File Title
1 NASA's Space Launch System Celebrates a Year of Powering Forward
2 ATK and United Launch Alliance Test GEM-60 Motor
3 Russian Companies Design Space Tour Plane
4 Space Launch System Giving Marshall, Langley Wind Tunnels a Workout
5 Super-heavy carrier rocket could be created jointly with Ukraine, Kazakhstan
6 Up and Running: Just Hours After Launch, RBSP Takes First Science Steps
7 Japanese restrict atomic exposure testing
8 New circuits work in high radiation levels
9 Lawrence Livermore research identifies precise measurement of radiation damage
10 Commonly used painkillers may protect against skin cancer
11 Japan firm unveils radiation-gauging smartphone
12 Experts write on the risks of low-level radiation
13 Space Radiation Blamed for Phobos-Grunt Crash
14 New Take on Impacts of Low Dose Radiation
15 Russia's space industry needs quality control--Medvedev
16 Russia Denies 'Systemic Crisis' in Space Industry
17 Russia fires top space official over launch failures
18 Russian Women Could Return to Space
19 Russia to Build New Space Plant
20 Russian Space Official Resigns After Satellite Failure
21 As Curiosity Explores Mars, Russia's Spacemen Take Stock
22 DLR and NASA announce partnership in aeronautics research
23 Northrop Grumman to Supply Inertial Navigation System for Eurofighter Typhoon Tranche 3
24 Boeing, US Navy Complete First Test of AMC for Super Hornet, Growler
25 Brazil poised to use more Black Hawks
26 Mass protest in Japan against US hybrid aircraft
27 Chinese firm to entice Air France pilots to head to Asia
28 'Sideways' aircraft for supersonic speed?
29 Australia buys Growler systems for Hornets
30 Arrest after China flight threat: state media
31 Boeing Fatigue Test to Validate Predicted Life of B-1 Bomber Fleet
32 Boeing to Provide PBL for USAF F-15 Radars
33 China signs $3.5bn Airbus jet deal as Merkel visits
34 US Army Apache Fleet Surpasses 3.5 Million Flight Hours
35 Swiss fighter jet purchase details agreed despite criticism
36 Enstrom completes Thai helicopter delivery
37 Iraq expects first F-16 fighter jets in 2013
38 Peru on track to build new Cusco airport
39 Swiss fighter jet purchase to go ahead despite criticism
40 Xiamen Airlines in talks to buy 30 Boeing 737 MAXs
41 Hong Kong Airlines considering cancelling A380 order
42 Bahrain's Gulf Air to resume flights to Iraq, Iran
43 Oman Takes Flight
44 Taiwan to seek fewer new US fighter jets: reports
45 Chile still seeking Black Hawk helicopters
46 Hong Kong Airlines plays down growth ban
47 Australia's Hawk jets reach 75,000 hours
48 Boeing 737 Performance Improvement Package Delivers on Promise to Cut Fuel Burn
49 JAL net profit more than doubles to $343mn
50 US, allies renew opposition to EU airline tax
51 Darker wings for monarch butterflies mean better flight
52 US challenges EU with rival airline tax talks
53 Gaia Service Module Thermal Balance Thermal Vacuum testing completed
54 HYLAS 2 Communications Satellite Completes In-Orbit Testing
55 Airborne observatory and electronic noses--DLR presents new space developments at ILA
56 Boeing 702MP Selected for first Intelsat EpicNG Satellite
57 Small GEO satellite platform lands at ESA
58 Micro-thruster could move small satellites
59 Ball Aerospace Incorporates Enhanced Data Communication for JPSS-1 Satellite
60 Contact established with wayward Russian satellite
61 Wayward Satellites to Orbit for Months--Space Source
62 Testing at Goddard: 'The Chamber of Horrors'
63 NASA Awards Astrotech Space Operations Contract for TDRS-L Satellite Processing
64 China launches 3rd satellite in its global data relay network
65 Bolivian satellite operators to be trained in China
66 GMV Awarded Contract for MEASAT-3b Communications Satellite Control Center
67 M Solutions to deliver Ka-Band Satellite on the Move technology to JAPAN
68 Heat is Source of 'Pioneer Anomaly'
69 SES Announces First SAT-IP Converter Certification
70 The Day Information Went Global
71 SMOS satellite measurements improve as ground radars switch off
72 Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Receives DARPA ALASA Contract Award
73 Running on empty
74 Gaia checks out of antenna testing
75 Lockheed Martin Commercial GEO Satellites Surpass 1,000 Years in Orbit
76 NuSTAR Mission Status Report: Observatory Unfurls its Unique Mast
77 Instrument Integration Begins at Goddard on MMS Spacecraft
78 Grand Finish For X-37B
79 ESA and European Investment Bank launch Space for Mediterranean Countries Initiative
80 Poland joins European Space Agency
81 Andre Kuipers: world ambassador
82 Countdown: a month to go to Galileo's next launch
83 Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Complete First Launch Exercise for Next Generation GPS Satellites
84 Mobile users wary of privacy invasion by apps: survey
85 Robbers nabbed thanks to GPS phone in loot
86 Fourth Galileo satellite reaches French Guiana launch site
87 A GPS in Your DNA
88 Raytheon completes GPS OCX iteration 1.4 Critical Design Review
89 Boeing Ships 3rd GPS IIF Satellite to Cape Canaveral for Launch
90 GPS Can Now Measure Ice Melt, Change In Greenland Over Months Rather Than Years
91 SSTL announces the launch of exactView-1
92 Phone app will navigate indoors
93 Galileo pathfinder GIOVE-A retires
94 Mars Rover Curiosity Arm Tests Nearly Complete
95 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity's Arm Wields Camera Well
96 Mars rover Curiosity working 'flawlessly': NASA
97 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Begins Arm-Work Phase
98 Mars Rover Spectrometer Finishes Calibration-Target Reading
99 Going underground
100 Extreme Life Forms Might be Able to Survive on Eccentric Exoplanets
101 ISRO's 100th space mission blasts off, PM witnesses historic event
102 S. Korea to make third rocket launch bid in October
103 ISRO to score 100 with a cooperative mission Sep 9
104 NASA Administrator Announces New Commercial Crew And Cargo Milestones
105 Public maps out an A to Z of galaxies
106 Notre Dame astrophysicists publish new approach to cosmic lithium in the early universe
107 NASA Mission to Study Magnetic Explosions Passes Major Review
108 Explosion of galaxy formation lit up early universe
109 A Surprisingly Bright Superbubble
110 Sweet result from ALMA
111 Record-Breaking Stellar Explosion Helps Understand Far-Off Galaxy
112 Astronomers Find First Multi-Planet System Around a Binary Star
113 Hubble Captures a Collection of Ancient Stars
114 New findings show some Type Ia supernovae linked to novae
115 Supernovae of the same brightness, cut from vastly different cosmic cloth
116 Astronomy project hunts for Chinese helpers
117 Curious dark nebula seen as never before
118 Phoenix Cluster Sets Record Pace at Forming Stars
119 Astronomers Reassured by Record-breaking Star Formation in Huge Galaxy Cluster
120 Evidence further suggests extra-terrestrial origin of quasicrystals
121 Planets not like Earth could harbor life
122 Curious about Life: Interview with Danny Glavin
123 NASA Selects Science Teams for Astrobiology Institute
124 Uwingu To Begin Funding Research Ahead of Schedule
125 Japanese spacecraft to search for clues of Earth's first life
126 Sweet building blocks of life found around young star
127 Myanmar mulling satellite launch: Japan company
128 Memorial service honors 'man on the moon' Armstrong
129 Planets Can Form in the Galactic Center
130 A Hot Potential Habitable Exoplanet around Gliese 163
131 NASA's Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Orbiting a Pair of Stars
132 Kepler discovers planetary system orbiting 2 suns
133 Was Kepler's Supernova Unusually Powerful?
134 Next Mars Mission Enters Final Phase Before Launch
135 Lockheed Martin Begins Final Assembly of NASA's MAVEN Spacecraft
136 India: From Ferrying Rockets on Cycles to Eyeing Mars
137 Indian PM defends spending on space exploration
138 Mars's dramatic climate variations are driven by the Sun
139 A Canopy of Confidence: Orion's Parachutes
140 India completes ton of space missions
141 System will seek orbiting space debris
142 Japanese robot to sit top-ranked university exam
143 NASA's 'Mighty Eagle' Robotic Prototype Lander Aces Major Exam
144 Soft robots, in color
145 NASA Historic Test Stands Make Way for New Reusable Robotic Lander Neig
146 Dextrous robotic hand gets thumbs up
147 Insect-like robot can walk, leap on water
148 NRL Brings Inertia of Space to Robotics Research
149 Autonomous robot maps ship hulls for mines
150 Can robots improve patient care in the ICU?
151 NASA 3-D App Gives Public Ability to Experience Robotic Space Travel
152 NASA Workshop Discusses How On-Orbit Robotic Satellite-Servicing Becomes Reality
153 Researchers Develop an Artificial Cerebellum than Enables Robotic Human-like Object Handling
154 Muscle-like action allows camera to mimic human eye movement
155 Falling lizards use tail for mid-air twist, inspiring lizard-like 'RightingBot'
156 Google teaching computers to mimic human brain
157 Vesta in Dawn's Rear View Mirror