File Title
1 Satellite tracking shows whale rescue success
2 Japanese tooth patch may reduce decay
3 Study plugs holes in island creation theory
4 Giving hydrogel some backbone
5 Men with type 1 diabetes osteoporosis risk
6 Neanderthals used feathers as 'personal ornaments'
7 Science advisor says badger cull plan is a 'crazy scheme'
8 Lift-off for Europe's Metop weather satellite
9 Sir Ranulph Fiennes to attempt record Antarctica trek
10 Wallasea Island nature reserve project construction begins
11 Van Gogh's Flowers In A Blue Vase damage seen in X-rays
12 When 'state of the art' is also years old
13 Conflict and 'boom-bust' explain humans' rapid evolution
14 Cane rat meat 'sold to public' in Ridley Road Market
15 Kazakh US exhibition banishes country's Borat image
16 Mitt Romney secret video reveals views on Obama voters
17 Afghanistan suicide bomber hits Kabul bus
18 Bo Xilai scandal: Wang Lijun trial resumes
19 South Korean host bars--for women
20 Kadyrov's Chechnya rises from the ashes, but at what cost?
21 Young Asians making their mark on Australia
22 Anti-Islam film: Thousands protest around Muslim world
23 A Polish girl's journey across three continents
24 Salman Rushdie: Satanic Verses 'would not be published today'
25 Past philanthropists: How giving has evolved
26 No hard feelings after dog shoots huntsman in France
27 Mitt Romney scorns Obama voters
28 Sherlock Holmes and his fight to the death
29 Peregrine Financial Group boss admits $100m fraud
30 Building a 'live Google Earth'
31 Digital fiction book sales soar, Publishers Association says
32 Paypal suspends domestic transactions in Argentina
33 A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond
34 Apple shares close at new high on iPhone 5 pre-orders
35 Winklevoss twins 'invest $1m' in new social network SumZero
36 UK games jam breaks world record
37 China protests: Japanese firms suspend some operations
38 Mexico hackers hit official websites in cyber protest
39 Is teleworking driving us crazy?
40 Gibraltar targets tourists with Wikipedia QR codes
41 A glimpse at piracy in the UK and beyond
42 Blackmail fraudsters target webcam daters
43 China-Japan relations tense over islands row
44 China protests: Shares of affected Japanese firms fall
45 9/11 third tower mystery 'solved'
46 Sarah Catt jailed for full-term abortion of baby
47 'Three people, one baby' public consultation begins
48 City sprawl: Urban land set to triple by 2030
49 Apple iMessage down, users report
50 August 2012 was fourth hottest in over a century
51 Google buys Instagram-like app
52 Scientists say "warp drive" spaceships could be feasible
53 Microsoft to launch Windows 8 on Oct. 25
54 Mysterious Martian spheres baffle scientists
55 Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders hit 2 million in 24 hours
56 Alien mammals on the rise, threatening native species
57 Giant super-magnetic star has scientists buzzing
58 In Apple Store New York, iPhone 5 line forms a week early
59 Record-setting female astronaut takes command of space station
60 Romney to campaign donors: Obama voters "dependent," see selves as "victims"
61 U.S. military suspends joint patrols with Afghans
62 AP: U.S. destroying secret info amid Beirut unrest
63 Cheap shot angers Giants coach Tom Coughlin
64 Institute of Medicine calls drinking, drug abuse in U.S. military a "public health crisis"
65 Snow on Mars: NASA spots dry ice snowflakes
66 U.S. judge delays Google case pending appeal
67 Rodeo announcer rebuked for off-color Obama joke
68 Romney camp promises more specifics
69 Most think government is doing too much, poll shows
70 Romney offers no apologies for "victims" remarks
71 Ryan: We'll work out tax reform specifics with Congress
72 In Ohio, Obama slams China, Romney
73 Romney courts Hispanics, wishes he were one
74 Obama's uphill battle in North Carolina
75 Billionaire fiscal conservative spending $10M to back Romney
76 Santorum: Without church, family, there is no conservative movement
77 Report: Military hospitals overprescribing painkillers, leading soldiers on a path to addition
78 A look at the Libya safe house that was attacked
79 ATF Fast and Furious: New documents show Attorney General Eric Holder was briefed in July 2010
80 Feds crack down on police brutality nationwide
81 Rogue pharmacies banking on oxycodone
82 Obama talks tough on China trade in Ohio
83 Amazon is now collecting California sales tax
84 Libya witness: Stevens was alive when found
85 Iran nuke chief: "Saboteurs" may be in U.N. agency
86 Burmese democracy advocate Aung San Suu Kyi arrives in Washington
87 Russia claims it has gigantic diamond deposit
88 Violent anti-U.S. protests persist in 3 countries
89 After spate of "insider attacks," NATO lessens Afghan partnership
90 Voyeur snooped on China's Olympic swimming team
91 132 escape from Mexican prison near U.S.
92 Italy magazine goes ahead with topless Kate pics
93 Judge to man who snooped on Olympic swimmers: Stay out of female locker rooms or go to prison
94 U.K. man who admitted peeping on Chinese Olympic swimmers faces sentencing
95 Finnish PSA shows effects of alcoholism through eyes of a child
96 Teens who "sext" more likely to have sex, study finds: What can parents do to buck trend?
97 8-year-old Miami orangutan undergoes human chemotherapy to treat cancer
98 Kids eat too much salt and it's raising their blood pressure, CDC study finds
99 Surgeon sounds off on dangers of hospital care
100 Makeup grows in popularity among men in South Korea
101 Bride's "cold feet" may predict divorce
102 Superbug kills 7th person at Md. NIH hospital
103 Palace legal action fanning interest in Kate topless photos?
104 Fatal Vision murder convict Jeffrey MacDonald hopes DNA evidence will clear him
105 New panda cub born at National Zoo
106 First ever great white shark spot-tagged and released off Cape Cod
107 Southwest Bumps Thin Woman from Flight to Make Room for Plus-Sized Teen: Was It Fair?
108 Suicide Drones Could Strike North Korean Military
109 Huge Greenland Iceberg Starting to Break Apart
110 Not All Bullying Considered Equal, Survey Finds
111 Reference: Chichen Itza: Mayan Temples in the Yucatan
112 Where The Eyes Go: Men Spot Cars, Women Go for Birds
113 Rare 'Fire Devil' Caught on Film
114 Shrinking Snow Threatens Seal Lairs in Arctic
115 Enormous Roman Mosaic Found Under Farmer's Field
116 Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God?
117 Strange Mystery Spheres on Mars Baffle Scientists
118 August 2012 Was Fourth Hottest in Over a Century
119 Catchy Names Get Kids to Eat Veggies
120 Implant from Pigs Re-grows Muscle in Humans
121 Laid-Off Workers to Former Bosses: No Hard Feelings
122 New Earth-Sun Distance Decided by Vote
123 What Is the Smallest Thing in the Universe?
124 Bride's 'Cold Feet' May Predict Divorce
125 Ancestors of the Sun
126 11 Things That Make Workers Happy
127 Farewell, Neil Armstrong: 1st Moonwalker Buried at Sea
128 1st Alien Planets Found Around Sun-Like Stars in Cluster
129 Dazzling Army Missile Test Triggers UFO Reports in Western US
130 Giant Super-Magnetic Star Has Scientists Buzzing
131 Brain Injury Research Leads to Better Protection for Athletes, Soldiers
132 TV Reruns May Replenish Tired Minds
133 'Carl Sagan with Gills:' A Q&A with Bob Ballard, Discoverer of The Titanic
134 Secret US Spy Satellite Launches Into Space After 6-Week Delay
135 Reference: 'Lost' City of Atlantis: Fact & Fable
136 Why the iPhone 5 Doesn't Have NFC for Mobile Payments
137 Hearing Loss in Women Tied to Pain Relievers
138 Giant Viruses Are Ancient Living Organisms, Study Suggests
139 Halliburton's Misplaced Radioactive Cylinder: 'Do Not Handle'
140 Dig for Mona Lisa Turns Up Skeleton of 'Wealthy Woman'
141 Ping Pong Ball 'Satellites' Have Balloon Ride to Edge of Space
142 Is There a Generational Divide in Your Office?
143 Yellowstone Supervolcano: Where Lava Is Likely to Flow
144 Discovery: Ancient Fort Aided Julius Caesar's Conquest of Gaul
145 Cause of Puzzling Color Change in Van Gogh Painting Found
146 Study to Develop Policies for Police Drones
147 Computer Program Identifies Rough Sketches
148 Volcano Erupts in Guatemala, Thousands Evacuate
149 Microwave Weapons Under Scrutiny
150 Naked German Monk Likely a Victim of Hallucinogenic Berries
151 Reference: Petra: Ancient City of Rock
152 Rockies See First Snow of Season
153 Birth Control May Boost Risk of Carrying Staph Bacteria
154 Mystery of How Social Isolation Messes with Brain Solved