File Title
1 Evolution of Humans in Europe More Complex Than Previously Thought
2 Monastery where Christian saint was martyred is uncovered on Eigg
3 Archaeologists Find Thracian Town on Bulgarian Sea Coast
4 Good times led to grisly custom
5 Macabre finds in the bog at Alken Enge
6 Experts urge protection of Pitkin County archaeological site
7 UM archaeology team explores Rosebud Battlefield
8 Maryport dig reveals more about life on the Roman frontier
9 Technology to the rescue for ancient Japanese culture
10 Renaissance Women Fought Men, and Won
11 17th century shipwreck to be freeze-dried, rebuilt
12 Study casts doubt on human-Neanderthal interbreeding theory
13 Was Narmada valley the centre of human evolution?
14 Digging into Plymouth's slave history
15 Pigs and squatters threaten Peru's Nazca lines
16 Switzerland's past faces an uncertain future
17 Monmouth site is Bronze Age--archaeologist in row with minister
18 Vanishing Elwha reservoirs reveal long-buried sites
19 British researcher pitches for Achill-henge
20 Drought reveals famous sunken ship
21 Archaeologists Uncover Remains of an Ancient Nobleman in an Aquatic Tomb in Peru
22 Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt
23 112 Years Later, Sioux Indian Is Freed From an Unmarked Grave
24 Cambodia: Bathing children find ancient statues
25 The Secret Tomb of China's 1st Emperor: Will We Ever See Inside?
26 Solved: the 17 year mystery of the ship under the floorboards
27 Zapotec Burial Site Found in Southern Mexico
28 Google maps ancient Mexican ruins
29 One Year After Wildfire, Archeologists Unearth Indian Artifacts
30 Remains of 'medieval village' found in Herefordshire
31 The best of Las Vegas
32 Asia's fastest data cable links Tokyo to Singapore
33 Julian Assange urges US to end Wikileaks 'witch-hunt'
34 Anti-Japan protests across China over islands dispute
35 Christian Pakistani girl arrested for 'blasphemy'
36 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in rare mosque visit
37 US woman Diana Nyad attempts Cuba to Florida swim
38 A Point of View: The enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes
39 Risking life in the Mongolian gold rush
40 Cairo's barflies wait for Brotherhood's take on beer
41 Cardinal Keith O'Brien snubs gay marriage talks with Scottish government
42 John Lennon's killer set for seventh parole hearing
43 Jay Leno takes pay cut to save staff
44 US comedian Jay Leno sued over Golden Temple jibe
45 X Factor launch suffers ratings slump
46 S. Africa Lonmin killings: National mourning declared
47 NATO strike in Afghanistan kill top Taliban leader
48 Limbless swimmer Philippe Croizon links continents
49 Julian Assange: Why Ecuador is offering asylum
50 Tainted pickles kill six in Japan
51 Curiosity's Mars travel plans tentatively mapped
52 Assange to Obama: Stop WikiLeaks "witch hunt"
53 WikiLeaks' Assange a prisoner of his own making
54 Obama: Ryan plan would reduce Romney's tax rate to 1%
55 Michael Gargiulo: The serial killer next door?
56 WikiLeaks' Assange due to appear amid standoff
57 Miss China crowned Miss World
58 Nyad back in the water in Cuba-Florida record swim
59 Sudan copter crash kills government delegation
60 Russian Orthodox clerics forgive punk band for anti-Putin rant, call for mercy
61 Egypt's president to visit Iran, official says
62 Pakistan: US missiles kill 7 militants in NW
63 Japan activists land, raise flags on disputed isle
64 For Romney: no coffee, but coffee ice cream
65 Ryan in Fla. makes emotional pitch for Medicare
66 Obama: Budget cuts shouldn't target education
67 Paul Ryan's spending votes get a second look
68 West Memphis 3: Free
69 Al Roker comment hits close to home for "Today" show
70 Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, tried in absentia in Turkey
71 Elton John devastated by death of longtime bassist
72 Like NASA rover, family switches over to Mars time
73 Curiosity's Mars travel plans tentatively mapped
74 Amelia Earhart investigators find 'interesting debris field'
75 Earhart expedition team says video possibly shows plane debris
76 Pieces of Amelia Earhart's Plane Located?
77 Penny-Sized Engine Developed That Can Move Satellites
78 MIT-developed 'microthrusters' could propel small satellites
79 MIT 'microthrusters' are the size of a penny, could reposition tiny satellites
80 Curiosity--America's Endangered Triumph
81 How curiosity begat Curiosity
82 Curiosity should inspire future
83 Mars Rover Curiosity Update: Self Portrait & New Images Released, First Destination Announced (PHOTOS)
84 'Curiosity' Fires Up Its Laser Beam on 1st Mars Target (Weekend Feature)
85 NASA Curiosity Team Pinpoints Site for First Drive
86 Britney Spears to Mars rover: What's new, girlfriend?
87 Curiosity opening Martian frontier?
88 Linear Technology devices power Mars Curiosity Rover
89 Mars rover Curiosity to make a cool detour: NASA
90 Mars rover has summit in its sights
91 Future of Data: Encoded in DNA
92 Book converted to DNA then 'read' to show off bio-digital storage
93 Climate change belongs in school curriculum
94 New oxide can help slash diesel pollution
95 Nanostellar's Mixed-Phase NO Oxidation Catalyst (Noxicat) Continues to gain recognition among customers and scientific community
96 Iconic Telescopes Should Lose Funding, New Report Suggests
97 Report says US should stop funding iconic telescopes
98 Why doom has not materialized
99 Apocalypse not: We're still here
100 Scientists Test Product to Kill Zebra Mussels in Carlos, Minn.
101 Two new owl species discovered
102 Two new owls discovered in the Philippines
103 Study: Cebu's owl endangered
104 Ind. health officials say 14 sickened from cantaloupes
105 Diabetes drug Actos will soon be available as cheaper generic
106 FDA approves first generic Actos to treat type 2 diabetes
107 FDA OKs Generic Actos for Type 2 Diabetes
108 Dallas Deploys Old Weapon In New Mosquito Fight
109 Seattle Hempfest divided over marijuana legalization
110 Even at Hempfest, no consensus on legalizing pot in Washington
111 Pregnant Teen Dies from Leukemia Due to Ban on Abortions
112 Teen with Leukemia, Who Had to Choose Between Abortion and Chemotherapy, Dies
113 Brazilian construction worker survives 6-foot metal bar through skull
114 Contaminated pickles kill seven in Japan
115 Six die from E. coli in pickled cabbage in Hokkaido
116 Largest-ever tobacco study finds 'urgent need' for policy change
117 Brazilian Drug Dealers Say No to Crack in Rio
118 Voter drive launched to repeal LA pot clinic ban
119 Facing orders to close, L.A. pot shop owners vow to overturn ban
120 Probing The Youthful Brains of 'SuperAgers'
121 Thick Cortex Offers Clue to Better Memory
122 Aide defends Scott's stance on health care dollars
123 Sperm quality may all be in the nuts--walnuts
124 Walnuts May Boost Semen Quality
125 White Baby Shocks Black Parents: Medically Possible?
126 The most important message to leaders
127 Social Security fixable; changes politically tough
128 Feds allege N.C. firm ran $600M Ponzi scheme
129 4 Things Not to Buy at Trader Joe's