File Title
1 Sharks see world as 50 shades of grey
2 Obesity, BPA link tenuous say experts
3 Revealed: How sea lions make mega-dives
4 Cosmic magnifying lens unveils oldest galaxy
5 New record for turning heat into power
6 Ancient asteroid delivered deadly double-punch
7 Curiosity Mars rover picks up the pace
8 Oyster genome mystery unravelled
9 MPs' call to halt Arctic drilling amid safety concerns
10 Record minimum for Arctic sea ice
11 Decorative spider webs attract dinner
12 Caledonian pinewoods threatened by spread of tree disease
13 French GM-fed rat study triggers furore
14 Agent Orange chemical in GM war on resistant weeds
15 Reindeer at risk from new extreme snow sport
16 Dark energy camera snaps first images ahead of survey
17 Music from tiny particles' movements set to debut
18 Glasgow Airport staff seize 36 giant African land snails
19 Sri Lanka kidney disease blamed on farm chemicals
20 When 'state of the art' is also years old
21 Fast and Furious: Eric Holder cleared but 14 faulted
22 India strike over supermarket reforms
23 Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi given US Congressional medal
24 Actress Cindy Lee Garcia sues over Innocence of Muslims
25 Syria conflict: Helicopter crashes near Damascus--state TV
26 The man who turned his home into a public library
27 Aging China: Changes and challenges
28 Syria conflict: School in a time of war
29 'Wife of Jesus' reference in Coptic 4th Century script
30 N/A
31 Painkillers 'are the cause' of millions of headaches
32 Viewpoint: Counter-insurgency lessons from Vietnam
33 Why British police don't have guns
34 Baby birth shock for soldier on Afghanistan deployment
35 'Popcorn lung': Wayne Watson wins $7.2m in US court
36 Ex-CME worker admits US data theft to help China rival
37 Death rituals in the animal kingdom
38 Is Taiwanese democracy changing Chinese students?
39 UK cities divide up fast broadband cash
40 Film directors launch campaign for correct TV settings
41 HTC unveils two Windows Phone 8 handsets
42 YouTube under new pressure over anti-Muslim film
43 Sony to sell slimmer PlayStations to help boost sales
44 BBC replacing Flash with its own media player
45 London joins US-based online university Coursera
46 Facebook trials mobile ad system on third-party sites
47 Bitcoin thieves yet to spend stolen hoard
48 Motorola's first Intel-powered handset launches in UK
49 Malware 'was not from factories,' Microsoft says
50 Microsoft warns on previously unseen IE bug
51 Electronic Arts creates 300 jobs in Galway
52 Formula 1's IT crowd: Software engineers power Marussia
53 From sketch to smartphone--how HTC drew inspiration from a shoe
54 HTC aims to avoid One X mistakes with new mobiles
55 How smart is a smartphone in the hills?
56 Ofcom says BSkyB 'fit and proper' but James Murdoch criticised
57 South Africa's Marikana miners return to work
58 Viewpoints: Anti-Islam film and self-censorship
59 Sitting straight 'bad for backs'
60 The woman who lost all seven children
61 Colombian drug baron captured in public phone booth
62 Rapist exposes himself to judge
63 A generation may be at higher risk of suicide--researchers
64 Charity warns of 'retreat' from dementia research
65 Anthrax vaccine bid for NATO by Cardiff University
66 Snake venom may be 'drug source'
67 Mother-to-daughter womb transplant 'success' in Sweden
68 End of life rethink 'is needed'
69 Claire Millar: My four year struggle with hair loss
70 'I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at 52'
71 Bill Gates tops Forbes rich list for 19th year
72 Charlie Hebdo French cartoons: Complaint filed in Paris
73 Rival of The Krays gangster Charlie Richardson dies aged 78
74 Canada for president: Can the US learn from the north?
75 Brain Candy: Chemical Turns Rats into M&M Eating Machines
76 What Sea-Ice Loss Means for Development in the Arctic
77 Dyslexic Brain Hears Fuzzy Sounds
78 Farthest Galaxy Yet Revealed by Cosmic Lens
79 Space Shuttle Endeavour Lands in Houston During Final Ferry Flight
80 Should Humanity Take Religion on Interstellar Space Voyage?
81 Private Capsule Set to Launch Space Station Cargo Next Month
82 Largest Moon Rock Ever Auctioned Could Fetch $380,000
83 One Red Cent: Curiosity Rover Totes Penny on Mars
84 N/A
85 US Scientists to Use Chinese Moon Lander for Space Research
86 Record-High Antarctic Sea Ice Levels Don't Disprove Global Warming
87 Movies Show Inaccurate Picture of Cancer
88 NASA Astronaut Completes 1st Triathlon in Space
89 How Does Arsenic Get into Rice?
90 Long-Gone Mollusk Comes to Life with 3D Printer
91 New Dark Energy Telescope Snaps First Cosmic Photos
92 Surprising Chemical Could Help MS Patients
93 Beeswax Filling May Be Oldest Hint of Dentistry
94 Mysterious 'Crazy Ants' Identified
95 Opinions Easily Flip-Flop, Researchers Find
96 A Hand Squeeze May Boost Athlete Performance Under Pressure
97 Partial Solar Eclipse on Mars Photographed by Curiosity Rover
98 Childhood Neglect Linked With Stroke Risk
99 Bermuda's Stunning Red Soils Likely Blew in From Africa
100 Facebook Stalking an Ex Won't Help You Move On
101 Daily Lives of Ancient Egyptians Translated in New Dictionary
102 Dramatic Arctic Ice Melt Blows Away Previous Record
103 New Atlas May Help Solve Mysteries of the Human Brain
104 Storm Train Continues in Southern Alaska
105 World's Oldest Message in a Bottle Found
106 Reference: The Serengeti: Plain Facts about National Park & Animals
107 What Americans Would Do If They Won the Lottery
108 When Women Don't Speak Up
109 Bootleg Liquor and Why You Should Not Drink Methanol
110 5 Things You Should Know About Arsenic
111 Rare Research Opportunity in Arctic Extended to U.S. Students
112 Superheroes Help Their Fans' Self-Image
113 Kardashian Catches Her Own Baby: Should You?
114 Antarctica's Speedy Ice Streams May Trigger Major Melting
115 First Ever Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy
116 'Ghost' House Aims for Net Zero Energy
117 Ancient Baby Graveyard Not for Child Sacrifice, Scientists Say
118 NASA Funds 8 Robotics Projects to Aid Space Exploration
119 Warp Drive May Be More Feasible Than Thought, Scientists Say
120 Is Anti-Muslim Film a Hoax?
121 Belief in TV Romances May Hurt Your Love Life
122 Jesus Had a Wife, Newly Discovered Gospel Suggests
123 East vs. West: Stark Coast-to-Coast Culture Clash Revealed
124 Case Closed? Comet Crash Killed Ice Age Beasts
125 5 Life Lessons Learned Working at McDonald's
126 Wham! How Russia's Trove of 'Impact Diamonds' Was Created
127 Neanderthals May Have Worn Dark Feathers
128 Will Humans Eventually All Look Like Brazilians?
129 Navy's 'Sinking Ship' Makes for Clever Ocean Lab
130 Eye Tracking Could Diagnose Brain Disorders
131 Sperm's Quirky Swimming Revealed by Hologram
132 In Every State, 44% of People Will Be Obese in 2030
133 Otter Pups Make Zoo Debut
134 Say Hello to a New Way to Sell Your Cellphone
135 Why Political Ads Don't Matter
136 Headless Roman Statues Found in Ancient City