File Title
1 Helicopter parenting causes anxious kids
2 Curiosity rover zaps first Martian rock
3 Hiroshima's ongoing thyroid cancer legacy
4 NASA's Curiosity rover zaps Mars rock called Coronation
5 'Solid smoke' material aerogel gets added strength
6 Fruit flies learn to spot eligible females by smell
7 MoD reveals design of Royal Navy future warships
8 Rover panorama: Begin exploring Mars
9 Harrabin's Notes: Frozen assets
10 Bo Xilai scandal: Gu Kailai jailed over Heywood murder
11 Hollywood director Tony Scott jumps to death from bridge
12 US row over Congressman Todd Akin's rape remark
13 Scientists dispel 'Miserable Monday' myth
14 Pakistan orders report into 'disabled girl's blasphemy case'
15 An American's quest to impress his partner's Iranian granny
16 Greeks go back to basics as recession bites
17 The 87-year-old doctor still charging patients $5 a visit
18 Burma abolishes media censorship
19 Rep Kevin Yoder 'regrets' Sea of Galilee skinny-dip
20 Space elevators: Going up?
21 Tesco web security 'flaw' probed by UK data watchdog
22 Nook e-reader to get UK launch
23 UK internet 'to be fastest in Europe by 2015'
24 Sony acts to boost PlayStation Vita at Gamescom
25 Knitting reinvented: Mathematics, feminism and metal
26 Lonmin's strike-hit SA mine idle despite reopening
27 Wildfire sweeps across Greek island of Chios
28 Brecon mother, 20, jailed for leaving baby home alone
29 Is Alice in Wonderland really about drugs?
30 Russian police hunt other Pussy Riot activists
31 Asil Nadir found guilty of Polly Peck theft
32 Manchester shop worker jailed for 1m pounds lottery fraud
33 Augusta National Golf Club allows first female members
34 Echinacea remedy not for children under 12, says MHRA
35 Cancer in over 65s predicted to treble by 2040
36 Muslim man's family in right-to-life hospital court battle
37 Nine-inch fork removed from man's stomach after 10 years
38 Debate over Australia welfare 'credit card'
39 Brigadier's 'black grief' for son who served in Helmand
40 Leaky valve on space station delays spacewalk
41 Mars rover Curiosity to take first Martian drive this week
42 Marriage drives women to drink, study says
43 AT&T reportedly discontinues sales of subsidized tablets
44 Mars rover Curiosity zaps first rock
45 Garrett: Akin's abortion comments make Romney campaign "nervous"
46 Top Gun director dead after leaping off bridge
47 Tony Scott dead: Apparent suicide note found
48 Should congressional Republicans worry about having Paul Ryan on the ticket?
49 Romney, Scott Brown rebuke Akin's rape comments
50 Romney abortion view overrides Ryan in Akin response
51 Apple, Samsung verdict may shape the future of technology
52 The sun's strange shape revealed
53 Bitter dispute continues over Thomas Kinkade's estate
54 Michael Phelps in hot water over Louis Vuitton ad campaign
55 Calif. wildfires threaten thousands of homes
56 Hiker captures graphic broken ankle ordeal on tape
57 Top roller-coasters in North America, scariest to coolest
58 Diana Nyad attempts fourth Cuba-Florida swim
59 Maria Sharapova gets personal on "CBS This Morning"
60 Willie Nelson feeling better after canceling Colorado performance
61 Obama: George Clooney a "good friend"
62 TV star William Windom dies at 88
63 Bynes being investigated for traffic accident
64 Report: Some GOP congressmen chided for booze, nudity during swim in Israel
65 Mo. Rep. Todd Akin: Rape rarely leads to pregnancy
66 Obama, Romney take the day off, attend church
67 Madonna sued $10M in Russia for supporting gays
68 Study: College binge-drinkers happier than non-bingers
69 Rover's Laser Instrument Zaps First Martian Rock
70 New Space-Age Insulating Material for Homes, Clothing and Other Everyday Uses
71 Researchers Make Quantum Processor Capable of Factoring a Composite Number Into Prime Factors
72 Massachusetts Butterflies Move North as Climate Warms
73 Brain's Mysterious Switchboard Operator Revealed
74 New 'Microthrusters' Could Propel Small Satellites: As Small as a Penny, These Thrusters Run On Jets of Ion Beams
75 Writing the Book in DNA: Geneticist Encodes His Book in Life's Language
76 Spider Version of Bigfoot Emerges from Caves in the Pacific Northwest
77 Hot Solar Wind: Magnetic Turbulence Trumps Collisions to Heat Solar Wind
78 Secrets of 'SuperAger' Brains: Elderly Super-Agers Have Brains That Look and Act Decades Younger Than Their Age
79 Democracy Works for Endangered Species Act, Study Finds; Citizen Involvement Key in Protecting and Saving Threatened Species
80 MASER Power Comes out of the Cold: Solid-State MASER Can Operate at Room Temperature
81 Secondhand Smoke Impairs Vital Cough Reflex in Kids
82 Weight-Loss Surgery Results in Positive Changes in Social Life, Medical Conditions
83 Meddling With Male Malaria Mosquito 'Mating Plug' to Control an Epidemic
84 Red Wine Compound Could Help Seniors Walk Away from Mobility Problems
85 Good Mood Foods: Some Flavors in Some Foods Resemble a Prescription Mood Stabilizer
86 New Biorefinery Finds Treasure in Starbucks' Spent Coffee Grounds and Stale Bakery Goods
87 A New Route to Dissipationless Electronics
88 Inspired by Genetics, Chemistry Finally Takes Hold of Its Own Code: Chemists Can Attain More Complex Supramolecular Structures?
89 'DNA Wires' Could Help Physicians Diagnose Disease
90 Hubble Sees a Lonely Galactic Island
91 The Wasp That Never Cries Wolf
92 Artificial Intelligence Allows Automated Worm Sorting
93 Improving Water Quality Can Help Save Coral Reefs
94 Bats Evolved More Than One Way to Drink Nectar
95 Urine Based 'Potion' Can Act as CO2 Absorbent
96 War Is Not Necessarily the Cause of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
97 What's Your Lifetime Risk of Developing Kidney Failure?
98 Potential New Drug for Ulcerative Colitis
99 Tracking the Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Through to Nine Years of Age
100 Novel Technique Demonstrates Interactions Between Malaria Parasite and HIV
101 Study Reveals New Molecular Target for Melanoma Treatment
102 Study Finds One Treatment Stands Above Others for Adults With Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
103 West Nile On the Rise Again After a Quiet Decade
104 Less Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic May Be Better for Bloodstream Infections
105 Metabolic Protein Wields Phosphate Group to Activate Cancer-Promoting Genes
106 Sociologist Examines the Challenges of Women in Professional Football
107 National Education Policy--Oh, How It's Changed
108 Both Early Alcohol Use and Early Intoxication Can Herald Trouble for College Students
109 Trust in Management Key to Avoiding Correctional Staff Burnout
110 Targeting Confident Consumers? Focus On High-Level Product Features
111 Binge Drinking College Students Are Happier Than Their Non-Binge Drinking Peers, Study Suggests
112 Relationship Between Marriage and Alcohol Examined
113 God as a Drug: The Rise of American Megachurches
114 Middle-Class Children: Squeaky Wheels in Training
115 Work Has More Benefits Than Just a Paycheck for Moms: Working Moms Are Healthier Than Stay-At-Home Moms
116 Poxviruses Defeat Antiviral Defenses by Duplicating a Gene
117 Turmeric Stopped Potentially Deadly Rift Valley Fever Virus from Multiplying in Infected Cells
118 Invasive Brittle Star Species Hits Atlantic Ocean
119 Beetle Mating Requires Strong Grip as Defensive Behavior
120 Some Like It Hot: Cold-Blooded Tropical Species 'Not as Vulnerable' to Climate Change Extinction
121 Excessive Summertime Heat Can Shorten Gestation Time for Beef Cattle
122 Wild Pollinators Support Farm Productivity and Stabilize Yield
123 Polar Bears Dying in Zoo from Virus That Jumped from Zebras
124 Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt
125 Tibetan Plateau May Be Older Than Previously Thought
126 'Dinosaur Bends' Caused by Prolonged Diving
127 Bird Louse Study Shows How Evolution Sometimes Repeats Itself
128 A GPS in Your DNA
129 Renaissance Women Fought Men, and Won
130 Remaking History: A New Take On How Evolution Has Shaped Modern Europeans
131 NASA Is Tracking Electron Beams from the Sun
132 Exoplanet-Hosting Stars Give Further Insights On Planet Formation
133 Hubble Watches Star Clusters On a Collision Course
134 New Report Presents Research Program for Solar and Space Physics Over the Next Decade
135 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Spectrometer Detects Helium in Moon's Atmosphere
136 New Technology Combats Global Pandemic of Drug Counterfeiting
137 Simple New Test to Combat Counterfeit Drug Problem in Developing Countries
138 High-Altitude Drop Tests Rocket U. Engineers
139 3-D Movies in Your Living Room, Without the Glasses
140 Sunflowers Inspire More Efficient Solar Power System
141 Search Technology That Can Gauge Opinion and Predict the Future
142 Electronic Read-Out of Quantum Bits
143 First Direct Observations of Quantum Effects in an Optomechanical System
144 Recreating a Slice of the Universe: Computational Approach Follows Thousands of Galaxies Over Billions of Years
145 Single Sign-On for Internet Use Had Major Vulnerabilites: Many Now Fixed