File Title
1 Indo-European languages map back to Turkey
2 Scientists spy stars that created supernova
3 Gibbons on helium sing like sopranos
4 Tsunami made worse by 'pop-up' of sediments
5 Forensic test can predict hair and eye colour from DNA
6 Tags to shed light on northern hairy ants' movements
7 Peru police seize thousands of dried seahorses
8 Greenpeace activists board Russian Gazprom oil platform
9 Super-fertility offers clue to recurrent miscarriage
10 Bats threatened by climate change
11 Fish play video game in new behaviour study
12 Geoengineering: Risks and benefits
13 Can city cemeteries be nature reserves?
14 Anders Behring Breivik: Norway court finds him sane
15 Lance Armstrong 'stripped' of Tour de France titles and banned
16 Deadly shooting near New York's Empire State Building
17 Syria crisis: Number of refugees rises to 200,000
18 Romney's 'birther' jibe upsets Obama campaign
19 Hurricane Andrew: Florida residents remember the storm
20 Carried by soldiers, no score-keepers at 1960 Paralympics
21 Gu Kailai and the body double debate
22 Mexico police fire on US embassy staff
23 Nineteen shot in Chicago night of mayhem
24 Nine executed in Gambia, says Amnesty International
25 Camorra mafia boss shot at beach resort in Italy
26 Galliano stripped of French Legion d'Honneur award
27 South African hippo dies before pool rescue
28 The future of education in Africa is mobile
29 It's time to reap the benefits of 4G mobile networks
30 Apple awarded $1bn in damages from Samsung in US court
31 Greek PM Samaras to hold key Paris talks on bailout
32 US court blocks graphic cigarette warnings
33 Haiti, Dominican Republic await Tropical Storm Isaac
34 Nicaraguan police seize $7m from fake Mexico journalists
35 English language 'originated in Turkey'
36 Julian Assange row: OAS gives Ecuador partial support
37 'Oldest English words' identified
38 The perils of flying with a wheelchair
39 Super Hi-Vision 8K TV standard approved by UN agency
40 Australian billionaire on mission to recreate Titanic
41 Nanofibres 'may pose health risk'
42 The fearless ferrymen of Dhaka's Buriganga river
43 Fake Facebook voucher offer scam
44 US music file-sharer must pay damages
45 Kodak set to quit camera film and photo paper business
46 Robots compete in their own 'Olympics' games
47 Apple and Samsung get South Korea bans
48 Austrian driver allowed 'pastafarian' headgear photo
49 Gallstone risk 'higher among obese teenagers'
50 UK to spend 2m pounds combating cholera in Sierra Leone
51 More parents than ever in NI choose to give children MMR jab
52 Spoofs, lies and re-tweets: Is it safe to make parodies online?
53 Collapsed footballer resuscitated by paramedics on next pitch
54 Childhood music classes 'help adult hearing'
55 Huge blast stops Venezuela's main oil refinery Amuay
56 Angola deports China 'gangsters'
57 Top Haqqani network militant 'killed in Pakistan'
58 Syria conflict: Japan reporter Mika Yamamoto flown home
59 Tiger kills zookeeper in Cologne, Germany
60 World air guitar championships won by American
61 Angola's Chinese-built ghost town
62 Storms spoil NASA satellite launch attempt
63 Tiny "LunarCubes" could explore moon on the cheap
64 Mysterious origins of brightest star explosions revealed
65 Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' button gets playful, artistic
66 First Milky Way galaxy "twins" found
67 PC growth slowing, and Windows 8 won't fix that soon, says IDC
68 Grave of King Richard III may be under parking lot
69 Facebook launching new, faster iPhone app
70 Mother of many modern languages traced to ancient Turkey
71 Verizon tops 'best quality' report from J.D. Power and Associates
72 New details on ill will between Empire State Building shooting victim, gunman
73 Woman drowns while getting wedding photos taken
74 Al Qaeda calls for death of Navy SEAL who authored book on bin Laden mission
75 Kodak ditches pictures to get out of bankruptcy
76 Lance Armstrong subject to lifetime ban and fan fallout
77 Mexico scrambles to cope with egg shortage
78 Italian mafia boss shot dead leaving beach
79 Breivik won't appeal, sorry for not killing more
80 Bin Laden book prompts warning from SEALs chief
81 Miners say killing rabbit caused police shootings
82 Who knew? Curiosity photos show Mars teeming with UFOs
83 Researchers identify present day Turkey as origin of Indo-European languages
84 English language is descended from ancient Turkey, experts claim
85 Family Tree of Languages Has Roots in Anatolia, Biologists Say
86 Mountain lion caught in downtown Reno after trying to enter Harrah's
87 Nikola Tesla gets some of the recognition he deserves, thanks to The Oatmeal's internet campaign
88 Web Cartoonist Raises $1 Million For Tesla Museum
89 Astronomers find a rare, second kind of supernova
90 Rats! New rodent species that doesn't chew, lives on earthworms discovered in Indonesia
91 No Gnawing! New Rat Without Molars Discovered
92 Private Space Plane to Launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center
93 Spaceship builder setting up shop in Florida
95 NASA Dinosaur: Spiny Nodosaur Footprints Found At Goddard Space Flight Center
96 Maya may have intensified drought by clearing forests
97 Mayan collapse mystery solved? Deforestation exacerbated a drought
98 Discover Hubble's hidden treasures
99 Angry Birds now go to Mars
100 Spaceship companies clear NASA milestones
101 Is a 1-Year Space Station Mission in the Works?
102 Milky Way galaxy has unexpected twins out there, astronomers say
103 Milky Way 'Twins': Lookalike Galaxies Revealed By Star Survey
104 Cambridge Scientists Progress Toward Sustainable Hydrogen Production
105 U.S. court strikes down graphic warnings on cigarettes
106 Greek study finds e-cigarettes no threat to heart
107 Electronic cigarettes don't adversely affect cardiac function
108 Contaminated Tattoo Ink Causes Skin Rash Outbreak In Four U.S. States
109 Tattoo Inks Pose Health Risks
110 FDA and CDC warn that tattoo ink can be hazardous to your health
111 Colonoscopy in a pill: Doctors unveil four pills that do the same job as liquid laxatives in the cancer screening prep
112 My Semicolon Life: Finally, a cancer test I can pass
113 NJ officials: Mom who decapitated son tested clean
114 Alzheimer's drug fails study but flashes potential
115 Lilly Alzheimer's drug trial yields promising sign
116 NIH should have notified it of superbug outbreak, Montgomery County official says
117 UK launches 2m pounds plan to tackle cholera in Sierra Leone
118 New prostate cancer study clouds PSA debate
119 Big Pharma Knocked Out of the Box--Bristol-Myers' Hepatitis C Blunder is an Enormous Bonus for Medgenics
120 Bristol-Myers Drops Hepatitis C Drug After Patient Death
121 3 Tips for Parents to Teach Healthy Study Habits to Teens