File Title
1 Brain scan study reveals owner's age
2 Study finds Sun rounder than previously thought
3 Mice study uncovers potential male pill
4 Camouflage bendy robot changes colour for disguise
5 Zebra virus kills polar bear in German zoo
6 Sharks tracked by surfing robot and free app
7 New 'green cremation' machine opens in Minnesota
8 Karate punching power 'all in the brain'
9 Mini guide to Cornwall's beaches
10 South Africa's Lonmin Marikana mine clashes killed 34
11 Pussy Riot members jailed for two years for hooliganism
12 Policeman in Afghanistan kills two US soldiers
13 Mitt Romney seeks to end debate on his tax rate
14 Julian Assange: Ecuador asylum decision criticised
15 Ayn Rand: Why is she so popular?
16 How does Ramadan affect businesses?
17 US synagogue welcomes Muslims seeking a place to pray
18 Gay parades banned in Moscow for 100 years
19 German court widens army's internal crisis role
20 Backpack farm targets growth in Africa
21 Google's anti-piracy move prompts file-sharers' reply
22 Analytics must be put centre stage in decision making
23 Shamoon virus targets energy sector infrastructure
24 Apple lawyer faces 'smoking crack' jibe by patent judge
25 The Premiership footballer hatred vortex
26 Sudanese refugees face 'humanitarian disaster'
27 Obama to Romney: Release five years of tax returns
28 Twitter changes provokes anger from developers
29 Myriad Genetics BRCA1 and BRCA2 patents upheld in court
30 Twitter API changes may limit your tweets
31 Soft, squishy octopus robot with built-in camouflage
32 Intel, Apple praised for clean mineral efforts
33 Steve Jobs' burglar made off with Apple co-founder's wallet
34 World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria trailer released at Gamescom 2012
35 The sun's strange shape revealed
36 Instagram re-design adds photo maps
37 NASA's hidden space shuttle opens in Houston
38 Helium spotted in moon's wispy atmosphere
39 Justice Dept to order changes in Verizon deals
40 Dropped iPhones, iPads? Guess which state is the clumsiest
41 Russian female punk band Pussy Riot gets 2 years for hooliganism over Putin protest at church site
42 Brittni Colleps, former Texas high school teacher, on trial for allegedly having group sex with students
43 Brittni Colleps Case: Students who were alleged sex partners of ex-Texas teacher say they do not feel like victims
44 Afghanistan police officer kills 2 U.S. troops in latest "green-on-blue" attack
45 U.K.: WikiLeaks' Assange won't be allowed to leave
46 Assange faces boredom, stress inside embassy
47 S. Africa police shoot striking miners; 18 dead
48 Taliban say they have infiltrated Afghan forces
49 Air France asks passengers for gas money in Syria
50 Syria tensions spill over border to Lebanon
51 Special forces among dead in Afghan copter crash
52 Iran: Israel's existence 'insult to all humanity'
53 Afghanistan helicopter crash leaves 7 U.S. troops, 4 others dead
54 Israel braces for "heavy casualties" if it strikes Iran, sees monthlong war
55 Michael Vander Linden, Mich. man, dies in wrong-way car collision, family found dead at home, police say
56 Five suspects in custody in "ambush" that killed 2 La. deputies and wounded 2 more
57 Ore. priest in underwear chased boy down the street after alleged sex assault, police say
58 La. deputies were shot and killed in an ambush while interviewing suspects in earlier shooting, sheriff says
59 Real-Life "Breaking Bad:" Walter White on Alabama's 'most wanted' list for meth charges, police say
60 Debrahlee Lorenzana (PICTURES) Fired for Being Too Sexy?
61 Judge sentences Ala. man Mark Beecham to 624 years in prison in rape, kidnapping case
62 Doctor uses salons to encourage healthy living in the African-American community
63 Experimental cancer drug makes mice infertile without side effects, scientists claim male birth control discovery
64 AARP public service announcement turns spotlight on caregivers' plight
65 Mom presses for heart transplant for autistic adult son
66 Man's death at Yosemite tied to rodent-borne disease, hantavirus
67 Are Methane Hydrates Dissolving?
68 Friendships promote better farming in developing countries
69 Widespread local extinctions in tropical forest 'remnants'
70 Potent human toxins prevalent in Canada's freshwaters
71 Marine research in the Brazilian rain forest
72 Impulsive micromanagers help plants to adapt, survive
73 Team discovers reason that male moths can keep finding females
74 Plants exhibit a wide range of mechanical properties, engineers find
75 Rating of ocean health shows 'room for improvement'
76 Nature study highlights many paths to ocean health
77 Global ocean health gets passing grade: UBC researchers
78 A 'game-changer': By studying animal health, researchers find improved ways for developing, testing cancer therapies
79 Prof. helps devise method to remove phosphorous from wastewater
80 NOAA: Underwater noise decreases whale communications in Stellwagen Bank sanctuary
81 Landslide fatalities are greater than previously thought
82 'Dinosaur bends' caused by prolonged diving.
83 Warming causes more extreme shifts of the Southern Hemisphere's largest rain band
84 Invasive brittle star species hits Atlantic Ocean
85 Report card shows Australia's oceans are changing
86 Ohioans Love Their Lakes, But Are Concerned For Their Future
87 Earthworms soak up heavy metal
88 Common parasite may trigger suicide attempts
89 Triage for plants: NYBG scientists develop and test rapid species conservation assessment technique
90 Wild pollinators support farm productivity and stabilize yield
91 A urine based 'potion' can act as a CO2 absorbent
92 Research raises doubts about whether modern humans and Neanderthals interbred
93 Ancient Seal May Add Substance to the Legend of Samson
94 Old skull bone rediscovered
95 Macabre finds in the bog at Alken Enge
96 Studies examine health consequences of meltdown, damage to Fukushima nuclear power plants in Japan
97 Ship-borne measurements show EU policies have improved air quality in harbors
98 How do they do it? Predictions are in for Arctic sea ice low point
99 NASA seeing sprites
100 Greenland melting breaks record 4 weeks before season's end
101 Lunar reconnaissance orbiter spectrometer detects helium in moon's atmosphere
102 Some like it hot: Tropical species 'not as vulnerable' to climate change extinction
103 Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt
104 Studies shed light on why species stay or go in response to climate change
105 Finally, the promise of male birth control in a pill
106 Small molecule may provide direction to quest for male contraceptive
107 Mouse study finds clear linkages between inflammation, bacterial communities and cancer
108 Brain scans don't lie about age
109 Researchers uncover how poxviruses such as smallpox evolve rapidly--despite low mutation rates
110 Poxviruses defeat antiviral defenses by duplicating a gene
111 Treatment for cervical disease is not linked to increased risk of preterm births
112 RI Hospital: Use of PMP may increase demand for drug treatment, reduce painkiller abuse
113 B cell survival holds key to chronic graft vs. host disease
114 A GPS in Your DNA
115 Bird louse study shows how evolution sometimes repeats itself
116 Could FastStitch device be the future of suture?
117 Turmeric Spices Up Virus Study
118 Spider version of Bigfoot emerges from caves in the Pacific Northwest
119 UA Engineering Professor Uses Aerospace Materials to Build Endless Green Pipeline
120 It must be important but what does it do? The strange case of UCP2
121 Iconic Darwin finch genome sequenced in Genome 10K international collaboration
122 N/A
123 Two new owls discovered in the Philippines
124 Writing the book in DNA
125 Deep inside the body, tiny mechanical microscope
126 Apartment therapy: How does 'good taste' become second nature for consumers?
127 Giving to charity: Why do we donate more money to individuals when they are members of a group?
128 Ownership increases the value of products: How does gender matter?
129 Don't burn out: Enjoy your favorite products more by consuming them less frequently
130 Targeting confident consumers? Focus on high-level product features
131 MASER power comes out of the cold
132 Golden age of prostate cancer treatment hailed as fourth drug in 2 years extends life
133 School Food--On the Front Line in the Fight against Childhood Obesity
134 Rice study: Future increases in US natural gas exports and domestic prices may not be as large as thought
135 Prosperous Native-American tribes grow anxious about legalization of Internet gambling
136 3D movies in your living room--without the glasses
137 Evolutionary increase in size of the human brain explained
138 Use of retail medical clinics continues to grow, study finds
139 Taking the edge off a pipe bomb--literally
140 Study: College students lose respect for peers who hook up too much
141 Longer time to find new job, less pay for moms laid off during recession
142 Study: Homeless people find equality, acceptance on social networking sites
143 Study explores the impact of corruption and military organization on civilians
144 Longer time to find new job, less pay for moms laid off during recession
145 Foreclosure crisis and metropolitan crime rates
146 War is not necessarily the cause of post-traumatic stress disorder
147 BPA link to narrowing of the arteries
148 Recreating a Slice of the Universe
149 New report presents research program for solar and space physics over the next decade
150 Phoenix Cluster Sets Record Pace at Forming Stars
151 New form of carbon observed
152 Soft robots, in color
153 Nature: Electronic Read-out of Quantum Bits
154 Tibetan Plateau may be older than previously thought
155 Enzalutamide adds 5 months survival in late-stage prostate cancer
156 Hubble Watches Star Clusters on a Collision Course
157 NASA is Tracking Electron Beams from the Sun
158 Researchers Find Material for Cleaner-Running Diesel Vehicles
159 Magnetic Turbulence Trumps Collisions to Heat Solar Wind
160 Constructive conflict in the superconductor
161 Can genes be early warning indicators of environmental risks?
162 Organisms cope with environmental uncertainty by guessing the future
163 ChemCam laser sets its sights on first Martian target
164 Both early alcohol use and early intoxication can herald trouble for college students
165 Need an Expert? Try the Crowd
166 Danger in the blood: U-M scientists show how antibiotic-resisting bacterial infections may form
167 Photographic cholesterol test
168 Multi-dimensional brain measurements can assess child's age
169 Children's self-control is associated with their body mass index as adults
170 Discovery of immune cells that protect against multiple sclerosis offers hope for new treatment
171 Why are elderly duped?
172 Metabolic protein wields phosphate group to activate cancer-promoting genes
173 Annals of Internal Medicine publishes new CDC recommendations on hepatitis C screening
174 Molecular and protein markers discovered for liver transplant failure from hepatitis C
175 Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of wheeze and asthma in preschool children
176 Regions vary in paying prisoners to participate in research
177 Princeton study reveals the brain's mysterious switchboard operator
178 GWU consensus report outlines new approaches for evaluating benefits and risks of obesity drugs
179 Performance pay for physicians may backfire: BMJ editorial
180 Urology-owned radiation oncology self-referral can increase patients' travel distance for treatment
181 Doing the math to fight childhood obesity
182 PETA addresses USDA's TABST exemption policy plans
183 Psychopaths get a break from biology
184 Democracy works for Endangered Species Act, study finds
185 Danes frequently confronted by religion
186 Virus throws a wrench in the immune system
187 World's largest tobacco use study: Tobacco control remains major challenge
188 A male contraceptive pill in the making?
189 Will the Real Independents Please Stand Up?
190 Hinode scientists' stellar effort keeps sun mission 'burning bright'
191 This is not a pipe
192 Record-breaking galaxy cluster discovered
193 NSF's South Pole Telescope discovers a galaxy cluster creating stars at a record pace
194 Giant galaxy cluster sets record pace for star creation
195 Astronomers reassured by record-breaking star formation in huge galaxy cluster
196 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter's LAMP spectrometer detects helium in moon's atmosphere
197 MIT-developed 'microthrusters' could propel small satellites
198 PLoS ONE launches Synthetic Biology Collection
199 Be whoever you want to be!
200 'Organic' study of live pancreatic tissue yields new opportunities for diabetes research