File Title
1 Surface dictates how violently water boils
2 Study finds rain falls mainly on dry plains
3 Stem cells boost hopes of ending deafness
4 Curiosity Mars rover to 'drive, drive, drive'
5 Facebook friends network 'quadruples voting behaviour'
6 Deaf gerbils 'hear again' after stem cell cure
7 Scottish wildcat extinct within months, association says
8 Nuclear space batteries could boost Sellafield jobs
9 Newquay test set for Bloodhound land speed rocket
10 Richard III dig: 'Strong evidence' bones are lost king
11 Cast away: five island paradises
12 Anti-Islam film protests spread across Middle East
13 Mexico 'Gulf cartel boss' Jorge Eduardo Costilla caught
14 Bob Dylan rejects 'plagiarism' claims
15 NFL safety: Is American football too violent?
16 The crocodile feeder of Ivory Coast
17 World's first colour moving pictures discovered
18 BMW owners hit by hi-tech theft
19 Obama: Egypt is not US ally, nor an enemy
20 Alps shootings cyclist 'feared' attacker still around
21 Innocence of Muslims: Mystery of film-maker 'Sam Bacile'
22 Searching for a cure to violence
23 Tropical East Africa's epic flora survey completed
24 Going the way of the woolly rhino?
25 Nintendo Wii U games console to be released in November
26 4G talks ongoing to speed up auction process
27 Malware inserted on PC production lines, says study
28 Apple iPhone 5 unveiled with taller screen and 4G
29 Game makers arrested over alleged spying in Greece
30 Microsoft Xbox 3D-projected games outlined in patent
31 Russia to build biggest nuclear-powered icebreaker
32 Invisible QR codes to combat counterfeit goods
33 Viewpoint: iPhone 5 proves Apple is still innovating--in its own way
34 Viewpoint: Apple's iPhone launches no longer excite
35 Vietnam prime minister targets anti-government blogs
36 WHO warning as Ebola virus kills 31 in DR Congo
37 Costa Concordia: Experts 'blame captain and firm'
38 London Fashion Week: Five ways the UK changed fashion
39 Hillsborough: South Yorkshire Police consider IPCC referral
40 Child deaths: UNICEF says global mortality rates fall
41 Breast cancer screening does 'more good than harm'
42 Down's syndrome patient challenges resuscitation order
43 Hospitals 'on brink of collapse'
44 Czech bootleg alcohol 'kills 16'
45 Picturing mental health
46 Mid-East media deplore Libya, Egypt violence
47 Neil Armstrong remembered at public memorial
48 Facebook experiment boosts US voter turnout
49 How to boil water without bubbles
50 Human embryonic stem cells restore gerbil hearing
51 Innovation still lags after economic crisis
52 Studies offer 'panoramic view' of lung cancer
53 HIV vaccine trials struggle to enrol women
54 The making of ENCODE: Lessons for big-data projects
55 Deep-sea research: Dive master
56 Microwave weapons: Wasted energy
57 Birth Control May Boost Risk of Carrying Staph Bacteria
58 4 New Species of Big-Nosed Bats Discovered
59 Look Ma, No Bubbles! New Material Boils Without the Froth
60 Eliminating Clogged Inkjet Printers by Mimicking Tearful Eyes
61 US Income Gap Widens, Census Bureau Reports
62 The One Thing Most Moms Really Want
63 Is Your Talent Wasted At Work?
64 New World's Hottest Temperature Declared
65 Mars Rover Curiosity 'Flawlessly' Acing Health Checks
66 NASA's Huge New Rocket May Cost $500 Million Per Launch
67 Is the Amazing Seagull Video a Marketing Hoax?
68 Panda Plays Peak-a-Boo During Checkup
69 New, Colorful Monkey Species Discovered
70 1 Aging Brain Cell Affects the Entire Brain, Study Suggests
71 Bolivian Park Declared One of Most Diverse Places on Earth
72 4 Billion Prescriptions Filled in 2011
73 That's Not Gross! Sexual Arousal Lessens Disgust
74 Providing Abortions Can Be the Moral Choice, Doctor Says
75 Reference: The Sahara: Facts, Climate and Animals of the Desert
76 Morning Workout May Curb Appetite
77 Key to Attractive Facebook Profile Pictures: Social Cues and Compliments
78 Help Wanted: Bigfoot Researcher
79 A Dose of 'Good' Bacteria Could Help Your Sinus Problems
80 First-Ever Direct Observations of a Supernova
81 A Wet Surprise: Drier Soils May Spur Rain
82 Facebook Friends Carry Huge Influence on Voter Turnout
83 Bacteria Sucked Up 200,000 Tons of Oil After BP Spill
84 Elusive Dark Energy Is Real, Study Says
85 And the Surveys Say: People Really, Really Want the iPhone 5
86 Stowaway Might Have Survived International Flight in Wheel Well
87 Melting Himalayas May Magnify Water Scarcity
88 Tiny Telescope Implant Restores Vision in Aging Eyes
89 Medieval Shipwreck Discovered in Danube River
90 Organic Farmer Robot Spots and Kills Weeds
91 What Gen. Y Is Not Getting From Their Parents
92 Battle-Bruised Skeleton May Be King Richard III
93 JFK's 'Moon Speech' Still Resonates 50 Years Later
94 Doomed Space Cloud Hints at Planet Formation in Milky Way's Core
95 Hands On: New Apple iPod Touch (With Video)
96 All the biggest surprises from today's iPhone 5 event
97 Apple's iPhone 5 has no big surprises
98 A traveler's view of the iPhone 5
99 Verizon Offering FaceTime Over Cellular With Any Data Plan
100 iPhone 5 launch piles 4G pressure back on Ofcom
101 Scientists ID new species of monkey in Congo
102 New monkey discovered
103 New Monkey Discovered in the Congo
104 Remembering Neil Armstrong
105 eBay redesigns logo, reflecting marketplace shift
106 German court backs Apple in patent fight with Motorola
107 iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, Consumers Don't Know The Difference According To Jimmy Kimmel
108 Jimmy Kimmel pranks passerbys with the iPhone 4S, claiming it is the iPhone 5
109 Apple finally receiving iPhone 5 screens from Sharp, says report
110 Sharp Starts Shipping iPhone 5 Screens to Apple
111 On Mars, it snows dry ice
112 Robot arm in good shape, Mars rover set to resumed trek
113 A Huge Explosion On Jupiter Was Seen By An Amateur Astronomer
114 Explosion on Jupiter Spotted by Amateur Astronomers
115 Mobile Wars Get Nasty in China
116 How do you photograph Big Data?
117 Big Data Gets Its Own Photo Album
118 Birds of a feather flock together, even in death
119 The Five Things From Apple's iPhone 5 Launch That CIOs Will Care About
120 Is there even less Arctic sea ice than the satellites show?
121 The rush to exploit an increasingly ice-free Arctic
122 Record loss of Arctic ice may trigger extreme weather
123 Feds Demand $1B Fine for AU Optronics Over LCD Price Fixing
124 Nissan recalls 51,000 cars worldwide after steering wheel detaches in Finland
125 NYC bans big sugary drinks at eateries, theaters
126 NYC Health Panel Backs Bloomberg Ban on Super-Size Sodas
127 Stem cells restore hearing in deaf gerbils, 1st step to human tests
128 Whooping cough vaccine effectiveness wanes
129 Whooping Cough Vaccine Wanes Over Time
130 NYC Approves Ritual Circumcision Consent Form
131 Hantavirus in Yosemite: 230,000 more visitors notified
132 Yosemite Knocked for Virus Response
133 Kids and needles is sometimes a good match: Acupuncture can help with pain.
134 Ovarian cancer screenings not recommended as a routine
135 USPSTF Says No to Routine Tests for Ovarian Ca[ncer]
136 Ind. Farm Linked to Salmonella Pulls Watermelons
137 Some anti-obesity campaigns may backfire, researchers say
138 Mammography's Benefits Outweigh Harms for Older Women: Study
139 European breast screening "benefits outweigh harms"
140 UPDATED: FDA panel rejects Cornerstone Therapeutics' heart drug
141 Ebola outbreak in DRC risks spreading to towns: WHO
142 FDA warns of rare chemical burns caused by over-the-counter pain-relieving gels and patches
143 Questions About Whole Foods Market Cheese Recalls
144 Report: Health Care Job Cuts Loom If Federal Budget Cuts Take Hold