File Title
1 Food supplements have little effect on the weight of malnourished children
2 Researchers propose new way to save Africa's beleaguered soils
3 Oyster genome uncover the stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation
4 NEIKER and INRA discover that BDA symptoms in grapevine leaves are a sign of esca at its initial phase
5 Carbon dioxide from water pollution, as well as air pollution, may adversely impact oceans
6 Selective grazing and aversion to olive and grape leaves achieved in goats and sheep
7 CT Scan and 3-D Print Help Scientists Reconstruct an Ancient Mollusk
8 The "slippery slope to slime": Overgrown algae causing coral reef declines
9 Study: DNA Barcoding Can ID Natural Health Products
10 Pollen cells keep memory to control jumping genes
11 Pesticides not yet proven guilty of causing honeybee declines
12 Novel plastic-and-papyrus restoration project
13 VIB exceptionally sceptical about the Seralini research
14 DNA analysis aids in classifying single-celled algae
15 Scientists uncover mechanism by which plants inherit epigenetic modifications
16 Data Link Project Provides New Insight About the U.S. R&D Activities of Multinational Companies
17 Global economic pressures trickle down to local landscape change, altering disease risk
18 New Uses for Old Tools Could Boost Biodiesel Output
19 New turtle tracking technique may aid efforts to save loggerhead
20 Nunavut's mysterious ancient life could return by 2100
21 Unusual Symbiosis Discovered in Marine Microorganisms
22 Horticultural hijacking
23 'Forest killer' plant study explores rapid environmental change factors
24 Growing corn to treat rare disease
25 Syrian obsidian discovery opens new chapter in Middle Eastern studies
26 Archaeology team announces 'huge step forward' in King Richard III search
27 Archaeologists uncover 'lost garden' in quest for Richard III
28 Excavations in Jaffa confirm presence of Egyptian settlement on the ancient city site
29 Little Ice Age led to migration of island hopping arctic foxes
30 Human remains discovered in search for King Richard III
31 King Richard III search in new phase after 'discovery has potential to rewrite history'
32 Roman military camp dating back to the conquest of Gaul throws light on a part of world history
33 Challengers to Clovis-age impact theory missed key protocols, new study finds
34 Crews uncover massive Roman mosaic in southern Turkey
35 Chicago Demotic Dictionary refines knowledge of influential language
36 Major changes needed to protect species and ecosystems
37 Ancient tooth may provide evidence of early human dentistry
38 Khoe-San peoples are unique, special--largest genomic study finds
39 Humans were already recycling 13,000 years ago
40 Evolutionary straitjacket means flies can't take the heat
41 CU mathematicians show how shallow water may help explain tsunami power
42 New NIST screening method identifies 1,200 candidate refrigerants to combat global warming
43 Warming ocean could start big shift of Antarctic ice
44 Did a "forgotten" meteor have a deadly, icy double-punch?
45 New airport system facilitates smoother take-offs and landings
46 Arctic Sea Ice Hits Smallest Extent In Satellite Era
47 Climate scientists put predictions to the test
48 Solving the stink from sewers
49 23 nuclear power plants are in tsunami risk areas
50 Brain study reveals the roots of chocolate temptations
51 Cause of diabetes may be linked to iron transport
52 Informatics approach helps doctors, patients make sense of genome data
53 'Psychopaths' have an impaired sense of smell
54 Astrochemistry Enters a Bold New Era with ALMA
55 New study shows providing non-caloric beverages to teens can help them avoid excessive weight gain
56 Regular consumption of sugary beverages linked to increased genetic risk of obesity
57 Cell death discovery suggests new ways to protect female fertility
58 New ways to protect female fertility
59 Remarkable enzyme points the way to reducing nitric acid use in industry
60 Giving lithium to those who need it
61 Diet high in total antioxidants associated with lower risk of myocardial infarction in women
62 Bacteria's Key Innovation Helps Understand Evolution
63 Addictive properties of certain drugs may hold key to an HIV cure
64 Research identifies protein that regulates key 'fate' decision in cortical progenitor cells
65 Researchers Report Novel Approach for Single Molecule Electronic DNA Sequencing
66 Professor publishes on first-ever imaging of cells growing on spherical surfaces
67 Einstein hosts its first stem cell institute symposium
68 Naked mole-rats may hold clues to pain relief
69 Consumers differ in desire for explanation, says new CU-Brown University study
70 Autism symptoms could arise from unreliable neural responses
71 BIDMC and Diagnostics For All create first low-cost, paper-based, point of care liver function test
72 The key to cooperation? Think fast
73 Cancer in the movies
74 Can disclosure hurt the translation of research?
75 Study unveils clue to the origin of dyslexia
76 Study shows how consumers shift expectations and goals
77 NCD prevention 'more important than life or death'
78 Free bus passes have health benefit, say researchers
79 Children in Switzerland are using mobile phones to go online
80 Move to less impoverished neighborhoods boosts physical and mental health
81 Playground peers can predict adult personalities
82 Treating Disease by the Numbers
83 Business plan competitions may be key to job growth
84 Modeling Good Research Practices' guidelines for modeling in health care research available now
85 Money Key Factor in Driving Med Students From Primary Care Careers
86 Obama leads in Michigan; many voters undecided
87 Debt and Income Concerns Deter Medical Students from Primary Care Careers
88 Virtual boundaries: How environmental cues affect motivation and task-oriented behavior
89 Study shows anaesthetic-related deaths reduced dramatically
90 Undertreatment of common heart condition persists despite rapid adoption of novel therapies
91 Revolutionary ultrathin, flat lens: Smartphones as thin as a credit card?
92 Toward a better material for hip replacement and other joint implants
93 Manipulating hormone receptors may help in the fight against obesity
94 Computer simulations for multiscale systems can be faster, better, more reliable
95 Physicists reveal striking similarities in sporting performance
96 Intrinsically disordered proteins: A conversation with Rohit Pappu
97 A solution to reducing inflammation
98 Optical Waveguide Connects Semiconductor Chips
99 ORNL research uncovers path to defect-free thin films
100 The original Twitter? Tiny electronic tags monitor birds' social networks
101 Double assault on tough types of leukemias
102 NASA's Solar Fleet Peers Into Coronal Cavities
103 Researchers develop new 'stamping' process to pattern biomolecules at high resolution
104 Light squeezed on a quantum scale
105 World record holder [converting waste heat to electricity]
106 Genetic mutation may have allowed early humans to migrate throughout Africa, research says
107 Understanding the flight of the bumblebee
108 An Expedition to the Earth's Fiery Heart
109 Hands-on activities for high schoolers effectively teach about antibiotics
110 Math anxiety causes trouble for students as early as first grade
111 Genes render some rice species sterile
112 Do SAT Scores Help or Hurt in Decisions About Who Will Do Well in College?
113 Study shows breath analysis could help diagnose pulmonary nodules
114 Catchy vegetable names increase affinity for greens
115 Children evaluate educational games
116 Researchers call for early diagnosis of flesh-eating infections
117 Majority of US Schools not ready for next pandemic, SLU researchers say
118 Only half of adults say schools should take action when kids bully with social isolation
119 Who is entitled to social welfare?
120 Study: Why women speak less when they're outnumbered
121 Bergen-Belsen lessons underline vital role that nurses can play in patient feeding
122 Wind could meet many times world's total power demand by 2030, researchers say
123 Computer, read my lips
124 Researchers Craft Program to Stop Cloud Computer Problems Before They Start
125 The problem of impatient patients
126 Predicting Wave Power Could Double Marine-Based Energy
127 Breast cancer risks acquired in pregnancy may pass to next 3 generations
128 Researchers Devise More Accurate Method for Predicting Hurricane Activity
129 Parched soils trigger more storms
130 Weizmann Institute's Mathematical Model May Lead to Safer Chemotherapy
131 Information theory helps unravel DNA's genetic code
132 Predicting a die throw
133 Researchers develop rapid method to measure carbon footprints
134 Radar Measurements of Highest Precision
135 New 'ATM' takes old phones and gives back green
136 Dry-run experiments verify key aspect of Sandia nuclear fusion concept
137 International team of physicists makes discovery about temperature in convection
138 Quasars: Mileposts marking the universe's expansion
139 Neuroscientists investigate lotteries to study how the brain evaluates risk
140 The effect of body mass index on blood pressure varies by race among children
141 Relation of poor sleep quality to resistant hypertension
142 'Kick-starting' male fertility
143 Denosumab Reduces Burden of Giant-cell Tumor of the Bone
144 Mount Sinai researchers identify predictors for inpatient pain
145 Penn Study Documents Women's Experiences with Chromosome Abnormalities Found in New Prenatal Test
146 Key immune cell may play role in lung cancer susceptibility
147 Simple ovarian cancer symptom survey that checks for 6 warning signs may improve early detection
148 Poorest miss out on benefits, experience more material hardship, since 1996 welfare reform
149 Economics used to show how a healthy outlook leads to a healthy lifestyle
150 Whole-genome scan helps select best treatment for childhood cancer
151 China's nuclear dilemma
152 Simple tool may help evaluate risk for violence among patients with mental illness
153 New Technology Being Stymied by Copyright Law
154 Mobile phones and wireless networks: No evidence of health risk found
155 Further steps needed to reduce stigma and expand access to substance abuse
156 Government can play important role in obesity epidemic
157 Tasered youth fare as well as adults, new research says
158 Funding for medical research and science programs faces draconian cuts
159 Birth is no reason to go to hospital
160 How close were we to armageddon? 50 years on, why should we still study the Cuban Missile Crisis?
161 What's in a name?
162 Your Memory is Like the Telephone Game
163 Project Gives Computers a More Powerful Way to Detect Threats
164 Rutgers-Camden Professor Researching Copyright Law's Impact on User-generated Content in Video Games
165 As Prescription Painkiller Overdoses Mount, Researchers Outline Effective Approaches to Curb Epidemic
166 Secondhand smoke takes large physical and economic toll
167 Commercial weight loss programme evaluated
168 Nudge or Think: What works best for our society?
169 New challenges for ex-Olympians
170 Swedish journalists to the left of the public and elected politicians
171 Historian uncovers rare writings by 18th century political icon
172 How Do We Make Moral Judgments?--Insights From Psychological Science
173 He Says, She Says: Researchers Examine How Characteristics of Automated Voice Systems Affect Users' Experience
174 Spacetime ripples from dying black holes could help reveal how they formed
175 Berkeley Lab Sensors Enable First Light for the Dark Energy Camera
176 World's most powerful digital camera opens eye, records first images in hunt for dark energy
177 NRL Demonstrates High Durability of Nanotube Transistors to the Harsh Space Environment
178 Protection for humans on Mars
179 Johns Hopkins astrophysicist spies ultra-distant galaxy amidst cosmic 'dark ages'
180 Ultra-distant galaxy spied amidst cosmic 'Dark Ages'
181 Study reveals teenage patients attitude towards social media and privacy
182 Once usability becomes secure
183 Taming physical forces that block cancer treatment