File Title
1 Earliest human evidence in Southeast Asia
2 Home wifi can become emergency responders
3 Universe was 'born in a big chill'
4 Arctic sea ice set to hit record low
5 Star is caught devouring planet
6 Shanghai 'most vulnerable to flood risk'
7 Nanoparticle 'risk' to food crops
8 NASA selects InSight Mars mission after Curiosity rover
9 Cod and haddock demand 'exceeds UK sea supply'
10 Sea eagles release marks 'milestone' in breeding project
11 Will artificial vocal cords restore singing voices?
12 Data sent over first cables linking China and Taiwan
13 Curious incident of a dead giraffe
14 Lancaster University compiling best Aurora Borealis sites
15 NASA's new Mars mission: A Phoenix rising
16 Cuba zoo gets ready for Namibian wild animals
17 Circumcision, the ultimate parenting dilemma
18 How algorithms will help us spend, spend, spend
19 Strathclyde University machine 're-uses' patient blood
20 Congressman Todd Akin seeks 'forgiveness' for rape gaffe
21 Russia warns against unilateral intervention in Syria
22 Afghan rocket attack damages US army chief plane
23 Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi dies after illness
24 Anonymous hits UK government websites in Assange protest
25 The last goths of Tashkent
26 US teen invents advanced cancer test using Google
27 Obesity 'bad for brain' by hastening cognitive decline
28 French tourists guilty in Sri Lanka over Buddha photos
29 Boy raped at Manchester Debenhams after Arndale Centre abduction
30 Stewart Francis's Posh and Becks joke Fringe 'funniest'
31 US swimmer Diana Nyad halts Cuba to Florida attempt
32 Best Buy suspends profit forecast as earnings decline
33 Jordanian Paralympic squad arrests over assault claim
34 Meles death: Leaders' reaction
35 BT hit by OnLive cloud video games firm's shake-up
36 Pussy Riot court website up after hack attack
37 Everything Everywhere gets 4G go-ahead from Ofcom
38 NHS hospital trusts invited to expand abroad
39 G20 pathologist Freddy Patel 'not fit to practise'
40 Robots to aid high dependency care at Daisy Hill Hospital
41 Sierra Leone cholera death toll rises
42 Michael J Fox to make full-time TV return
43 Gaza tunnel trade squeezed by Egypt 'crackdown'
44 NASA renews Caltech contract to oversee JPL
45 Video: Monkey angrily rejects unequal pay
46 Groupon not a tech company? Analysts are on the attack
47 35-year-old Voyager 2 is NASA's longest mission ever
48 Living on the streets, but at home on Twitter
49 NASA plans mission to study hidden interior of Mars
50 Mars rover Curiosity flexes robotic arm for first time
51 Apple, Samsung patent trial nears end as tech giants prep closing arguments
52 Whale-watchers' delight: Bonanza off California
53 Hulu content changes coming, report says
54 Oldest bones from modern humans in Asia discovered
55 Apple-Samsung jury: Verdict form may blow your minds
56 TV ads may spur materialism in unhappy tweens
57 O'Donnell: Akin's comment cost him $10 million
58 Diana Nyad out of the water, fourth attempt to swim from Florida to Cuba over
59 Gen. Martin Dempsey's plane hit by rocket at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan
60 Rosie O'Donnell suffers a heart attack
61 New Super Mario Bros. 2 review: Gold coins are the thing
62 Five kids dead after SUV rollover in Texas
63 Coal train falls from bridge in deadly derailing
64 USDA: Slaughterhouse shut after video shows extreme abuse
65 Ex-Marine put in psych ward over Facebook posts
66 Nurse who treated Aurora victims drowns in Iowa
67 Cops: Day care center workers watched tots fight
68 DNA clears Texas man of sex assault after 20 years
69 Princeton Review's top 20 party, sober schools
70 Princeton Review: WVU beats Ohio U. for top party school
71 Unshuffled cards a costly headache for casinos
72 Low Mississippi River creates 97-boat jam
73 Would-be NJ Samaritans restrain victim, help thief
74 Huge fire burns to edge of 3 small Calif. towns
75 A closer look at the two women admitted to Augusta
76 Diner en blanc takes New York City
77 Facebook stock spiral continues
78 Russian woman allegedly strangles man with her bra
79 Iran unveils upgraded missile "as a deterrence"
80 A rare view from the other side of Syria's civil war
81 Gu Kailai, wife of powerful China politician Bo Xilai avoids execution, which surprises few
82 Ethiopia's long-time ruler dead at 57
83 Japanese journalist killed in Syria
84 U.S. troop killed, "insider" escapes after latest attack in Afghanistan
85 Obama: Chemical weapons in Syria are a "red line"
86 All 348 Mexico City airport police replaced
87 Top U.S. commander, Gen. Martin Dempsey, in Afghanistan amid spike in "insider attacks"
88 Comedian Phyllis Diller dies at 95 in Los Angeles
89 Joan Rivers remembers Phyllis Diller
90 Phyllis Diller's best one-liners
91 Phyllis Diller blazed trail for female comedians
92 Wynonna Judd's husband loses leg after motorcycle crash
93 Listen to radios? Watch TVs? Not for Class of '16
94 Prince William and Kate to go to Singapore for Jubilee tour
95 Downton Abbey Season 3 sneak peeks arrive online
96 Watchdog group says implied nudity on TV increased at alarming rate
97 Taylor Swift joins boyfriend Conor Kennedy at his mother's grave
98 Syphilis scare halts porn industry filming in LA as health officials investigate
99 More West Nile virus cases, deaths add to growing concern around U.S.
100 Declining circumcision rates may add $4 billion in U.S. health care costs, researchers say
101 Mammogram study: Dense breasts won't raise cancer death risk in women
102 Dominican Republic teen at center of abortion debate dies from leukemia complications
103 E.coli fears prompt romaine lettuce recall
104 Depression and Asthma Linked in People Worldwide
105 Tectonic Shoving Match Formed Caribbean Island Arc
106 Rejection May Fuel Creativity
107 NASA Finds Spiny Dinosaur Prints in Own Backyard
108 NASA Renews Caltech Contract to Oversee Jet Propulsion Laboratory
109 Shanghai Faces Big Flood Risk
110 New European Earthquake Catalog Offers Clues to Future Risks
111 Light-Trapping Bug Acts Like Plant
112 Marriage May Protect a Gal's Heart
113 Mars Rover Curiosity Flexes Robotic Arm for 1st Time
114 35-Year-Old Voyager 2 Probe Is NASA's Longest Mission Ever
115 Space Station Cosmonauts Toss Satellite Overboard in Spacewalk
116 NASA Unveils New Mars Mission to Probe Red Planet's Core
117 Does Gum Really Take 7 Years to Digest?
118 NASA to Launch Mission to Earth's Radiation Belt Friday After Delay
119 Alien Planet Haul: NASA Space Telescope Spots 41 New Exoplanets
120 Pew! Pew! Pew! NASA's Curiosity Rover Zaps Mars Rock with Laser
121 Mars Rover Curiosity to Take 1st Martian Drive This Week
122 Five-Time Everest Ascender Makes Global Warming App
123 Reference: Teotihuacan: Ancient City of Pyramids
124 Why Women Choose Abortion
125 'Maars' Volcanoes: Research Seeks to Understand Strange Eruptions
126 Doctors Group to Announce New Policy on Circumcision
127 Drop in Circumcisions Would Boost Health Care Costs
128 Meaning Sways How Clearly We See Things
129 Bonobo Stone Tools as Competent as Ancient Human?
130 Asia's Fastest Communications Cable Comes Online
131 Edible Oil Dispersant Tackles Spill Cleanup Problem
132 Cloud Brightening Could Curb Warming
133 The Physics of Stuntwoman's Crazy Slackline Walk between Trucks
134 Inactivity Is US Kids' Biggest Health Problem, Poll Says
135 US Army Deploys 3D Printing Labs to Battlefield
136 Oldest Bones from Modern Humans in Asia Discovered
137 Semen May Trigger Ovulation
138 Doggie Diagnosis: Tail Chasing Resembles Human Compulsive Behavior
139 Frankenstein Computer Virus Assembles Itself
140 TV Ads May Spur Materialism in Unhappy Tweens
141 New Hover Vehicle Recalls 'Star Wars' Bike
142 A Safer Skateboard? This Inventor's Got It Handled
143 Toddlers Show Less Sympathy for Whiners
144 Dingoes on Display for the First Time at Cleveland Zoo
145 Todd Akin & Pregnancy: Yes, It Can Happen to Rape Victims
146 Drinking Milk Not Linked to Early Puberty
147 Do Cows Really Lie Down When It's About to Rain?
148 Quakes Beneath Antarctic Glacier Linked to Ocean Tides
149 Americans Increasingly Super-Sizing Their Churches
150 Dark Matter Exposed? Gamma-Ray Find Excites Scientists