaur size
137 BGI reports bat genome provides new insights into the evolution of flight and immunity
138 33 new trapdoor spider species discovered in the American southwest
139 Eighth Landsat Satellite Arrives at Launch Site
140 Hawaiian Islands are dissolving, study says
141 Smaller Colorado River projected for coming decades, study says
142 Fitting 'smart' mobile phone with magnifying optics creates 'real' cell phone
143 Resident Fatigue, Stress Trigger Motor Vehicle Incidents, Mayo Clinic Poll Finds
144 Father's Death Affects Early Adolescents' Futures in Developing World, Says MU Anthropologist
145 Speaking Skills Crucial for Hearing Impaired Children in the Classroom
146 Bullying by childhood peers leaves a trace that can change the expression of a gene linked to mood
147 Purines fend off surgery-related damage
148 Way to make one-way flu vaccine discovered by Georgia State researcher
149 California's graduate students in environmental sciences lag behind in technology, computation
150 Sibling squabbles can lead to depression, anxiety
151 Study: Curbing car travel could be as effective as cutting calories
152 A mathematical formula to decipher the geometry of surfaces like that of cauliflower
153 Scientists construct first map of how the brain organizes everything we see
154 Doing the math for how songbirds learn to sing
155 Young scientist helps identify cause of widespread eye disease
156 Study probes why and how patients with lung cancer initially get diagnosed with the disease
157 Many causes for learning lags in tumor disorder
158 Neuroscientists find excessive protein synthesis linked to autistic-like behaviors
159 Decision to give a group effort in the brain
160 JAMA article discusses critical need for iodine supplements during pregnancy and while nursing
161 KAIST announces a major breakthrough in high-precision indoor positioning
162 Women earn more if they work in different occupations than men
163 The Green Revolution is wilting
164 NYSCF and CUMC scientists develop scientific technique to help prevent inherited disorders in humans
165 School shootings: what we know and what we can do
166 Brain imaging insight into cannabis as a pain killer
167 Topics of teen sibling fights affect anxiety, depression, self-esteem
168 Mutation hotspots in autism genes
169 Neuroscience: The extraordinary ease of ordinal series
170 Removing protein 'garbage' in nerve cells may help control 2 neurodegenerative diseases
171 Genetic defect causing fragile X-related disorders more common than thought
172 Cellphone, GPS data suggest new strategy for alleviating traffic tie-ups
173 Cellphone data helps pinpoint source of traffic tie-ups
174 Low vitamin D levels in pregnancy associated with lower birth weights, pitt research finds
175 Not all gamers are low scorers on friendships, relationships
176 Parents' addiction, unemployment and divorce are risk factors for childhood abuse
177 Stars reveal the secrets of looking young
178 How to look young when you're not
179 Closest sun-like star may have planets
180 Field Museum studies rare meteorite possibly from the outer asteroid belt
181 Clays on Mars: More Plentiful Than Expected
182 2 problems in chemical catalysis solved
183 The paths of photons are random--but coordinated
184 MIT researchers discover a new kind of magnetism
185 A nanoscale window to the biological world
186 Game changing diagnostic & prognostic prostate cancer genetic tests revealed by Jefferson
187 Steering Stem Cells to Become Two Different Building Blocks for New Blood Vessels
188 Transplanted genetically-modified adipose cells offer potential therapy for liver diseases